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  1. I’ve got Johnson’s book that I’ll sell for $75, with free media mail shipping.
  2. Tad Spurgeon's salt refined oil method is what I used for making artist's oil. Here are two versions I made in early 2015. They've been in a sunny window for the last 2 1/2 years.
  3. Beautiful! Don, do you know which maker's bow she played on Sunday?
  4. Conflicting report of a museum fire and the loss of violins: http://www.romaniajournal.ro/4000-violins-burn-in-fire-at-instrument-museum-branch-in-toplita/
  5. Clive Morris in Wales has made 5 string Amati copies.
  6. Thanks, David. We have a LaCrosse Technologies "humidistat" that tracks pretty closely with the humidifier. I suppose they could both be screwy! Yes, the problem is that the frames are wood and the ice eventually melts onto the frames. Last week it was below zero with nasty wind chills here - on the west side of Lake Michigan.
  7. We've got brand new Pella windows, in a circa 1970 house. At night, we turn the temp down to 61 degrees. During the recent cold snap, even with the humidifier set lower, e.g., at 30%, we still had ice inside. How low do we have to go? 55 degrees? Brr! But so far, my instruments are okay.
  8. David, At 30 degrees colder, and shop humidity still at 40%, how do you avoid condensation and/or ice buildup on your window sills? Thanks~
  9. Two books for sale: 1. The Art of Violin Making, by Chris Johnson and Roy Courtnall, 1999; 2007 reprint. With dust jacket. Pristine interior. Two small tears to top of dust jacket. I can send photos if you wish. $75.00 or best offer, plus shipping. 2. Known Violin Makers, by John H. Fairfield, Sixth Ed., 1999. Hardcover. Interior and exterior pristine. $10.00 plus shipping. Ship to US States only; no foreign shipments.
  10. The Krentz that Roger Hargrave mentioned above has worked like a charm on a friend's cello - took a "machine-gun" wolf and made it vanish.
  11. It seems that knowing the balance point of a bow you're thinking of purchasing can be helpful in one regard. I had a cello teacher who developed significant shoulder problems while using a bow which had a balance point much closer to the tip than "normal." (Well beyond 9 1/2" inches.) Once the bow was traded in, the shoulder problems subsided. The tip-heavy bow, even though it was not heavy by weight, seems to have been the culprit in this particular case.
  12. Thank you. I wasn't sure if the later (?) stamp of R&M meant perhaps a different supplier of bows for the shop.
  13. A related question: What about the stamp "R. & M. MILLANT A PARIS" - again, potentially a Mirecourt bow?
  14. I have a 1928 book by Friedrich Niederheitmann and Prof. Dr. Wilh. Altmann, "CREMONA, Eine Charakteristik der italienischen Geigenbauer und ihrer Instrumente." Is this a credible source book? TIA
  15. Ernie - Sorry, I just have the 3 posters listed in post #13 above.
  16. What's not clear to me is why TSA would be inspecting the cello on arrival in the US. Wouldn't it have been US Customs? The concert, on a borrowed bow, was great, BTW.
  17. For sale are the following grab bags. Make me an offer by Wednesday, December 5! Shipping is extra and is the actual cost to your United States location. Grab Bag #1 Tools: Buck Bros. 3/4” beveled edge chisel made in USA; small wood-handled chisel; Groz Steel Square; Soundpost Setter. Not shown in photo, but also included is one BAHCO Swedish scraper, 5 X .60mm 474-125K. Grab Bag #2 Violin Parts plus Cello Bridges: Numerous new and old violin parts: New pegs (5); new nut; new fingerboard; old 4/4 pegs and bridges; three old 4/4 ebony tailpieces; new 1/8 size Prelude strings set; one plastic 1/8 size tailpiece and bridge; old frogs (one is faux tortise-shell) and screws; one used ball-end Gold E string; one used Dominant D; pitch pipe; rosin; one like-new chinrest and one vintage chinrest. Plus, three old cello bridges. Also have a vintage Stanley Bailey 5 1/4 plane, made in USA, in very good condition.
  18. What's available is whatever is not listed as "sold" in post #1 above. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I stashed the remaining posters during this remodeling project. We are just getting things put back together; the posters should surface soon. I hope. Edit on 11/25/12 Found! What's available: MONTAGNANA violin; DEL GESU Cessole; STRAD Viotti.
  19. Hello Bob, Yes, both are available. At the moment, however, I can't find them - we are remodeling and I can't remember where I put them! Will let you know when they turn up. Could be after Thanksgiving.
  20. Tim, I tried messaging you but it didn't work.
  21. I have the following Strad posters available: 1) Jacob Stainer tenor viola c. 1650--sold 2) Antonio Stradivari 'Viotti' violin 1709 3) Domenico Montagnana violin 1717 4) Antonio Stradivari 'Kruse' violin 172--sold 5) Carlo Bergonzi violiin 1736--sold 6) Guarneri 'del Gesù' 'Cessole', 'Teja-Ferni' violin 1736 7) Domenico Montagnana cello 1740--sold I may have more, but we are remodeling right now, and the house is in disarray! Edit: Just found this one: Pietro Giacomo Rogeri Cello 1717--sold
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