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  1. The aim was quite simple. It was to give the look of gemstones illuminated by a backing of gold foil
  2. Leaving toolmarks should not be our aim. It should be the privilege of masters who know exactly how and where to cut but are loosing their eye sight and dexterity
  3. Come on Peter!...you gotta have some love for some |Peter Guarneri and some Guadagnini etc...Some of them will blow your mind! You will love them for sure!!!
  4. Well in that case why are you asking here...just buy a stock of all the best tailpieces you can lay your hands on as many will have at hand here and try them. I am not particularly impressed with your roll call of violins. I regularly set up much more exotic stuff for some of the finest living players. I refer you back to my advice re the tail gut widths and the gut itself can be considered.
  5. The ultimate proof of my estimation of you
  6. The best way to optimize your violin is what the great players do..ie.adapt your technique to the instrument you have. Personally if I am selecting a tailpiece for a violin I am setting up weight would be the last of my considerations given the normal parameters. I'd be looking at the width between the tail gut holes.
  7. So far...from what I read...Guadagnini lived in intimate contact with the finest musicians. This does not seem to be a theme in the history of Stradivari...I wonder if that reflects the interpretations of history or actually tells us something more?
  8. What kind of varnish are we trying to make?....A boat varnish? If you wish to replicate the incredibly fragile and delicate nature of the Old Italian varnishes you must embrace the natural falabilty of the ingredients you consider
  9. I don't post here much these days but I need to say that at the very finest ends of making and restoration female operators are doing top end work in similar proportion to men.
  10. You don't want a violin producing overtones. That is the player's job...a good violin is one that will allow a player to do that when they wish
  11. Never in my life since I was a kid did I ever have any doubt how to sharpen a tool to do a job, dump tools that would not take an edge or were out of temper....from razors to axes..... How can someone need a hohning guide?,,,let's face it if you don't know the correct angle to sharpen how will you know how to cut with the tool...want a guide for that....what next?
  12. Exactly...You wouldn't want to drive a 700hp sports car with stiff springs and no dampers!....Damping in fiddles is what makes the bow contact feel good
  13. I find that varnishes with a high resin content show characteristic white scratches that one does not find in old Cremonese work.
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