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  1. It seems to be an instrument from the Markneukirchen/Schonbach region (border of Germany & present day Czech Republic.) Perhaps from the late 19th century. This based on the apparent construction method (built on the back). Good photos! Jerry
  2. Thanks to each one of you who contributed!
  3. Blank Face, thanks so much for your detailed insights! That significantly broadens my understanding & knowledge base! Sincerely - "a guy trying to learn."
  4. Thanks for offering your observation, Wood Butcher. I am not disagreeing with you - just trying to learn. Why do you say it is German.....Markneukirchen? If the "guiding channel" for the frog were open out to the button/tension adjuster (I have been told an open channel is a German characteristic) that would make it obviously German. Did any of the French such as JTL make "reproductions" of Vuilluame that would have included the closed channel? Again thanks for assisting me!
  5. Attached are photos of a violin now currently in my shop. It is stamped Vuillaume Paris. Any assistance with ID will be greatly appreciated.
  6. I, too, deal with life-long immune system issues. What are some foods that are culprits in your experience? I am currently dealing with issues in my dominant hand and am looking for solutions.
  7. "Albert H Karr" on the shaft just above the wire wrap.
  8. Here are a few quick photos of one I've had since the early 90's'
  9. I have one like this -- the metal portion is the head of the bow and about 2 inches of shaft.. It is fitted on the shaft of an otherwise "normal" wooden bow. I've always assumed it was a "repair" to a bow which had suffered irreparable damage to the head.
  10. Thanks to everyone who has responded to my post! Lots of new insight and "food for thought!"
  11. Thanks for the added info!! I appreciate it!!! That's a definite option. I'll check with the owner and then the challenge of finding one that fits the "channel." Suggestions of where one might be found would be greatly appreciated!!!