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  1. Question for purfling makers

    No opposition from me, Mike, just a perfectly civil question.
  2. Question for purfling makers

    Does it not bleed when exposed to hot glue?
  3. Question for purfling makers

    Funny to see Tom Ellis's name in this context. His sister was my daughter's best friend when they were at school.
  4. Question for purfling makers

    No, you just look a little more rugged than I had imagined
  5. Question for purfling makers

    is that you, Jim?
  6. Question for purfling makers

    Good idea. Unfortunately mules are thin on the ground around here. Knowing my luck, the guy on the right would go flying at the end of the plane stroke, fracture his skull,, sue me for damages and I'd end up living in a cardboard box.
  7. Question for purfling makers

    Thank you Davide. i have to say I am full of admiration for hardy souls that can plane off 0.6mm plus shavings for the whites. The 0.3mm blacks were quite enough for me, so I wimped out and sliced off the thicker poplar layers on the bandsaw, then scraped them down to thickness....
  8. Question for purfling makers

    I'm having my first go at making purfling from planed shavings, rather than pre-cut veneers. Do those folks who do this find it necessary to unroll the shavings when dying the blacks? Seems much more convenient to keep them rolled up, but do you get uneven dyeing? cheers john

    It's a "no sale" for me because I don't see the point of making something extra that my bench drill does already. My drill is pretty quiet and safe when it's turned off.

    Like all Alberti tools it's pricey. But just so NICE

    Hi Jim - actually I think a larger forstner would be more useful to you to clear out some of the wood at the same time as marking the thicknesses. I find this a real time saver and with a sharp, high quality bit I never get dimples.

    I'm a tightwad who very rarely makes extravagant purchases, but in a fit of recklessness I ordered one of these a few years ago: It's fab, and I've never regretted it. On my bench drill I use a 12mm forstner for initial thicknessing/removal of material, then a sharpened spike for final thicknessing, a la the stradivari wooden press thing. The latter stage without the drill turned on.
  13. Side Chisel regrind

    Never seen one of those before. What is it used for?
  14. Side Chisel regrind

    Excuse my ignorance, but what's a side chisel?
  15. John Cockburn's bench

    Treated my favourite old plane to some new hardware. I'm now a total convert to PM-VII