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  1. Thanks for the replies. It appears that the c-edge is deeper, causing the c string to stretch more, resulting in higher pitch. The issue here is only C string, not the rest. So it seems that I have to replace the fingerboard? I wonder if there is anything else I can do...
  2. if nut and bridge are parallel to each other, does that mean that you would probably recommend changing the fingerboard? Re-camber the fingerboard possible? Is there anything else I should be looking at? By the way, it happens all the time whether the strings are new or old. So the strings are not the problem.
  3. On my cello, I have found that the placement of fingers differs from one string to another. For example in the first position, I have to place my pinky slightly higher for the G on D string as compared to C on G string. When I say higher, I mean nearer to the bridge. Even my teacher felt the same way about my cello. Why is that so? What causes this? What can I do about it? Change tailpiece? Reset the neck? This is a new cello, made in 2006.
  4. Yuen, From the picture, the angle of the German violin tailpiece appears to be low. I wonder if it is merely a parallax error. Steven
  5. Gekimjo Without any pictures of the violin, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to offer his/her opinion of whether the violin is real or fake. Steven
  6. FutureConcertmaster Check your private message inbox... Steven
  7. no.... i mean it feels wierd to be reading food recipe on maestronet... i thought topics are often about violins... (i mentioned chinese because... i'm chinese! lol...)
  8. i can't believe my eyes.... chinese recipe turning up on maestronet... hahaha...
  9. some teachers teach their students to move their thumbs first when shifting down positions, i.e move the thumb first and fingers follow... in the video clip, it appears that young perlman shift his thumb down first and fingers follow, in a very fast motion...
  10. i swear by Andrea rosin.... it really provides the "bite"... i have shown to a couple of violinists and they too agree with me...
  11. Then, does that mean that it is inadvisable for violinists or violists to use rosins with suspended metal particles, but ok for cellist since the it is not played near the nose? How about violinist or violist to use surgical face mask? (it's a joke... don't take it seriously...)
  12. quote: Originally posted by: Plastic Paddie who knows how long they were sitting on the shelf in a humid environment.... But I am wondering if the duration and humidity will really affect synthetic strings, that are still wrapped up... If so, how long is the shelf life of synthetic strings? Anyone?
  13. Hi Yuen Try changing the strings. I have tried using Evah Pirazzi or Warchal Brilliant on a cheap chinese violin, and seems to improves pretty much.... But then every violin differs from another, even from the same origin or maker.... Guess you have to try it to know... Steven
  14. Another ebay item with bogus pics. mdZViewItem">1920 Vintage Violin - Germany It is obvious that the back and front pics don't match... two different type of chinrests... the back pic was probably downloaded elsewhere...
  15. Hi, May I know what are the black streaks/spots all over the violin?