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  1. If you want to learn the right way to make frog parts there's a opportunity in June; George Rubino, long time teacher at UNH and a fantastic bow maker, will be teaching frog making at the Southern California Violin Makers Workshop in June. You can find info at the SCVMW website or on Michael Darnton's website (he teaches the violin making there).
  2. StewMac sells a slotted rule that compensates for differing adjacent string thicknesses. You select the series of slots that correspond to your outer string spacing and mark the string positions though the slots. Works well. Then you can shift the whole thing over if you want.
  3. Yes, English is quite the inconsistent language, some people make careers on mangling it, like Norm Crosby, and a President we just had. The Hardingfele is amazingly unknown among the Norwegian-Americans we know, probably because there are so few players and fewer instruments. We're members of HFAA. Come to think of it, the House of Norway in Balboa Park in San Diego has a hardingfele in a display case. We'll have to go down there and try to find out more about that one. I offered to maintain it but they don't want to let it go out of the building. They have no one to play it. My wife Diane is the only player in San Diego County right now. We do what we can. To return to the start of this thread, perhaps it is time to write your book on making hardingfele, Salve. Thanks! Bob
  4. I will write, but can only do so in English (although I do know people nearby who could translate for me into Norwegian if necessary). The yellow pages address doesn't appear to contain postal codes, however; are they there? Thanks for the help.
  5. Salve, Thanks so much for the information. Does Kjell have an email address, or could you relay the thread to him? Are there any other views of the Helland that would be useful to photograph and include with the album? If the owner eventually decides to part with it, can you suggest the best place for it? Thanks again.
  6. I think I misunderstood. One picture has the Schonfelder and the next picture has my wife's hardingfele, made by Samuel Satren in 1926 in Hornindal, Nordfjord. Does anyone know anything about him or where to find information?
  7. Thanks; the owner isn't interested in restoration but eventually it will probably go somewhere where that will happen.
  8. My wife is playing on one made by Samuel Satren (#269, 1926), Nordfjord, Hornindal; we have been told that it looks like a copy of one made by Gunnar Rostad (Kristiansand). Is it possible to find information on them?
  9. If you know others who would find this interesting, please let them know. I tried emailing Bjorn Aksdal (still have to get a copy of his book) but haven't heard back. Glad I could share. The owner relates that someone brought this into his shop many years ago, didn't know what it was but did know it probably wasn't restorable to play, and just left it there. He has another hardinfele, not as old, that we will get next to see what we can find out.
  10. Glad they came through. Wish the fiddle were mine, but it will go back to it's display case. In time, perhaps I will convince the owner to donate it. We were able to take it to the annual Daughters of Norway convention this year for a presentation on the hardingfele. Made quite an impression.
  11. SAlve, I sent the Picassa links, but being new to these services, I remain uncertain if they go through. You'll have to let me know so I can try again if necessary.
  12. And the label http://picasaweb.google.com/10222855106378...CM_rqOikuNTqIA#
  13. Here's an attempt at the address line. http://picasaweb.google.com/10222855106378...IKp2N-69OmC-wE#
  14. This one has been sitting in a music store cabinet for 40 years, display only, so it's a new discovery to the rest of the world. It's a smaller older version, shares more with medieval instruments than a modern violin.