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  1. Hello all you crazy, wonderful makers... Festival hit, Strad Style is doing it's last big Hurrah of Festivals and public screenings. Milwaukee Film Festival - Sep 28th, Oct 5th, 12th (more info at Ambler Theater and County Theater, Bucks County PA Oct 4th, 5th (more info at and Antenna Film Festival, Sydney Australia Oct 11th (more info at Denver, Colorado - Nov 3rd, 4th, 5th (more info to come) Brattleboro, Vermont - Nov 5th (more info to come) Et Cultura, St. Petersburg, Florida - Nov 18th Would love to see you at one of the screenings. If you make it, let me know. Stefan Avalos If you haven't yet watched the trailer - here's a link.
  2. Indeed, Antonio does have a thick accent and DOES sound like he's giving out Italian food recipes. Jack Benny as Antonio Stradivari
  3. Hello all you Makers, At the special request from Christopher Germain, there's going to be a one-time screening of "Strad Style" at Oberlin this coming week. The time isn't locked yet, but likely June 19th or 20th. So - if you're going to be there (or are already there), it'll be a chance to see the movie. Enjoy!
  4. Hi! We are working hard on trying to get the movie distributed - first into theaters and then streaming and DVD. It's a lot of work to get that to happen and hopefully interest in and at festivals will generate the buzz needed for a decent distribution deal. Thanks so much for your interest!!! Stefan
  5. Hi all.. Again. LOL Some more festival screening dates for Strad Style. We are still working on a distribution deal that will actually get this movie into theaters more generally and then home video. In the meantime, (and perhaps the best way to see it in any setting) - here are some more festival dates. AFI DOCS - Washington DC June 17th, June 18th Landmark's E Street Cinema Mammoth Lakes Film Festival Thurs. May 25, 2017 @ 7:00pm • USFS Theater Mendocino Film Festival Mendocino Village Festival Tent Saturday June - 3 @ 10:00 AM If anyone is in any of these areas and interested - let me know. I usually can get some comp tickets... Thanks!! Stefan Avalos
  6. Thank you. Yes, we are keeping our fingers crossed that it gets regular theatrical distribution. Getting the word out and good crowds at festivals is helpful. Sound track - lots of Paganini, some Sarasate, some Kreisler, a little Bazzini and some original, too.
  7. Hi Again, all... Really, not being spammy -- just hoping some of you get to see our movie. Strad Style continues its Festival tour with screenings happening in: Florida International Film Festival (Orlando, Florida) HOT DOCS - Toronto Columbus Film and video fest. (Columbus, Ohio) Florida International Film Festival ENZIAN April 22nd @ 4pm REGAL WINTER PARK VILLAGE B @ 9:00 PM HOT DOCS Fri, Apr 28 5:30 PM Scotiabank Theatre 3 Sun, Apr 30 1:00 PM TIFF Bell Lightbox 1 Fri, May 5 6:00 PM Revue Cinema Sun, May 7 6:30 PM TIFF Bell Lightbox 2 Columbus Film and video festival April 22nd @ 7PM Drexel Theater If you live near any of these areas, would love to meet you and hope for to see the movie! Daniel and/or I will be at each of these screenings. Thanks Stefan Avalos
  8. Hi all... Strad Style continues its Festival tour with two screenings this week at the DALLAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. April 4th @ 7:15pm April 5th @4pm Angelika Film center theater 4 If you live nearby -- would love to meet you and hope for to see the movie! Thanks Stefan Avalos
  9. HI ALL, A bit of shameless self promotion on a movie I made (and that I saw little bit of commenting about)... Strad Style will playing at the Arclight in Chicago, Tonight! (March 29th) at 8pm. One Show only. Late notice? yup. That's my fault. I'm really sorry about that. In any case, if you're in Chicago, it's an amazing way to see the movie and I promise - as makers - you WILL be highly entertained. Also, it is making the festival rounds now, so if you're interested, please check out the facebook and website pages for it for more info. Hope to meet (those whom I've not yet met) you face to face and hope you get a chance to see my movie. Sincerely, Stefan Avalos
  10. Sorry if/that this not in the proper forum... Has anyone seen or heard any additional info to this video that Daniel Olsen posted on youtube? Evidently, this vandalism/destruction was an ex-wife? I'm curious to know if anyone has more information. It's pretty horrific...
  11. Fritz - Curtin Old vs New test - why I don't trust it

    You could absolutely without question here differences between the violins - as a player and as an audience member (which I was for 99 percent of the time) - however old/new -- no.
  12. I repeat in a radio whisper... That N5 violin could very possibly have been made by someone who frequents this board... it could be one of you...
  13. I think something that really should be appreciated (and likely a large part of Dr. Fritz's frustration) is the tremendous - epic - amount of work and time that it took/takes to have put together this test. It is why I spent thousands of my personal dollars to document it. I knew it was history in the making. To put together all these violins at the same time (can you imagine the international finagling that alone takes??) , get these amazing violinists (all of whom have busy concert schedules) - a concert hall... A FREAKIN' ORCHESTRA! -- audience. etc. etc... To create the conditions needed for a double blind test in a concert hall. Man, leave it to the French to pull off a science experiment properly. An experiment of this sort, comparing violins seems like a natural... something that would have been done long ago... but in fact, the logistics are unbelievable -- and why it hadn't been done before at that level. All (and I have hours of interviews where everyone discusses it) the debates and questions that we have here, were discussed - what bows, what chinrests - even the smell of the violins -- how much time does one need to 'learn' a fiddle? Ear fatigue, order bias... the list goes on. To dismiss it out of hand is not only unkind and unreasonable -- it is actually willfully ignorant. We, as musicians, luthiers, armchair aficionados and critics, are lucky people with the scientific and artistic curiosity of Claudia Fritz exist. And now, back to the debate.
  14. I can see Claudia and Joseph being kidnapped, held hostage by some obsessed violinist... to find out what the violins were. Having been there with the un-bllinking eyes of HD video cameras, I can say with certainty - only they know. And the violinist in me says... GRRRRRRR. Yes, bridge taps were done on every single instrument, including the player's own instruments. You can see it in the video... .
  15. I think the question that nobody is asking, though all the players were... WHO made the modern fiddle that everyone there loved so much? THAT is the mystery. It could very well be that someone who frequents this board has made a violin to rival, nay surpass the great Cremonese violins... If you've seen the video, you'll see Susanne Hou (who at the time had a 5 million dollar Del Gesu, (one of Kreisler's violins) on loan) says right there - "I wan to buy this". Giora Schmidt said the same.