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  1. very nice work on the build...good choice of wood also. what is the second short neck about? for practice? i like the leather wrap on your gouge in the one photo. i use gobs of leather for work mats , clamping, stropping... etc. good luck and have fun at college.
  2. lookin good... the spruce sure works differently than maple..always a transition when doing the plates...
  3. Looks like fun...i cant tell from the photo..but was the saddle crack not on the center seam? must be close if not. should be a nice little violin when you finish it up. more pics plz... and also those of your ongoing build.
  4. it would be interesting to see what the plate thicknesses are.. especially the top. If you had the top off .....there we go further down the hole... then some plate analysis could happen in terms of weight and stiffness. barring that (no pun intended) I would agree with Rue and say let it be... the juice may not be worth the squeeze. I am currently going through an old factory Hopf ( a freinds heirloom for his daughter). It sports a bass bar carved into the top. The overall work on the plate was very rough and required quite a bit of attention.. your violin appears to be more cleanly executed however.
  5. Cathode ray...Keep making and posting...nice looking violin hanging in the Sun!
  6. Indeed it is good to know all is well with John. Always great to deal with ( nice guy).
  7. thanks for the info and the link... i always enjoy following the threads containing German attributions and history surrounding them.
  8. Sir Dmitri, Great job thus far. I will toss my hat into the ring for those who are interested in seeing the result. Please stay the course. Remember its about the journey not so much the destination. The lessons learned from our mistakes ultimately add to the flavor of our endeavors. Patience is not only a virtue but one of the most important tools we can carry with us. ( Enough philosophy...already !) Question.. did you use walnut or black willow for the blocks? I have been using willow for my linings and like the way it bends. I also like the contrast in the colors between linings and blocks... I have been using spruce for my blocks... I may switch to walnut blocks for fun... your thoughts? ciao
  9. hahaha yes welcome aboard... it can be alot of fun..alot of good advise to be had here and there ...choose wisely though. grain of salt and all that...wink wink nod nod.
  10. After perusing the photos.. I agree with Mystic as to the violins origin.. and also would like to say welcome to this forum. The fingerboard appears to have a bit of wear..so must have been played a fair amount at some point.
  11. Interesting that no splitting occured along the grain line....purfling to the rescue?
  12. Sorry for your loss as well. And thanks for sharing part of his life story with us.
  13. I get it !!! I am a kindred spirit or might say I have the same affliction. I have a few I have kept over the years (small collection) hanging on the wall in my shop. They all have a story to tell, a voice of their own and I play them all... (not at once of course). Sometimes it isnt about making money.
  14. Time to summon the expertlse...(and dont just point to a previous thread !)
  15. okay...looks like shipping would be around 57 USD. If you are still interested let me know and I will message you with payment details etc.
  16. I could possibly ship to Sweden...not sure about price though...will check to see.
  17. Good job. I am also curious about how it sounds...pls keep us posted and thanks for the pics.
  18. Interesting stuff...I wonder if a set of plans exist. It would be a blast to make...looks like a challenge to play but I like the sound.
  19. Mr Darnton also has an excellent chapter on edgework. I dont currently have the link. It was part of a book he had been putting together.
  20. I also am a fan of the Davide Sora videos that Mr. Coleman mentioned....great stuff. I am not sure how much wood carving you have done already.. but one thing to keep in mind is that the spruce will carve much differently than the maple. The softer wood (spruce) for the top plate will require just a bit more finesse and care to prevent tear out or over carving... the gouge can easliy remove a bit more than intended untill you gain a feel for the process. You can do some practice on the plate cutoffs. These cutoffs are also useful for purfling practice, ground and varnish trials, glue trials, and specific gravity measurements.
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