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  1. JohnCockburn

    Best contemporary luthiers

    Tina Turner knows.
  2. JohnCockburn

    Poster sale at The Strad

    yes, because:
  3. JohnCockburn

    Poster sale at The Strad

    If this is the poster (Messie) you started a thread about a while back, then I think your expectations were a bit unrealistic.
  4. JohnCockburn

    2018 Joe Thrift workshop

    So why is PVA/titebond OK for high stress joints on guitars, but not for violin centre joints?
  5. JohnCockburn

    2018 Joe Thrift workshop

    why you ask if you know answer?
  6. JohnCockburn

    Peg shapers: Alberti v Herdim

    I worry a little about the "improved" carbide blades. The idea, I gather, is that they'll never need sharpening, but, well, y'know.....
  7. JohnCockburn

    calculate wood density

    It's not rocket science
  8. JohnCockburn

    High resin content varnish

    Thanks, Tets. The beeswax idea sounds interesting.
  9. JohnCockburn

    High resin content varnish

    Without solvent?
  10. JohnCockburn

    High resin content varnish

    I think using "raw" weights would lead to a lower resin content in the final product
  11. JohnCockburn

    High resin content varnish

    For the past few years I've been getting good results from a fairly simple colophony/mastic/linseed oil varnish (all ingredients pre-cooked) with a resin:oil ratio of 1.5:1 This produces a viscous varnish that needs to be thinned with solvent, but once thinned has excellent brushing properties. With the Greiner/Brandmair-inspired trend for even higher resin:oil ratios in mind I recently went up to 2:1 (still a long way from the 4:1 ratio that Brandmair apparently found). This 2:1 ratio resin:oil recipe produces a substance that is more like a soft solid than a viscous liquid, which can only be applied by pre-dissolving lumps of it in white spirit or similar solvent. Does this tally with anyone else's experience? Cheers John
  12. JohnCockburn

    We need a "Like" button on Mn.

  13. JohnCockburn

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    Very sad news. Never met him in person, but he was indubitably one of the good guys.
  14. JohnCockburn

    Willow for corner blocks etc

    Old bats might have been pretty thoroughly saturated with linseed oil over the years which might cause some problems, I suppose?