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  1. Michael W.

    Sad Day for Ebay violin lovers

    A loss for the Violin Community, and for Humankind. Richard was honesty and integrity. We should strive to meet his standards.
  2. Michael W.

    Dominant Strings-

    I have had a number of experiences of Dominant Perlon Strings breaking while stored in the violin case. The violin was strung and properly tuned, and sometimes the storage period was less than 24 hours. Has anyone had similar experiences? Mine seem to break inside the pegbox.
  3. Michael W.

    Mozart's Skull Found?

    This is a big deal in Austria this week. If it does match the "family" DNA there will be celebration, and otherwise disappointment. I really think it matters very little, except for curiousity seekers visiting the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Both Stradivari and Mozart were buried in unmarked graves, and yet their work lives on undiminished!!!
  4. Michael W.

    Violin without purfling = bad idea?

    As mentioned in several posts above, many members of the Testore School of Milan, as well as many pre-1850 English violins have scribed or no purfling. In a violin of good workmanship, it would not trouble me.
  5. Michael W.

    Wilkanowski Violin

    I have owned several Wilkanowskis over the years. They are nicely made, with a nice oil varnish. They tend to be heavy in wood, but are good, reliable instruments.