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  1. I know there is a preference for sub .38. I like plus 42 at least
  2. One piece backs are generally The left over cuts from cello backs
  3. Not smooth but certainly shiny. I think age quite quickly took the shine off the pristine examples we see ( Messie is heavily French polished)
  4. What makes you think old Cremonese instruments were not shiny when new....I bet they were! Most 'antiqued' making I see these days seems to be influenced by what other antiquing makers are doing rather than observations of old instruments held in the hand.
  5. You don't need pigments...if you use them for my varnish a tiny addition will make a big difference...pic is all cooked in colour
  6. I tend to agree with Martin and Don but I generally go higher than standard with string heights at the nut and less scoop in the board. You want to make the nut accurate but no sharp edges for the left hand to notice
  7. I've seen all kind of experiments with tuning a bridge......generally the bridges used were not good. When I hear luthiers talking about tuning violin parts I kind of tune out. Tuning needs to be left to the musicians...wood moves with the climate......just out of tune sounds awful.
  8. You can take the back well over 5mm.. no problem. If I see a DG model violin with less than 6 I get disapointed
  9. Miracles can of course occur if one takes ones instrument to a charismatic high reputation adjuster. They might not need to move the post at all in reality to have a profound effect.
  10. I bow to your sound tech background and kind of agree with what you say. One thing that has always had me thinking was a classical guitar maker who told me his theory that an audience would expand their ears to hear a quieter beautiful tone and withdraw their ears from an aggressive loud tone
  11. I don't insist on doing the work myself but If I can't do the post adjustment I want it done by a colleague I can trust and work with. ie not the latest Svengali adjuster to be harassing the orchestra or No3 Viola who is compulsively handy with a soundpost adjuster and has nearly made his first viola. SO much damage can be done.