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  1. Herdim shavers are absolutely fine, if you take the time to set them up properly. The thicker HSS blades are a very worthwhile upgrade. Alberti shavers work straight out of the bag and are very easy to fine tune to match the exact taper of your reamer. The plastic Wittner ones are surprisingly good and come with interchangeable sleeves with different tapers, very handy for repair work. Berbuer doesn't seem to respond to email enquiries. At least not mine. Ray Iles's spokeshave blades are very good if you fancy making your own shapers. I'm sure Hock are great too.
  2. Me too. Stick a little blob of blutak over each of the pips and see if the buzz goes away.....
  3. How do you do a soundpost patch without removing the top?
  4. Their spruce used to be poor, but they now source it from Ciresa, and it's very good.
  5. I've found this to be a depressingly frequent occurrence on pegs of all wood types with separate collars. For cheaper pegs, i find at least one in every set has a loose collar*, but I still see it occasionally on more expensive "quality" items. I check for this every time I fit a set of pegs, and secure loose collars with superglue, as Evan describes. It's one of the first things I check when an instrument comes in with a buzz. (*I know, maybe I should change supplier )
  6. Hi, no, you don’t need to shave anything off. It works as I described it.
  7. You can easily lower the fb projection by a couple of mm or so by loosening the front seam all the way round (including the corner blocks, but excluding the upper and lower blocks), then pushing the neck down to give the required projection, while fitting a few closing clamps in place to hold the front in the new position. Then fit the rest of the closing clamps and reglue the front seam as normal. You should double check that the projection is where you want it before committing yourself to gluing.
  8. I think Norris adjusters can work fine. I can't really find any fault with the ones fitted to the Veritas and Clifton block planes. On the other hand, I found the Norris adjuster fitted to the Quangsheng low angle jack plane absolutely awful.
  9. I’ve recently changed from waterstones to diamond sharpening plates, finishing off with tormek paste on a leather strop.
  10. Apparently some hi-fi enthusiasts/audiophools think these are worth a few hundred bucks: