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  1. jfield

    Bow ID Requested

    Thanks for your quick reply!! It was in the case with a violin branded up by the neck block Otto Windisch.
  2. Any information will be appreciated- country of origin, wood species, time frame, etc.
  3. You can see the ending of C bout lining and overview of the corners. here is the photo of the top Blank Face mentioned in his earlier post.
  4. Concerning the LOB, it is 363 mm.
  5. Concerning the LOB, it is 363 mm.
  6. Thank you, Martin! Would you suggest early to mid 19th century......or earlier????
  7. Thank you for your observations! I will be back the shop in the morning and will post LOB.
  8. I am away from the shop today so can't take photos of lining endings at the blocks. I found the linings to be pointed but scarcely inlet into the blocks -- if so, only "hinted at. I can take photos to post tomorrow. Thanks for your input.
  9. Thanks as always, Jacob!
  10. Am I correct that the photo showing the close-up of where the neck is inset into the body shows an “extension” added to the neck root? Is there significance?
  11. THANK YOU, Jacob! Any thought when it might have been made?
  12. I have come into possession of this violin that doesn’t really fit “the usual” category as far as I can determine. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  13. I want the first clamp pictured if you live in USA (shipping issue). Message me with payment details. My address is Jerry Field 2218 Weathered Rock Road Apt A. Jefferson City, Missouri 65101