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  1. Which mortise? Tip, frog, eyelet? If it's inside the bow where the eyelet sits, then it could also be a dealer's inventory number.
  2. Hello all, After 8 years, I'm moving on from the full-service violin shop business, to "go to the dark side" (as Jeffrey so eloquently put it) and be a conductor. I have a fair collection of books and tools that I wouldn't mind parting with, along with some display cases and other furniture if you happen to be in driving distance of New Jersey. If you're interested, you can message me here on Maestronet for a list of what's available. It's been fun getting to know some of you here on Maestronet, and getting to meet up in the real world from time to time! All the best, Micha
  3. Well, here's a movement from one of the bassoon duets, if that helps! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCQULAVYfUM
  4. Of course, it's a little tough to make a diagnosis from grainy video, but offhand it looks like the bridge position isn't all that far forward relative to the ff's, it seems more that the afterlength is way long. I wouldn't be surprised if the fiddle is oversized... but it would be nice if it was standing just a little straighter!
  5. He's certainly not limited to invective on lesser-known makers, though... one of my favorites is Joseph Gagliano: "Scroll insignificant, albeit ugly. Something altogether out of the order of the natural. Not wide enough for its length. Looks like an emaciated man's head, a head drooping towards the neck as though wishing to be hidden...."
  6. Quite true.. I stand corrected. Regardless, though, the deduction never having been taken means that the IRS had nothing to say to M.
  7. If memory serves, the reason (as others here have surmised) that the IRS didn't come after Dietmar regarding the balance of the tax due on the appraisal is that Herbert Axelrod never filed his 2003 tax return. The charges against him were for tax evasion in the sale of his publishing company, in which he hid (or attempted to hide) nearly $70 million of profit from the sale from the IRS. But because the deduction from the NJSO sale was never taken, the IRS had no reason to look to Dietmar for anything. Regarding tax codes, the only one that I know of that Dietmar ran afoul of in the US is s
  8. If I know my wife like I do, she's not going to go for the idea of using a 3/4 or even 7/8. Ditto with the altered nut, although that's a novel idea! But she's one of those persnickety musicians who want everything the same with their setup all the time (don't tell her I said that!). Low-tension strings would seem to be the simplest solution. Would a wound E have a higher or lower chance of breaking under added tension? Would it even make a difference?
  9. So my wife has to play the solos in Mahler's Symphony no. 4 in a couple of weeks, which require the violin to be tuned up a whole step all the way round (A, E, B, F#). Most often, when it's performed, the concertmaster uses two violins, because the switch has to be made pretty quickly. She's asked me to provide her with a violin to use for the solos, and I'm wondering if anyone has ideas on a particular set of strings that would work best to stand the extreme tension. The last thing I'd want is for an E (or F#) string to pop during the concert! Any thoughts?
  10. I'll definitely be there on Sunday. A bunch of great fiddles to check out, and I haven't seen Julie in far too long. Anyone else going to be in NYC this weekend?
  11. Maybe I'm not reading this right, but this seems almost like Dietmar's trying to claim that he didn't know what was going on. Is anyone seriously going to believe that he didn't have a handle on where the instruments were actually going?
  12. You keep it spelling it wrong, Jacob. The correct spelling is "Mock-Old"...
  13. No -- if we're going for pure physical casting, there's only one actor who can play Dietmar: Stellan Skarsgard! My stepson suggests that for snakelike charm (and a sure second Oscar!), Christoph Waltz could bring everything needed for the part...