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  1. going slightly off topic (but just a hair): there is photographic memory, and there is a kind of sound memory, too. many of us can remember phrasings, tempi, dynamics, colours of certain pieces and performances - why not remember sounds of individual instruments? i am positive i might identify most of my +/- 40 violins by blind hearing. well, would be an interesting experiment
  2. ?¿? squeak, squeak, squeak ?¿? i like the fingerboard, though.
  3. if i understand it right it was the d´on the a string that was problematic. nothing to do with the nut.
  4. Tim, it´s about setting up an instrument as good as possible, soundwise. (nearly) anything goes, as long as it improves sound. btw. the violin pictured finally ended up with Dominants, and a Pirastro Gold e´. how boring.
  5. aha. a Vuillaume from Hongkong, and for a bargain price. of course. not sure where those pics originate from (Skinner is likely), but obviously the scroll front shot is just a magnification of the overall front shot. that says it all, imo. i´d be curious what one will get after having paid the 15,800 Dollars. a magnifying glass? a bottle of sake? or just an eternal thank you from this seller who will never deliver anything at all?
  6. Yuen, with 150 years of use under its belt i think we can grant the fiddle a crack or two. it is in very good condition. no need to spend (even) more money on it
  7. thank you all for the kind comments, folks. there is varnish loss along the back purfling, but the purfling does not feel raised. yes, the back has some bumps ... here are some more pics.
  8. as said, it sounds rather "big". deep, with lots of power, and very easy to play.
  9. hi folks! i aquired this violin as part of a larger trade-in deal some weeks ago. it was offered and sold to me as "school of Lupot, ca. 1830 - 1850". it was not exactly cheap unfortunately. it is a "grand" instrument, both in size and sound. back measures 361 mm. i do not intend to sell it (i want to play it myself), but i would very much appreciate your input reg. the instrument´s age and origin. it is unlabeled b.t.w. (label removed). thanks a lot! Matz
  10. i have had some experience with this seller. he is quite talented at mounting funny labels inside chinese cheapos.
  11. just wanted to add: i had a - non certified - Heinicke violin for some years. a really impressing instrument. i traded it in for a certified J.C. Boulangeot. wether this was a good idea or not i am still not certain.
  12. you should check the brand stamp for a little funny spelling mistake. HENICKE??? who the heck was Matthias Henicke? Heinicke violins are quite sought after, at least here in the old world. he was a pupil of Degani, Venice.
  13. yup. imagine all those lurkers would all of a sudden start posting?
  14. indeed ... a very qualified article. "with backs made of spruce grown in the Italian mountains" sorry ... could not resist ... probably got nothing to do with the sales person and even more the luthier in question.
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