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  1. 1)milstein - bach (both recordings) - (i also like szeryng and perlman) 2)rabin - paganini caprices 3)kavakos - ysaye sonatas 4)mathe - reger sonatas 5)podger - telemann fantasies 6)repin - ernst's der erlkonig 7)szeryng - kreisler's recitativo and scherzo 8)shaham - prokofiev sonata 9)gringoltz - solo cd with hindemith and schnittke 10)gitlis - bartok sonata 11)michelle makarski - Caoine: Music by Biber, Hartke, Reger, Rochberg, Bach 12)elizabeth wallfisch - Violin Masters of the 17th Century: Music by Biber, Westhoff, etc 13)manze - tartini's devils trill for solo violin 14)cappelletti - tartini - 8 Piccole Sonate for Violin Solo 15)milstein - paganiniana
  2. How about one of the Prokofiev or Faure sonatas? (I prefer all of them to the Elgar) What about the Janacek Sonata? How about Ruralia Hungarica by Dohnanyi? More ideas: One of the Bartok or Shostakovich Sonatas Szymanowski Sonata ...I prefer the Stravinsky Divertimento to the Suite Italianne
  3. some people i know like to goof around with cakewalk
  4. I suspect it may be time for a new piano player, tape record your next rehearsal if you want to be sure cheers scott
  5. How about a book of chopin waltzes or maybe preludes? ...or maybe the video the art of piano? ...also the move "shine", a move about a virtuoso pianist whose career when sour - but it was a great movie with lots of rachmaninoff in it ...what I would recommend the most is a documentary called "the cliburn" about people who competed in the van cliburn competition (including olga kern) - I think watching this will maybe build the hunger to practice.
  6. that piece gives me a headache ..but .I do like the composition he wrote Der Erlkonig, very cool
  7. How about "autumn leaves"? ...this is what I started with when I was trying to learn jazz for more ideas try this: "http://www.amazon.com/gp/richpub/syltguides/fullview/B8E85MZTZ14Z/ref=cm_bg_cf_full1/102-4844786-4287307"> http://www.amazon.com/gp/richpub/syltguide...4844786-4287307
  8. I've hear people on this list talk favorably about the Gliga Gems 2 series
  9. The way I heard it was sevick lost his eye when changing a string for a student
  10. What a coincidence, Im studying the lalo right now also. Are you familiar with the music minus one series? "http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1596151390/sr=8-1/qid=1147445116/ref=sr_1_1/103-2463804-5401460?%5Fencoding=UTF8 "> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/159615139...5Fencoding=UTF8 cheers Scott
  11. Check out the cd Salvatore Accardo Plays Paganini's Guarneri Violin. I also saw something in here a long time ago about a young girl recording the beethoven conerto on paganini's violin, i think it was on the italian label dynamic if i'm not mistaken
  12. I remember reading something in here a long time ago that said he teaches kung fu now
  13. Question: I was wondering if anyone thinks Mr. Heifetz plays some pieces "too fast" or "with rushed tempos" ? It all started at a different forum, I was telling someone that the reason I like Szeryng so much is because he does not interfere with the music. For example when I hear Szeryng play Mendelssohn all I hear is Mendelssohn but when I hear Heifetz play Mendelssohn all I hear is Heifetz. Someone disagreed with me and said that it iwas Heifetz that was plying the concerto at the right tempo.To support this I would like to offer a few notes, consider the following times of recordings I found of the Mendelssohn Concerto:24.15 Heifetz recording 1 24.26 Milstein24.32 Heifetz recording 225.16 Francescatti25.40 Kyung Wha Chung25.55 Grumiaux26.28 Szeryng26.42 Kreisler26.59 Oistrakh 27.18 Kogan27.47 Perlman28.06 Zukerman30.78 Mutter(I didn't list Hahn, Campoli, and many others - could someone post how long Hahn's recording was - I thought her recording was too fast also)-Now that you know my opinion, I would like to ask for you opinions: when YOU listen to Heifetz do you ever feel the tempo is being rushed?Respectfully,Scott
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