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  1. Tape to prevent 3d position sweat spot

    right hand thumbnail
  2. H.R.Fisher

    looks nice! Neck elevation maybe a bit high?
  3. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    staining for colour.
  4. i don't see how you can reach this conclusion.
  5. Basic Acoustics Resource

    These are all good sources, but from the perspective of someone who teaches this stuff, I'd say that Heller's book is by far the most suitable for someone with limited background knowledge.
  6. Chris S

    It means that you can opt to not see posts by the nominated "ignored user". I suppose it's a useful feature if you are a particularly sensitive soul, or if someone really grinds your gears.
  7. Basic Acoustics Resource

    This is a very good website: Also read as much as you can about oscillations and waves and elasticity, (high school/first year university textbooks, online resources).
  8. Only the good survive

    some would say that expression is at least as offensive as the "t" word
  9. String height (gap under) at the nut - violin

    i think that the Finnigan measurements are the height of the nut above the fingerboard surface before the string grooves are cut.
  10. include model on label?

    I suspect that unless/until you are famous, any significant wonkiness in the scroll or elsewhere is rather likely to be interpreted as poor workmanship, regardless of what you write on the label.
  11. Everclear alcohol

    I find it difficult to believe that good working practices can't make the use of denatured alcohol harmless. But spraying, i think is a different matter, without the use of extraction equipment that most workshops won't have (certainly not mine). So, as a recent convert to airbrushing I was delighted to discover on my current Italian vacation that the local supermarket sells 190 proof ethanol for 12 euros a litre. Now I only have to find a way to smuggle it home.......
  12. Washing linseed oil

    For what it's worth I'm also in the camp of the great unwashed.
  13. Finger plane blades

    hi edi, i know, I was replying to the original poster, not you.
  14. Finger plane blades

    The cremona blades are very nice, but unless they have changed their policies, what will kill you is not the price of the blades but the price of the shipping, which I've always found ludicrous for small items (I ordered my blades as part of a bigger order). The blades that dictum sell are also fine. i don't think sharpening a blade a couple of times in the course of making an instrument is a big deal. Good call as always from Jerry, my best blades were made from a cut up Hock knife, and they are great.
  15. Bass bar tuning

    How nice it is to have Sir Roger posting again.