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  1. I had the same question and ordered a gold and a silver, both. My maker told me he uses the only best wood for the bow, and there is no differences... Actually I asked it ti Gary Leahy and he told me he uses more handsome wood for the gold. So maybe there is some difference between the makers. 3 years of waiting, maybe Yannick LeCanu? And the weight, Gary Leahy told me that doesn't matter and modifying thickness of metal, or using lighter ebony, etc can compensate the weight You have the same question like me and I hoope this will help you.. For me, I prefer gold mounted one,
  2. Thank you. I just searched about Carla Shapreau and found she is co-auther of Violin Fraud: Deception, Forgery, Theft, and Lawsuits in England and America. I've seen that book before on website. I'll try to contact with her.
  3. http://www.civp.com/lutherie/gb/palmares.htm use this link
  4. I know what you mean, and also got the written opinion..it is,because the court and my friend told me opinion about the violin in the view of accusor. I'm not pretend to an exert, but we have the right to explain our idea,and I want to do this as exactly as popssible.. Thank you for advice. I'm still feeling that I explain this not in an appropriate way..
  5. Yes, that's why I dont want to tell all the story, and where here is, only guessing will be possible.. Here, no instrument insurance... is it make sense, although sounds nonsense..but true.. The problem is, we all know Eric Blot, Rampal is very respected, but, the court doesn't know who they are and what they doing, how reliable they are, etc. if it does, I alredy been ti Cremona..and that's no big deal.. And it is thr court who makes the judgement. Because it is uncertain the court will accept their opinion as PROOF, and court wants someone to make understand what is the differences between that fake violin and genuine work,I'm searching for them, distinct features even naked eye can see, and that's why I obssessed with locatinig pin, line, pinmark, becUse it's easily seen.
  6. I can't tell exact full story because of 1. The seller might see this thread though he maybe can't read english.... But I don't want him to know what I'm searching and preparing. 2. My limitation in english. I'm very short of vocabulary and even now have problem in understanding some nuances of answers above. I agree with you, that my friend is stupid and if I were him, I would never buy that violin. In fact, the violin was rented, but during usage, soundpost crack happened. The sellr insisted he must buy that violin because it lost most of value, and he accepted, after negotiating the price. And when Mr.Rampal came here, he showed the violin and found it's fake. Then struggle begun. At first,because he was not intended to buy the vioilin, he might less cared about the paper or certificate, etc.. But it was his fault. It has been two year, and during that time, he sent the photos to some experts and the answers were all fake. Early this year, he got a written paper from Mr.Rampal, thankfully. Although Mr.Rampal is high in his repute but here, almost nobody knows him. You might think it's very silly because your country is more cultured in this art, but I think it has been happened long ago in UK, and the expert's opinion is accepted as proof only in early 20th century, maybe the Hill was the first one, I remember. Here,there were no such cases, and if this case will accept the Rampal's opinion as proof, may be the first case. The court'judgement is always based on his knowledge, previous judgement of similar case, and social culture, but violin trade is inly 20 or 30 years of history here, very primitive, you may imagine early 19th century of your country, UK. Then you'll understand a bit. Expert? No expert here. Even most dealers don' havd knowledge than me, so you'll know hos awful here. They even don't know the name of makers much........ And I should make them understand what I'm to explain in most easy way, and accept the expert's opinion.. Ah, make them to accept Mr.Rampal as expert before that................long way to go... And that's why ask you for help.
  7. I heard the seller sold it as "Poggi violin"', and told him having a certificate, but the problem is, there is no way to prove it, for having no documents or receipt, anything.. If the seller denies, tht's all. You may think it's very sillly, but happens here, too often. The seller owns a violin shoo here, but I can hardly call him a dealer... Just a seller?
  8. Thank you for valuable information. Dear Manfio, of course I have Eric Blot's book and I remember the earlist label shown in that book is, I remember, early 1920s I think your thread about scroll carving will help me too ini explaining the scribing line and pin marks
  9. Fortunately, we had a written opinion of Mr. Rampal. And also Mr. Blot agreed with this. The matter is, the court will accept it or not. But why I ask expert opinion is, the prosecutor wants to meet us before trial and will ask some specific knowledge about the violin, and I feel I should convince him for this. Anyone know about the early label Poggi used. Is all the digits printed likethe above? I've never seen a label with all digits printed before.
  10. Thank you all for reply In fact, the violin has shown to two experts in hands, and both agreed it's a fake. Eric Blot also agreed it's a fake by seeing photos. It has written appraisal of Mr.Rampal and it will be suggested as proof in the court. But the jury wants more detailed or objective explanation to prove it. One silly point is, the date of label is all printed, not only the first two digits are printed. My friend has bad photography.. I attach some photos. I'll take photos myself again I hope, I can have a photos of genuine his early works. I think the centre locating pin will be a good evidence, am I right?
  11. Hello. Recently, My friend deceived by fake Poggi, and should prove that the violin is fake. So I looked a photos of genuine Poggi violin and found some features. I hope you to correct me and give some knowledge or advices. The violin is a fake without a doubt, a crude one, and the price was USD 40,000, considerable but much less than genuine work. I see, he invariably used a locating pin in the top and end block, close to purfling, but sometimes a bit away (usually later works). and his bee sting is deflected to the middle bout, mainly upper and lower strip swept it across the corner, rather short. I also see some knife-mark in the corner and looks intended to mark the border of channeling or fluting, but only seen in some works. There is also strong scribing line along the spine of the head, and some pin marks are seen along the line, helping drawing of line or use of compass, or etc.. The chamfer of scrool seems not to be rounded. There is usually pin mark in the centre of button, and the button is very circular with subtle bevel at the junction of edge. I see, he used a label with "allievo di G. Fiorini" in early period (at least before 1930's), and the date is printed 19, with the last two digited is handwritten. The fake violin is dated 1917. I found he made a violin as early as 1911 or 1912, he seems to make violins seriously after 1921 when he apprenticed G.Fiorini. Is he still active in 1917 or is there any known work around this time? Any information will help me greatly. Thank you.
  12. Thank you. I just ordered edition Peters with your advice.
  13. Hello. I bought Tartini violin sonata g minor "didone abbandonata" from Schott and found it is much different from Oistrakh's playing. Anybody knows which edition(publisher) did he recorded? There are many video clips on youtube played the same edition. I found it is from Schott and Peters, and Recordi. here is the link http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/search?q=tartini+didone anyone can help me? thanks
  14. Hello. I have comissoned three bows from a bowmaker. Two are gold-mounted and one is silver-mounted. I have asked about the mounting and difference in the quality of wood. Some answered they use more dense and high quality of wood for the gold-mounted bow (because the gold is heavier), and some answerd they uses the same high quality wood for both mounting. If there exists the differences, the more dense pernambuco means the better quality of sound? If not so, why gold-mounting bows sell higher price, just the gold is more expansive? Thank you.
  15. I believe Chang Heyern Jin is too. He won 5 gold medals in 1976 and he told that he received Hors Concours in 1984. I think he met 'old' criteria for the award, like David Gusset.
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