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  1. TBSmithy knife

    I'm not firing on all cylinders at the moment, as I have the flu, and a lot of other things on my mind, but having looked at his website, I can't see how this 5 layer design works for single bevels (which he has for sale on his site). Doesn't this place the best steel away from the cutting edge?
  2. Minimum top thickness at sound post

    Is this turning into an organ swinging contest about who makes the thickest soundpost region?
  3. Soft cover Biddulph Guarneri book?

    Guys, I have some info, please check your private messages later. But no more requests, please! I'm more than happy to help out a couple of Maestronet buddies if I can, but I'm not a professional book broker.
  4. Soft cover Biddulph Guarneri book?

    Sure. I'll try the number tomorrow (it's now after office hours in the UK).
  5. Soft cover Biddulph Guarneri book?

    Everything seems to work except the final payment page. I seem to remember that it's always been like that - I called the number given on the page when I bought my books a few years ago, and made the payment over the phone.
  6. Soft cover Biddulph Guarneri book?

    it works perfectly fine for me......
  7. Neck width for smaller hands

    It's an interesting question. A violin neck is so narrow anyway that I find it hard to believe that even someone with tiny hands would need anything narrower than about 23.5 mm at the nut.
  8. Soft cover Biddulph Guarneri book?

    New copies of the 2-volume set appear to be still available (scroll down, price is £400).
  9. Soft cover Biddulph Guarneri book?

    When people speak of the "Biddulph Guarneri book" they most often mean the 2 volume set with full-size photos and drawings. The other one, "The Violin Masterpieces of Guarneri del Gesù" covers the same instruments (same exhibition) but doesn't have full size pictures, irrespective of hard vs soft cover,
  10. Overstand and Neck projection

    1. Usually from the high point of the edge, but some sources (e.g. Weisshaar) quote it measured from the purfling. 2. Below the nut, on the fingerboard.
  11. noob: rib assembly

    That's just sloppy, if you don't mind me saying so. A bit of attention to detail with things like this is likely to save you a lot of anguish later.
  12. Buying Liogier. Which to start with?

    Neck shaping, rough work on scrolls, outlines, block shaping....rasps are very handy!
  13. Buying Liogier. Which to start with?

    I find a 25 cm half round very useful also.
  14. Buying Liogier. Which to start with?

    Liogier rasps are pretty good, but Pechar are much better, in my experience.
  15. £29.99 violin, my first. Is it unusually fat?

    pumpkin belly