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  1. The truth is that most of these posters are crap. As you sense the plates never sit on a flat perimiter.
  2. If it is stiff and strong ...yes give it a go. I would not use light wood for violas..No idea why this is being suggested. ..generally I would avoid the light stuff unless it feels really strong and then it could be cool...that would be rare.
  3. If the bridge is to be 34mm high i would use larger foot width than if it were to be 31mm high...etc
  4. I only ever use a Goldbrokat E. Even I buy a full set of the most expensive strings of any brand I just chuck the E in the bin and put a Goldbrokat on. I keep lots of them in all the different gauges.
  5. Yes you are correct Jerry. For those that don't get it or do it wrong the sides of the mortice are planed planed parallel to the sides of the FB so you do get a low angle dovetail ...I thought this was basic knowledge
  6. Yes It's not a US thing. It's a good cello set up thing. Been done in the UK for decades by the better setter uppers
  7. Thanks for your kind comment Thomas. Here's the back.
  8. Measuring up a G B Ceruti to copy for the owner.
  9. The next... edge and corners as I interpret from Guarneri family
  10. 55418847_1221821314650347_8463162653664083968_n.mp4 hopefully some kind of video from my phone