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  1. Hello violin"sellers". If possible, could those of you who attended the Boston auction please let us all know your thoughts and comments as to the quality, pricing, attendence and direction of the violin market according to this auction and also any comments on the upcoming Tarisio auction in a few days. I would of thought that the prices would of been much lower simply due to the economy but I am certainly missing something. Thank you for any information. jj
  2. Hi Alma, thank you for your time and effort in finding the auction house. I had spent over an hour with google with no luck. It should be an interesting auction. Thanks again,jj
  3. According to newspaper report, there is to be an auction in New York some time in M arch of many items from the Moennig shop. Does anyone know the name of the auction house? Thanks, jj
  4. Hi everyone, this is a late reply (my 2 cents worth) to the Testore school violin that went for over $5,000. Hats off to BX! This is the first listing of its kind that I have ever seen on ebay that did not have even one single word concerning all the old repairs or any history as to who may have done the work. His playing sold this violin, and it wasn't even good playing at that, even for a advanced student. Regardless of all the other comments mentioned by others though, the funniest thing of all to me was that his playing video looks to have been recorded in the bathroom, with those nice hard tile walls. (Sort of the same as when you sing in the shower and sound so great) You can actually see the towel rack in the video. He probably would of sounded almost the same in this setting had he been playing on a Jackson-Guldan or any student violin. Neverless, his violin sold and he is one smart salesman!
  5. Happy New Year to all and a question to all. Does anyone know the reason for the closing of William Moennig & Co. after 100 years! At one time , they were the "standard" and respected by all. Thank you for any information.
  6. Hello Experts, ebay #130308458334 1737 Calcanius with Hill Certificate. Jeff,Jesse and all others, this seems to me to be the real deal and I was wondering what others think of it. My 2 questions are: with the Hill certificate, why would one chose to put this violin in ebay, and what do you think the final price will be. To be honest, I am tempted to bid and probably will do so right after this posting, but also wonder about any hidden problems. Anyone care to comment?
  7. Hi Nanodo, thank you for taking the time for your very helpful reply.jj
  8. Hi Nonado, I will never be able to attend a NAM show and find it amazing that such a good copy of any violin is being sold. Is all of the playing wear that is seen on the photos done by whoever makes these violins or has the ebay owner added even more wear to make it look more played in and older yet? Also, if you are able to reply, are dealers buying many of these and at what price do they sell at retail? Thanks, jj
  9. I know this is the wrong place to post this question but I cannot get new topic to upload. Item #190277011756 is up on ebay and closes in about 5 hours. It is listed as a 1924 Roth but to my eyes the violin and label looks like a 1972 Roth. Is the new owner in for a "ebay" surprise or are my eyes going bad?
  10. Happy New Year to all and thank you Jeff for your time and hard work!
  11. Hi Hapersferry, I have not been able to be around here for a while so I know that this is a late reply, but having had a number of Juzek Master Arts over the years I would have to say that you do have a Master Art and it only needs minor work for it to be set up, and will sound very good. Best of luck in finding more!
  12. Hi, everyone, wondered if anyone has a comment about the fine Albert Mell violin book collection now on ebay-item #180241566080 as to what the total retail might might be? Also, any comments on the violin market right now as it seems that prices on ebay are low. Has this also be seen at the last 2 U.S. auctions and/or from violin dealers? Thanks-jj
  13. Hi everyone, would anyone have an opinion or comment on this old violin on ebay right now; ebay item number 250233807983. It seems to be one of the few really old violins seen on ebay and to my eyes looks to be a very old German violin, unless it is a very good old copy that has been altered in some ways. Thanks,jj
  14. Hi Brad and PHound, Would like to thank you both for taking the time to reply to my question, as I now understand and agree with your replies. I also think I know what the problem is from my side, as my age is catching up with me. I come from the days of five cents for a cup of coffee and am amazed at the prices for many of the modern German violins because in my day they were only used as student violins. The only thing that counted was if you had an Italian violin or not, and even then many of the lesser Italians were looked down on. Back then, a big dealer only showed you an Italian violin as I do not recall even being showed a French violin. One time at the old Wurlitzer firm in New York, they would not even take my good modern Italian in trade for an older Italian as they told me they had to many modern Italians and that thy were "a dime a dozen". If you had those same 12 today, one would have well over 600 hundred thousand dollars worth of violins! Fortunately I do not need to buy a violin today but it is still fun to be able to watch from the sidelines. Thanks again, jj
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