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  1. To GlennYorkPA: Some time ago I have had one violin by Joh. Christoph Leidolff too (verified original), but if I remember good, his f-holes have different shape - more like a Stainer's. However I am not expert of course and I am probably mistaken. Length of back is ca 35,5 cm. To Fellow: Thank you for your view. I like old things and twice as many old violin because it inspire my imagination. Yes, this violin is very worn - any care-taked Stradivari. But I'm not any Menuhin ...
  2. Thank you, messieurs, for your opinions. Yes, the instrument was recently not very good refinished. In point of f-holes I think that certainly have not been re-cut. Nonado is right - bright wood on profile shot is bass bar. I am enclosing one more profile shot from other side - there is better sight. Please excuse me too large photos - new system for viewing photos really is not very good. I am changed photos yet. I hope that now photos are better arranged. I was thinking too that the violin could be Austrian - maybe Tyrolean, maybe Viennese, but I don't have sufficiency of experience and therefore I don't have sureness. Yes, violin have all four corner blocks - very nice gentle shape (like Italian).
  3. Please help me once more with identification of other my violin - any help would be greatly appreciated. It is interesting instrument from my opinion. The violin get over long life but it still illustrate good workmanship its maker. Inner work is nice. Interesting shape of f-holes. I don't have any idea about origin. Can somebody help? Thanks in advance! Happy Christmas to all! Petr P.S. Neck with scroll are certainly much latter than rest of instrument.
  4. Once more thank you, messieurs, for your notes. To yours questions: To luthierwannabe: Yes, violin have real bass bar. But bass bar could be added secondarily of course. In any case bass bar was minimally once changed I think. To iburkard: 1/ I don't mind absolutelly that the violin is not any "great" instrument - it is obvious at first sight. If I dispute a term "factory violin" then only because I think that is substantial difference among terms "manufactory" or "workshop" violin from end 18th or beginning 19th Century and "factory" violin from end 19th or beginning 20th Century - among others in quality of materials and workmanship. This violin is really minimally 200 years old. 2/ Yes, this violin get over long and wild life. Instrument was many a time repaired and last repairs executed not very skillful repairer (for example poor repair of corners on the top or incredible "patch" on the back). Among others violin was refinished - but being used pretty good varnish. 3/ Interior of violin show fairly good work - except missing upper corner blocks. Again - workmanship is significantly better than at "factory" violin. 4/ Yes graft near the pegbox is real - not very well executed. Petr
  5. Thank you guys for your opinions. I have only some little notes: To jfield: Yes, it was also my first idea - Klotz family. But here are couple of discrepancies - for example form of C-bouts (too closed in my eyes). Also form of f-holes is different from most of Klotzes ... However Mittenwald as place of origin is also my favorite. To FiddleDoug: I am from Czech Republic and I have seen really a lot of Czech or German factory violins. I assure you that it is not factory violin because the material and fabrication of this violin are significantlly better than at factory violin. It can't be a factory violin because it is really ca 200 years old and at that time did not exist any factories, only workshops or small manufactories I think. However I understand that on the basis of several not very good pictures it is not possible definitely judge this instrument. Petr
  6. Dear experts, some time ago I bought old violin. Evidently it is German violin but I don't know more accurately info about it. This violin is made from very good materials (spruce and maple of best quality), work is partially also fine (inlaid purfling, cut of f-holes) but the violin haven't all corner blocks for example (upper corner blocks are missing). I am little confused over this violin ... Have anyone some idea? In advance thanks for your opinions. Petr P.S. Sorry for my horrible English.
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