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  1. He fell backwards down a flight of concrete steps? That doesn't sound right, since he survived the incident.
  2. Barry, The photo that Strauzart linked to is fascinating. Is that what they mean by a French Polish?
  3. Ethanol precipitates water, therefore 100% ethanol is difficult to come by. I was told that Everclear is 150 proof, meaning it's 25% water, so the 75-80% ethanol would be accurate. I would imagine that Everclear has a high water content because the makers don't take many steps to keep air away from the ethanol, and so the water content builds up.
  4. Actually, the true definition of French-Polish is the following: If Witold Lutoslawski married Nadia Boulanger, their offspring would be French-Polish.
  5. Lincoln also has an orchestra. That's an important issue from both the business standpoint of demand, and also the quality of life there.
  6. Pernambuco is a tropical hardwood, like Mahogany and Rosewood, and as such the pores are very large. If the pores aren't filled, the final varnish will collapse into them, and the resulting finish will be unsatisfactory. Thus, French Polishing, using a muneca and pumice, is quite necessary when finishing with these woods, as one would do when bowmaking, as well as guitarmaking when these woods are traditionally used for sides and backs. As was stated, Maple and Spruce do not have these large pores, so pounding the wood down with pumice/oil/shellac is pointless, and may harm the sound of the instrument. I think the big problem with French Polishing violins stems from the practice of placing shellac over the original finish and then polishing the shellac to a bright shine. The practice was widespread because it was an easy way to make an old violin look new but obviously destroyed the original finish of the instrument. It's true that many modern guitarmakers fill these tropical wood pores with epoxy, then varnish over the epoxy with nitro-cellulose lacquer (usually), but a few traditionalists insist the French Polishing is the only acceptable way to varnish a classical guitar. They suggest that the sound is much better, although the finish is quite fragile and must be restored periodically. The advantage is that the varnish on a French Polished guitar can be quite easily repaired if the luthier is skilled at French Polishing.
  7. Dover publications comes through again. For five and a half bucks, buy one for a friend. "http://store.doverpublications.com/0486204251.html">Antonio Stradivari: His Life and Work
  8. "Farbizzener" isn't a dye; it's an insult. Yiddish with George and Laura
  9. quote: Originally posted by: Darren Molnar I wonder if the most appropriate material would be the lightest form of calcium based something. What about diatomaceous earth?
  10. I should mention that describing their maple as "superbly flamed" is hyperbolic, at best. Craig - at those margins, why take another photo?
  11. I've gotten a couple of these; they're not too bad: Cyber City Software violin-in-the-white They did have ebony fingerboards, nuts and saddles. Some of these have black painted fingerboards.
  12. Actually, the story I was referring to is the following: back in the 1960's, while the LA Philharmonic was on tour in Italy, one of the violinists found a nice unidentified old Italian violin in a violin shop and bought it. Later, in London on the same tour, he took it into a shop there for a small repair and was told that he had purchased a Strad. I don't remember the fellow's name, but I could probably dredge it up if anyone wanted to know it.
  13. I've been told, by fairly reliable sources, that there have been previously unidentified Strads that were identified as such by experts. Prior to that I was of the opinion that only inauthenticity could be proven 100%, but not authenticity. I would be willing to bet that there are experts who post here, Jeffrey in particular, who could make that kind of an identification under those same circumstances.
  14. "http://www.maestronet.com/forums/messageview.cfm?catid=4&threadid=252768&messageid=252770"> Darnton Mastic Varnish
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