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  1. No doubt I present many challenges to my teacher - over the past six years he has remediated many many things with me. I have physical challenges as well as mental ones. (I have no clue what sort of musician I am, but I fancy myself as a hard working student) I think that one of the hallmarks of an excellent music teacher is that ability to patiently cover ground with the slower student - it seems that the biggest task with a prodigy would be keeping the mind challenged... As I reflect upon the contribution that my teacher has made to my life, I encourage you to continue with the slower ones... continue to strive for new skills and techniques to teach. I doubt you will ever have regrets about that approach. 34
  2. wash the dishes..... it helps...
  3. It will not help. You have to learn to listen - in a totally diffenent way - tapes and frets actually deter the process of learning to listen. I am >still< learning to listen. You cannot play better than you can listen. Fiddle - Violin it is the same thing. Pearlman calls it a fiddle - Issac Stern had "Fiddler" written on his gravemarker. http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?p...mp;GRid=6621240 Study with a classical teacher and you will be able to play whatever music pleases you.
  4. It's worth 10X the price. If you can sing the note, you can play the note - for me it really is that simple
  5. Solfege training..... Ever look at this? It helps me a lot. comments?? http://www.giamusic.com/products/P-audiationassistant.cfm
  6. Uhhh... h2o = water (a liquid, not a gas; therefore not air) correct? I cannot seem to get my mind wrapped around this theory. guess I shoulda paid more attention in chemistry. I do agree that a dried out fiddle is a bad thing tho... pegs turn completely loose
  7. For what its worth, (pun intended) it is the sound - and only the sound I can produce with it that causes me to pull the cash out of my pocket.
  8. What would be a good $$ number for a bench made violin ?? Asia? Europe?
  9. mabye he wants to see if you guys will kick him out??
  10. I've never wrote a check; but my guy has a Broadcast Engineer with a Cisco certification on 24 hour call for computer, studio, and home entertainment system issues. Would that count at your place?
  11. I am an older student, knew absolutely nothing about music, never a lesson of any kind. At age 44, went to my teacher and at the first lesson, he indicated his payment would be me to practice; he has never taken a dime in 5 years... I practice an >honest< 30 mins a day, every day. I have no clue if I am mediocre, poor, or great. Here's the thing - music has become one of the most impportant things in my life. It is not about being highly skilled, I am having fun! And I fancy myself as getting a little better each year.
  12. I guess I have defined sucess a little diffferently. All I want to do is improve a little each week. I enjoy practice, but six hours a week is about my max (life gets in the way). That small improvment is success for me/
  13. Ship the violin and $200 to Steve Perry. You won't be sorry you did.
  14. As a 27 year veteran of Public Radio Engineering I can tell you now that we have never made anyone 100% happy about anything. We have $200K invested in recordings and someone is always unhappy! My best advise is to go down there and volunteer to produce a show... Tell them you are willing to do six weeks worth in advance, demonstrate that you can properly pronounce the names and they will consider you....
  15. Knilling perfection pegs on all 4... nothing else.... works perfect 34
  16. I second krugwaffles response.... drive down there dude... you will not regret it 34
  17. no needle..... it is easy to use..... and the instructions indicate you can tune "Bowed" instruments... so is it the correct intonation or what?
  18. what about this thing? http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00061P85A/102-1448042-4363337?v=glance quote: "CenterPitch is uniquely designed to measure continuous vibrations from brass, woodwind and bowed stringed instruments in order to provide immediate intonation feedback to the player." this is >>not<< a chromatic tuner?? or am I fooling myself?
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