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  1. I am in Jefferson City, mo which is 2 1/2 hours away in Central Mo. I do a good deal of work for people in your area. I would be glad to take care of your bow need. PM me if you still have the need. Jerry
  2. Small Viola by J. Gottlob Heberlein 1843

    To each of you who have responded -- a heartfelt "THANK YOU!" Your input is so very helpful in "training" me to "look" and observe. The top is back in place. I do have a challenge that perhaps someone can help me with -- Obviously at some point the viola sat in a case with red fabric lining because there are 3 areas where the ivory is stained red. Is there a way to remove the stain without damaging the ivory?
  3. Small Viola by J. Gottlob Heberlein 1843

    Deans...that's pretty amazing! Makes me wonder if J. Gottlob Heberlein might have had some training under Ficker??? To me, the interior work on this viola seems so precise -- knife/gouge cuts....also, the integrated bass bar is so masterfully executed working across grain to create an angle for the bass bar. Jerry
  4. Small Viola by J. Gottlob Heberlein 1843

    Good to hear about the sound quality. I look forward to cleaning it up, setting it up and discovering the sound! I am hopeful! Jerry
  5. I would like to hear your comments/thoughts regarding a 15 inch viola bearing the inscription identifying it as the work of J. Gottlob Heberlein. I will provide a link to a DropBox file with 18 photos. The edges are inlaid with ivory. The interior work is pristene and crisp. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/5wufdj9i0xmhdhu/e2fVIWfF3s#lh:15-2014-02-21%2020.42.34.jpg Not being a tech savy individual, I hope this works. Looking forward to seeing your responses. Jerry
  6. Is it really a Vuillaume "self-rehairing" bow?

    I could do larger photos....but it is usually not appreciated on MN. What is post IS in color. The stick is almost black in color. I will see if I can get a better photo on the stamp. It is very faded at the end of the stamp. But says "VUILLAUME A PARIS."
  7. A customer brought this bow in asking me to restore it. What do you think? Is it real? Jerry
  8. violin bow ID??

    Josh, thanks for your suggestions. It's a nicely balance bow....was in the case of a violin I purchased recently.
  9. violin bow ID??

    Martin, it's just the reflection on the ferule that makes it "silver" -- same color as rest in real life...sorry. I can post another photo of the ferule if you like. It wasn't tarnished but had oily gunk & maybe some rosin on the underneath of the face plate. I don't expertise to know...but it's like my wedding ring. Perhaps I should get it tested as you suggested, Lyndon.
  10. violin bow ID??

    In response to a few of you with questions....that more photos might be useful....here are more. I had not touched the fittings in last photo....so I polished them to clean them up. I hope that was of some help. Here they are.
  11. violin bow ID??

    There is something very faint.....but indecipherable at this point....any suggestions on how to "raise" a very faded stamp?
  12. violin bow ID??

    Lyndon, Excellent question and recommendation! I will see what I can see.
  13. violin bow ID??

    Thanks, for that suggestion! I know his frogs always featured a very "soft" rounding of the edges. The shaft of the bow is faceted with the same kind of "soft" rounding on the edges. Would that also fit? Are there specifics about the distinctive shape of the frog you could share?
  14. violin bow ID??

    Any help with ID of this gold mounted violin bow would be greatly appreciated. It is unstamped as far as maker...but has remnant "Germ..." (Germany?) and on facet below Germ...is the number 65. Thanks in advance!!! Jerry
  15. Pics of my violin

    Opps! Your absolutely correct, Lyndon. I didn't catch that in the original post...i.e. "made in Germany". Jerry