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  1. I'm having some extensive work done to my violin including the removal of the bass bar. There was a crack along side of the bar that was repaired years ago with cleats that came up to the edge of the bar. The fellow doing the work now removed the bar, removed and replaced the cleats with new ones that will run underneath the new bar that he is carving with relief areas where the bar passes over the new cleats. He also felt the old bar was under size so the new one will be beefier. I guess we'll see what happens.
  2. So what we really have here is a violin, purported to be a Goffriller by folks with less than stellar reputations in that field, with a fake label ascribing this work to another maker. And this is different than eBay, how? Eric
  3. Ok, forgive my ignorance, but why does a fiddle made by Matteo Goffriller have a Carlo Bergonzi label in it? Eric
  4. quote: Originally posted by: PhilipKT I think anyone who offers a right of return, anyone who does NOT Have "private auction to the protection of my customers" is probably worth working with. Unfortunately, the private auction seems to be the way eBay now operates. ""> Eric
  5. quote: Originally posted by: magnus nedregard quote: Originally posted by: eric1514 Is that with synthetic core or gut? I'm asking because with my Eudoxas, 1346 Hz works better. Eric That's not because of your Eudoxas Eric, I'll bet you have a pernambuco tailpiece, don't you? I don't have a tailpiece! Do you think that's a problem? Eric
  6. Send the fiddle to this snake-oil salesman: ""> Link He'll paint stuff on it that will make it sound like a million bucks when he's done. Oh, and it would also be a good time to send him $22 for a $2 cake of rosin. Save some on shipping, ya know. Eric
  7. Is that with synthetic core or gut? I'm asking because with my Eudoxas, 1346 Hz works better. Eric
  8. Here ya go: ""> Link Scroll down towards the bottom, about 3/4 of the way. I usually download the letter sized PDFs (zipped). Take Care, Eric
  9. As seen on eBay last week: Eric
  10. That makes sense. That last fellow that worked on it removed the neck and saw a small crack under the fingerboard that he thought might be causing the neck to sag. He repaired that, pulled the neck back and replaced the nut because he said pulling the neck back had changed some length dimensions. Everything was great for about 6 months. Then it settled back to what you see in the pictures. I was thinking to just put a new neck on with a different angle or wedge the fingerboard up. I'll mention this to him when I have the chance, Thanks, Eric
  11. Been done. Perpetual problem. Worked on twice by builder's son in 60s and 70s, once in 90s by another luthier and most recently in 2004. Always returnes to this position or there abouts. Very frustrating. Eric
  12. How about if the bridge was 30.5mm and FB to G was 7mm and FB to E was 5.5 and the violin had a lot of arching? ""> Pic 1 ""> Pic 2 Eric
  13. quote: Originally posted by: texbambam I really like the Stankov, sounded real nice, he did not have one when I had the cash. So I tried the two others from Pertov, nice but now a Stankov. Ned is a great guy and a straight shooter. Don't get him started on China violins...though. I got a couple of China violins that were advertised as aged 10-12 years...and they were as green as they come. Say, Texbambam, how would you descibe the tone? He's offered to let me try one, but I'm not able to purchase at this time and don't want to waste his time. Thanks, Eric
  14. It looks very much like I imagine my A.Lanini must have looked when it was new. That's a compliment, by the way. I sure hope it sounds better. Very nice work! Eric
  15. I'll preface this reply by saying I have never bought from either of these two sellers but I would trust Pahdah_Hound and Ned at Euroviolins. With both, it seems you know what you are buying. The fiddles are never purported to be anything they aren't. Good Luck, Eric