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  1. A number 6 is more than big enough for violin or viola (and some would say cello, also)
  3. Treat yourself to a nice bending iron (and strap)
  4. I think 2 significant figures will suffice :0)
  5. Hi Terry, it doesn't work like that, because a 7/8 isn't literally 7/8 of a full size. Scaling to 0.875 will give you more like a 1/2 size.
  6. I'm not so sure. I've seen a lot of amateur instruments with the usual shortcomings, but surprisingly well-executed scrolls. Probably because it can be done in a pretty formulaic way. And the f holes show that the maker had some tool skills.
  7. I don't think there are any significant issues with the poster.
  8. Unless it was made by someone with a similar training and skill set who happened to live in Italy.
  9. Are there any treatments for presbyopia on the horizon, I wonder? That would be a godsend!
  10. No, with the aid of a dental mirror you can easily and clearly see all the way round. You can also see how the fit is looking at both top and bottom as the post is pulled into position, which is very helpful. And speaking for myself, my answer to your question would be “yes”, because a large change in position will require a new post to be fitted.
  11. But then you can't look through the end pin hole to check the fit of the post.
  12. where does this info come from, Mike?