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    Shawnee, KS
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    Making music, Chinese internal martial arts, Taoism, cooking, my dog Clyde, learning stuff.

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About Me

Owner, K C Fiddles, Merriam, KS (Kansas City metro)

I serve the fiddle market - all non-classical style players from old time through jazz. Biggest interest is being able to tailor instruments to provide customers the sound they are looking for, whether it be like Tommy Jarrel, Kenny Baker, Joe Venuti or just about anything else with an "other than classical" sound. Fiddlers from all over the country send me instruments to set up, mostly because I can and will give them the sound and playability they want.

I work with the makers at Krutz Strings to develop new lines of instruments that better serve the fiddle market, and continue to develop several lines of five-string instruments that are being well received. We're also developing lines of 4-string instruments that better serve the fiddle market. Have sold my instruments into several countries in the last few years.

I was originally mentored by maker Earsel Atchley in Kansas City, but the bulk of my training has been several years OJT with the luthiers at Krutz Strings, and a lot of experimentation on my own.

I really enjoy what I do, as well as the people I work with -- especially the customers. Not many jobs let you work with the kind of people who become first-rate musicians. No matter what the style, it's a privilege to work with them.

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