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  1. Thank you for the great replies. Especially the Ebay Hardie. I had not seen it. I think because it is a UK auction, it would not come up on a search unless I put in the actual auction number. Although I'm not a pro either, the Ebay Hardie & Son violin seems to be strikingly like the Hardie I have. the arching,varnish, button, and scroll seem very similar, But the length is not. My violin is much shorter at 354mm. The Hardie and son is 365mm. I have to wonder if the Ebay measurement is accurate? As to the Hardie from South Africa. I had found that one myself and I've seen many violins like this one. I can't believe it is being passed off as anything other than a low end shop instrument. Maybe this South Africa violin should be an individual topic all it's own. I can't believe that a maker such as Hardie would have tried to make a violin with an upper block and neck such as this. These violins are fairly common and the ones I've seen are almost identical to this and are not anything I would consider "good". I've seen some people call these Baroque instruments? From my schooling, this is not what a baroque violin is. Any opinions on the South Africa violin mentioned above? This topic has been very helpful. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the opinions. I have added two more photos of the scroll side and back. The graft is real and the scroll is certainly hand made. I do not have access to the Tarisio archives. But I have quite a few people who are of the opinion that it very possibly could be by Hardie.
  3. OK, I think maybe I have the photos now?
  4. I have a very nice older violin with a label by Matthew Hardie 18??. I would appreciate any opinions about if it appears to fit this maker or if it is a copy. I realize photos alone will not ID an instrument. The violin has a repair label by Gemunder & Son 1912. It has a neck graft and a replaced upper block. The upper block looks newer than the rest of the violin but looks old enough to fit the 1912 repair label. Violin is of very nice quality and excellent tone. Fully blocked. Measurements are: LOB 354mm. Upper B 163mm. Middle B 107mm. Lower B 202mm. Rib height 31.5 all around. One unique feature is the saddle is only 25mm long and extends over the rib. I would appreciate opinions or even email photos of other known Hardie instruments. My email is marcdeb186@verizon.net. I will try to put photos on this post but I have not done this before so hope it works. Thank you.
  5. I have been contacted and told that the name is Ralph Dunham of New Britain Conn. This name does not appear in Wenberg or Henley's. Has anyone seen instruments by this maker before? or heard of this maker?
  6. I have an American made violin with a hand written label. The writing is a bit hard to read as it is in cursive writing so I have not been able to find any match in the books. Can anyone tell me what the correct name is? What I can read is: Ralph C D??? h ??? 1891 New Britain Conn USA N. 68 The entire last name could be wrong. The rest of the label is easy to read. The last name is tough to make out. The first letter looks like a D but it may be a P or who knows?? It looks like an "h" in the middle. and possible ending in the letter "m". Thank you for any help. Marc
  7. Thank you Brad and Andrew. I appreciate you taking time to reply. Any idea why there would be no date of manufacture? Also, my literature on Roths lists the 1725 Strad copy as a model XR. Do you happen to know if the Meinels would have followed the same model codes? I would love to read the Strad article that you mention and I have several hundred Strad issues, but none after 2003.
  8. I have been trying to research Eugen Meinel Violins. I find only one mention on Maestronet.com which is that they are made by E H Roth. Is this a fact? I have seen one 1920's Meinel on ebay. I have one that is nicely labeled as a 1925 Strad copy but has no year of manufacture. It has the stamped on branding as well. Can anyone help me with trying to date this violin? It would be nice to know between what years were these likely to have been made. The copy I have is in such good shape that it's difficult to date it by appearance. Any other information would be nice to have. Thank you, Marc
  9. I have recently acquired a 1957 Frederick Weller. There is a nice write up on Weller in Henley's but it does not really describe much of his work. My question is that this violin has a brace on each of the upper and lower blocks. The braces are attached to the tops of each block and then diagonally down to the back. The braces are about 3 inches long, I've never seen or read of any such braces. The instrument has no damages that would explain this. The instrument is nearly mint with almost no wear. The fingerboard shows no signs of any use at all, so I suspect that someone recently attempted a set up. I don't know how it sounds as it has not been set up since I acquired it. But I can only imagine that these braces are going to have a negative affect on tone. Does any one have any knowledge of this practice or any information on Weller?.
  10. My experience is that Ebay repeatedly shows more concern for sellers than buyers. The feedback system is of very little value to buyers. Sure a negative feedback score helps to let us know that an ebayer may be problematic, but most ebayers who have a good feedback score are not willing to risk retaliation by giving legitimate negative feedback to another member. I recently was second high bidder on a private auction. Up until the last hour I was the only bidder. Shortly after the auction was over, I received a second chance offer from the seller at my high bid. I suspect that the seller generated the winning bid in order to reveal my high bid. If a seller selects "Private Bidding", then ebay might make all bids except the winning bid private to the seller as well, and second chance offers should not even be allowed if a seller elects to have private bids. I contacted ebay about this auction, and all I got was the usual carbon copy reply. I didn't expect any thing more!
  11. As the buyer, because I used a credit card through Pay Pal, I filed a dispute with my credit card company, not with Pay Pal. My credit card company immediately credits my account while handling the dispute. Pay Pal is not even involved in the dispute. In fact if you read Pay Pal's policy for filing claims, they state that if a dispute is filed with them and a the credit card company as well, Pay Pal will automatically cancel their dispute. My credit card company actually had the name of the seller with my transaction. So it's like Pay Pal was not even involved. So for me, I've got my money back already. The credit card company simply does a charge back. MY credit card company advised me to return the item immediately and the dispute would be in my favor since I no longer had the item. (make sure you get delivery verification when returning an auction) The credit card company will charge back the seller. The only way the seller can then collect to take it to court. If the seller refunds my Pay Pal account, then I halt the dispute with the credit card company. So, my advice to all is pay with a credit card even when you pay with Pay Pal, make sure you pay with a credit card and not from your bank account.
  12. The returned violin and bows must have been received by the seller today as he has already put it back on eBay. He has not changed his description other than to ask bidders to not bid if there's gong to be problems. He has not refunded my paypal account yet, I told the seller that it was all fake stuff and that all he had to do was take it in to any violin shop for verification. He obviously does not care. I had also been watching the Juzek auction mentioned above and if I'm not mistaken, shouldn't a Master Art Juzek of that vintage have a black and red label?
  13. I paid with paypal using a credit card. My credit card company was going to do a charge back immediately and then the whole thing had to go into a 4 to 6 week dispute. Once I told the seller that I was charging it back, he became very willing to refund my money. Prior to this he was willing to send all but $150. He claims the owner has already been paid and that the owner will not take the item back. Using a credit card with paypal does provide extra safety.
  14. I am the buyer of this, yes, completely fake auction. I was able to apply a bit of pressure and return the whole package to the seller. Ebay and Pay pal were no help. It wasn't easy, but I'm expecting a refund. My credit card company was very helpful. The seller claims to know nothing about the items, but for some reason, I'm not too sure he's completely innocent. In spite of the description saying "I know very little about these items", it's quite evident that someone had a clear intent to deceive. We can't all be experts on every product and photos on the internet can be very tempting, so it's very easy for crooks to succeed. I've made some very satisfying purchases on eBay, as well as some major disappointments. The seller claims he's the one getting hurt in this because the owner will not take the stuff back. It's quite unfortunate that something like ebay which can be so much fun is so corrupted. The items were not all completely junk, a few were of decent quality, but they certainly were not what the owner wanted buyers to think.
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