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  1. Mommy Dearest, All my life I wanted to play the violin. There's just something about it's sound that just... embraces my soul. We were very poor when I was a child and my parent's simply couldn't afford a violin, the lessons, the countless other accessories needed. My first instrument was my voice. My mom's best friend taught me for free (which was very lucky for me as he is a very talented singer and teacher). Later I found a piano teacher that charged only $30/month. They bought me an electric keyboard so that I could learn. It wasn't full size, missing a few octaves on either end, but I remember it cost $575. I can't imagine the scarifies they must have made to make that possible for me... My story could go on, but my message is... Although I couldn't play the instrument of my choice, my parents did the best they could to nurture my love for music. Likely making it possible for me to pick up a violin now at 26 years old. (I still love to sing, still have that keyboard, and as a teen I bought a $50 guitar and taught myself). If your child loves the guitar, and you have the means to nurture that, please do. Be greatful that you can give your child whatever opportunities he desires. In my opinion, if you make a battle over the instrument, he may lose the desire to play altogether... how tragic that would be! On a final note: There are plenty of great guitarists that could compare to the great violinists. Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn just to name a few. Perhaps the school band has a spot for a guitarist, I know my school did. If he had natural ability in the violin it should be the same for the guitar. With training, and support from you, imagine how great he could be as a guitarist. Good luck!
  2. Well, I bought some Hill Dark, and so far I like it. It definitely is an improvement from my old rosin... much softer and took away the kinda airy and gritty sound I was getting from the strings. (although I still don't like the Ultra Sensitives). I'm still waiting for my Obligato's to arrive Sorry to be a pest, but still no one has answered if they have tried the Obligato rosin? Also, I noticed that Quinn's still has some Tartini for sale. If I were to try that instead, which kind? Solo, Symphony, or Green? Or both Solo and Symphony - what's the difference between the two? Any help, please!
  3. Hi again. So scrapping off the varnish under the bridge is a good thing? Oded Kishony mentioned above that it may have been done to help acoustically. Would this be the only reason?
  4. Good Morning everyone. Thanks for the replies. What I do know is that the violin was strung with Dominants when it was new (but I bought it used). I'm hoping that returning it back to synthetic strings will help. Next time I'll go with my own intuition. I'm hoping the Obligatos will arrive this week Has anyone tried the Obligato rosin? LOL my town doesn't have a luthier that I am aware of... we have only a few "music stores". And at best they only stock "student" supplies and the staff don't exactly know much about violins. I have to special order what I want, and even then, some things I'll have to order online (ex. Jade, Tartini). Thanks again!
  5. I'll abide by the unanimous "no" and just learn to love the imperfections as marks of character. Thanks for the advice everyone! P.S I didn't buy the violin from Heinl, I got it used (for a great price).
  6. Thanks for the reply! The section under the bridge is a little bigger than the area of the bridge itself... likely from being poorly fitted... and you can see it There are also a few spots on the edge of the body that are a bit worn (but barely noticeable). Here is a link to the current line of this violin if needed: "http://www.georgeheinl.com/catalogue/product.cfm?catno=106%2F202&categoryid=7&level1=1&level2=7&level3=0"> http://www.georgeheinl.com/catalogue/produ...vel2=7&level3=0 Also, would a revarnish affect sound quality? Thanks again!
  7. I recently purchased my first violin. It is a used Louis Handorff 106 - Geo. Heinl. It's not worth a whole lot (approx $1200-$1500 used in good condition as per a Geo. Heinl rep), but I would like to repair it a bit. It is in good condition except for under the bridge the varnish is worn off. If I was to get it re-varnished, how would it affect the value of the violin? Also, I am not especially fond of the color. Could I varnish it another color without affecting it's value? Please forgive my ignorance in this subject. Any info would be appreciated! Thank - you!
  8. I am getting a set of Obligato's to try out on my violin, and was wondering if there are any opinions about using the Obligato Rosin with them. I am desperately trying to get a warmer, softer tone. As a beginner, my teacher recommended Pirastro's Ultra Sensitive Chromium Steel strings, which I find ghastly on my violin (despite the fact that she reassured they were "warm" sounding). Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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