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  1. You are very correct in your observations. After working in a prominent mid west violin shop, I was appalled at the way certain junk was prettied up and sold for way to high a price to unsuspecting clients. People would pay thru the nose because something was old. (sounded horrible) when a newer hand carved violin was available. I think people should close their eyes and listen as opposed to taking age or a label as the tell all be all.
  2. This guy obviously doesnt live in the real world. 20% is a joke. Car dealers pay 25-40 to their salesman. When you ask a dealer to use his expertise knowledge and client base to do you a service, I hardly think 20% is to much to offer for the help. He is probably the same guy that coes into the shop asks you to drop what your doing, spend a 1/2 hour going over his violin talking about bows strings etc... And then goes and orders online from a warehouse leaving the dealer w/nothing.. As for real estate, lets not get so high and mighty about ethics and regulation. I know very well when the market is hot sales"professionals" sift thru there offer sheets and present only the highest bidder. Not all of them 1 at a time in the order they were received like the book says.
  3. I was wondering if sensicore and or octaa compare to dominant or evah/ They are perlon and the price seems very favorable. The comments on the back of the sensicore pkg. are glowing(or they wouldnt be there i am sure). Was just looking for a quality alternative to the old guard.
  4. Has anybody dealt with stradsunlimited on ebay? Just curious what pople thought of what they are selling.
  5. When looking for a new bow I searched all the threads on this and other popular sites. I was astonished to hear that no new bow could compete with the old because of the age of the wood. I understand that old and tone go together with certain insturments, but does it hold with bows as well. I personally believe that each individual bow is crafted to the quality of the piece of wood. You cant take a formula and produce bow after bow the same. Does older Pernambuco wood produce different resonance than new. Or is it the design of the stick that prevails?
  6. Thanks for all the input. It was helpful.
  7. I was watching the EMI dvd of Menhuin and was wondering what bow and strings he used. The footage is from the 60's and is wonderful. His feelings are really brought forth in his playing. It is easy to see why he loved the Beethoven so much. It is a wonderful performance. I was just curious of his string and bow choice during this portion of his career. Was he playing the Soil Strad then?
  8. Ken post pictures of the bass you made. I saw it last fall at a school meeting when I was with the competition from lansing.you do great work. Not much of a market north of Saginaw for anything but snowmobiles and canoes.
  9. I have been going through my e string collection, trying to decide which one sounds the best to me. It has been a daunting task but also fun. The candidates for my test were .Goldbrokat, Kaplan, Hill, Dominant.,Perazzi,Gold label and the Corelli Crystal. All have merit but when all done he Corelli was the victor.(great its also the cheapest). It blends with the Evah G,D, and A very well. Any body want to share their favorites please? I would like to know if anyone has tried the ultra expensive luxury Titanium E.
  10. The back is definetley 2 piece. The distinct flames down the right bottom quadrant seem to match the color pics very well. The violin appears to be the same as in the cert. But I agree that a Testore on ebay is somthing to be shy of. Maybe a fishing expedition?
  11. Makes sense J G for Jackson Gulden big v for violin Co for company as well as Columbus . This is a fine exampe, anyone got an estimate of value, or time period.
  12. I have a pretty decent violin that I need help with the I.D. It has the typical copy of Antonius Stradivari label. But on the side there is a circle tha says made in the USA in the outside ring. In the inside ring it has a capital J G over a C o and a big V connects the he letters fro top to bottom. Could this be a play on the Glier factory Cincinnati Ohio. Never have I seen A Glier label like this. Decent work on this violin though.
  13. After searching thru google as suggested, I discovered that L Mougenot Used Jaquet Gand on his label for his mid quality violins. Jaquet Gand was his wife.
  14. I have a soft spot for French violins and I came across 1 that I am probably going to buy but the label is one I have not seen before. MADE IN FRANCE Made By L. Mougenot Jaquet Gand MIRECOURT France Great sounding fiddle and the price is well worth th sound and workmanship quality, I was just looking for some help with this maker.
  15. Are the bows made by Guy Jeandel the same as the Jeandel bows that Shar markets? I am under the impression ta Guy Jeandel won some awards for his bows, then nothing by him. The ones I have seen are nice but the prices for the bows by Guy far exceed the Jeandel bows that are beeing marketed as real French Panache".
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