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  1. Hi Daryl, I must say that I am also "secretly" really impress by your really nice work (Seen some pictures). Continue to make so nice instruments. I hope that I'll hold one of your instrument one day in my hands to look at it precisely Thanks a lot, Richard
  2. Hi Baroquecello ! I agree with you and some collegues mentionned the same thing about the sterility of the pegbox. It was exactly the term used by a big violin expert and restorer of Germany that saw this cello. You really have good eyes for a musician ! You're comments are really good and helpful. The sound is beautiful particularly on the bass side ! Powerful and rich. I am really happy with the result. Richard
  3. You're right ! The corners are a little bit long ! Thanks Chris
  4. Hi Ken number 2 ! Don't use the pictures of my corners to make your Montagnana model violin if you want to respect the style of Montagnana corners. I've used a Montagnana model to make this cello, but I did not respected the style of his work. My cello is too cleanly made to respect his style. Search a little bit on internet to find pictures of violins made by him when you want to copy the style of his work. It's sometimes a little crude what he made, but surely interesting. I don't have the courage to work like him at the moment. Thanks for your comments. Richard
  5. Hi Ben, Thanks for your comments and questions. I don't know how much time I've exactly worked on this cello because I am working for someone else in the Restoration of string instruments during the week and that I've made this cello during the weekends when I've had the time to do so. I guess 600 hours.... There's approximately 6 thin coats of varnish (5 to 7) on this cello. Bye, Richard
  6. I've prepared 2 varnishes for this cello. I've used a Colophony/Linseed oil ligthly colored varnish after the wood preparation and a Colophony/Mastix/Venetian Turpentine/Linseed oil colored varnish for the colored coats. I've made the first varnish by simply cooking it and the second one was also cooked but I've made a reaction with Nitric Acid to get more color (a little dangerous ). I've added some pigments to the colored coats to get the colour that I've wanted, but a really really small amout of it. Richard
  7. Hi everyboby ! Here's some pictures of my latest cello. I am really happy with the result and the cellist is also really happy to play with it. Please send comments about it. Richard
  8. I've already made that without any problems ! I was cooking everything together and gave Nitric Acid to varnish a drop at a time. Be careful with this stuff and wear some protection and read about the risks of using Nitric Acid. Richard
  9. I don't know if it's the right place for this type of announcement, but I am actually slowly starting to search for a new position in a workshop. I take this opportunity to propose my services only because I think that this topic is appropriate enough for this type of action. My main interests are the following : -Construction of violins, violas and cellos -Set-up and Restoration -Expertise I am flexible but for personal reasons I am searching for specific localizations : - Canada : Ontario and Québec or near the borders of those provinces - USA : New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts or near the borders of those states - Germany : Baden-Württemberg or near the borders of this state Training and Experiences : -Violin making school diploma -6 years of professional experience in violin making, set-up, repair and restoration in different countries Languages : -French -English -German I prefer to stay short in my personal description because I don't want to expose everything on this site. If there is someone interested about my profile, please send me an e-mail to the following address and I will be able to send more information about me and pictures of my work. rb_quebec@hotmail.com
  10. I think that Michael Darnton is a nice, a passionate and a special person always ready to help the others and to share what he knows and tried. I've never met him but I think that he has a lot of energy and that he tried a lot of things during his life. He should be a model for a lot of violin makers or simply for a lot of humans. I hope that I will have the chance to meet him in the future. I deeply think that this forum is a really exciting way of exchanging information and passions and that it's simultaneously easy and dangerous to get addicted to it. This is why that I am reading some of the threads but not sending a lot of posts. I will unfortunately never get the number 9999 on the counter like Michael . It's already a big task if someone wants to read every single message. It needs a lot of time in a day to read all this nice stuff and to reply to all those interesting threads and funny jokes . It takes more time and it's more complicated when english is not you're mother language (It's my case and the case of many contributors on this forum I think). I was starting to get addicted to Maestronet I think and I've decided to concentrate myself a little more on my personal life and on my work (I am still making exceptions...). I can understand that someone wants to cut the link with this forum for different reasons. I see more and more Maestronet has a reference guide like a good old dictionary or encyclopedia. I don't know why Michael's gone away but I don't think that it's a great loss for the forum if he's not there anymore because he already shared a lot with us and that this huge amount of information is still here for everyone to consult. He let a lot to all of us on this forum like many other contributors (I am thinking of Craig Tucker and of many other contributors that are still active on this forum). We just have to use intelligently, with respect and with conscience this great gift that everybody created together for the violin making community and that this monster of information is expanding every day.... Richard
  11. Here's another tip. Make a electric violin instead of trying to amplify a normal one.
  12. Here's a important tip for beginners. Find information about the measurements of a violin before making one.
  13. Don't you think that it might be possible for a future restoration to only polish this varnish with alcohol because of the propolis content on the surface ? Please wear protection while making this ! It might be dangerous ! I am really impress by your work Matthew !
  14. Hi Michael, Thanks for the link. Might try to read the articles that he wrote in the future when I find the time for that. I don't have enough time to make everything that I would make.... How is your Nitric acid varnish ? Are you able to send pictures of your tests ? Are you satisfied with the results or would you use other varnishes on your next instruments? Just curious about your thoughts! Hi NewNewbie, Thanks for the comments and I really think that the nitric acid varnish is a good start, but surely not the only solution for varnishing. It's surely possible to mix this type of varnish with other things like pigments or lake dye. I really don't know if there is a residue of nitric acid in the varnish after cooking it, but we might get strange reactions in the future between the varnish and the different additives added to it. This is why I am still carefully testing this varnish. A friend of mine made Nitro-varnish mixed with pigments to get the color that he wanted (The varnish was not red enough). The results are OK and the color seems to be the same since the last 5 years. Bye, Richard
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