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  1. I, too, deal with life-long immune system issues. What are some foods that are culprits in your experience? I am currently dealing with issues in my dominant hand and am looking for solutions.
  2. "Albert H Karr" on the shaft just above the wire wrap.
  3. Here are a few quick photos of one I've had since the early 90's'
  4. I have one like this -- the metal portion is the head of the bow and about 2 inches of shaft.. It is fitted on the shaft of an otherwise "normal" wooden bow. I've always assumed it was a "repair" to a bow which had suffered irreparable damage to the head.
  5. Thanks to everyone who has responded to my post! Lots of new insight and "food for thought!"
  6. Thanks for the added info!! I appreciate it!!! That's a definite option. I'll check with the owner and then the challenge of finding one that fits the "channel." Suggestions of where one might be found would be greatly appreciated!!!
  7. No -- I've done nothing to the bow at this time. The bow is exactly as it was when it came into the shop. I do understand this issue with the "rounded" ferrule. I wish there were a way to make it like a traditional ferrule. If you know a way, please give me a suggestion. Thank you for taking time to respond!
  8. Thanks for the feedback! The odd frog caused me to pause. I've seen lots of German trade bows but never one quite like this one.
  9. Martin Swan....or some others who have bow expertise.....could you give me an assist?
  10. This is a bow that is unusual in my experience and I would greatly appreciate any help on ID. Because of difficulties getting some of the photos to download, I have provided a link to a my Dropbox. Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to offer. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aqp1p9s07abiikk/AAB2UFX1moaOxG-X7ptOotpFa?dl=0
  11. Thank you, Jacob! I apologize for the poor photos. Any suggestion of when the body of the violin might have been made?
  12. Felefar.....Thanks for your response! I felt that might be what lay underneath the repair.
  13. James....I do not have the expertise that so many on MN have. But, things I notice are: (1) the full arching both top/table & back, & the scoop at the edges, (2) the corners viewed from straight on at the C-bouts & (3) some elements of the interior work cause me to think that despite an obvious Saxon pegbox/scroll this isn't the typical violin that I've had coming into my shop over 30+ years. The interior work shows many different hands.....original linings possibly willow, but some replacement lining in some bouts of mahogany....upper corner blocks of fine grained spruce but lower corner blocks of coarse pine????....just doesn't feel like the typical "Markneukirchen/Schonbach" that typically shows up here. Age???? Late 18th century/early 19th????? Just hoping for some insight.
  14. Thanks! Sure wish the later repairs hadn't obscured the inscription and the brand.