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  1. Thank goodness I asked; so it means exactly opposite what I thought. Thank you!
  2. Sometimes I see a chord (and sometimes a double stop) with [ written to the left side of it. Does this require I play the chord in a special way? Does it imply divisi? (I'm not referring to the appeggio squiggle. ) Thanks!
  3. To be honest, I've been going nuts finding fingerings. There're so many jumps up and down. My real problem is the bowings though. I don't know if I should unslur everything or what. http://www.puorchestra.org/files/auditions08/violin.pdf This is the audition exerpt. Can someone give me advice on how the bowings should be at the beginning? Thanks!
  4. Second violin, mvt 4, the second bar of rehearsal 106 (the measure after the 5/4). It looks like Eb, D, C, Bb, C, Bb, C, D, Eb, D, C, D, C, Bb, C, D but I'm not sure. The Bbs are written like Ds and vice versa. Can anyone consult a score for me? I tried a recording but the notes were too fast to catch. Thanks so much!
  5. I glanced into my violin yesterday and saw that there was a small hole-- not perfectly round and not going through the width of the sound post-- in middle of the soundpost by the right f-hole. o_O My question: 1. Could this be the source of a new buzzing I've recently noticed while place on the A/E strings? If not, what could this buzzing be caused by besides cracks? I've already made sure the shinrest was not touching the tailpiece. 2. What the heck causes a hole in the instrument? 3. Should I get this fixed? Or is it nothing to worry about? Thanks!
  6. Thanks so much!!! You've been a huge help! One more issue about the gliss though. It is from the B on the a string to the high Ab on the e string.... How the heck do I gliss this??!
  7. Anyone have fingerings to section IX. the cabin of baba yaga? specifically M. 92-100 Another thing, in measure 100, is the glissando supposed to be fingered or just slided up the fingerboard on the A string? Thanks!
  8. I need the music for the Carmen Fantasy for tommorrow, but I seem to have misplaced it!!! I've ordered another copy, but it won't arrive until the end of the week. Can anyone help? My email is hilary@mail.org. Thanks
  9. Do you know where I can find her schedule?
  10. Her recordings are just great... I want to hear her live! Does she still perform in public? If so, where can I find a schedule.
  11. quote: Originally posted by: john j Hi Hilary, great question, here is a short opinion from an old violinist who has tried to perform the Beethoven. Even though it may be from a technical standpoint the easiest of the concertos,the Beethoven is without question the greatest violin concerto ever written in every other way! Most of todays Concert violinists will agree along with all of the older generation of Concert violinists! If anyone has the chance, read what Perlman has to say about this Concerto and performing it in public. john j Perlman answers, "Its simplicity. There is nothing in the piece that lets the performer hide." He explains that there is not a lot of bravura, a lot of bombast and excitement and fireworks behind which to hide. "It's a very exposed piece. You're just 'out there.'" Is that what you were referring to? So you would consider Beethoven technically easier than Mendelssohn? Both require this 'cleanness' and both are very, very open. I love GInetter neveu's Brahms and Sibelius! GORGEOUS! Did anyone ever hear them? Oistrakh for Tchaik, though Huberman is quite good... a bit unique. I like it thouhg. Anything Hahn records is generally awesome... Her Paganini sounds effortless!
  12. Between these five concerti, which do you consider the most difficult? technically? musically? Also, what order do you suggest they be learned? Why do you like them? Hardest to preform? Most stamina required? Longest? Most beautiful second movement? Share any info.
  13. Is Quarter note=126 too fast/slow for Mvt I? Her conductor likes it at the speed, but my daughter is skeptical. She doesn't mind it, but she wants to play it at a "normal" pace. She says her playing gets sloppy because she's rushing to keep up witht eh metronome in class. I'm not a fan of Vivaldi, and am not too familiar with the piece, so I don't know if 126 is normal. What's the normal speed range for this piece? Is 126 good?
  14. Why must the right thumb always be bent? DOes it affect the playing/sound? Your hands health? Just curious since everything says it's critical, but nothing gives a reason.
  15. Wow thanks guys! I was not expecting so many repsonses so fast. I thought this was just one of those yes-no questions. So basically an accidental only affects the note of that one octave and not the octave above or below? But not always? For example: In the Francesscati's edition of the Beethoven Violin Concerto, in the first movement Measure 319, there is a D(fourth finger, third postion on E string) then a B with a flat (on the e string) and then a G (fourth finger, 3rd postion, a string). Then it proceeds with the same notes except each is an octave lower. This time the B does not have a flat sign in front of it... can it be inferred that the B is to be played flat in this case?
  16. Hi all, Sorry if this is a really dumb question. When you have an accidental, it lasts for the whole measure. Ex. C Major- A Sharp on the F in first postion on the D string. If in the same measure you have another F without a sharp, flat, or natural sign in front of it, but the F is not the D string F but the first position F on the E string, would it still be sharp or would it be natural? Basically, does an accidental only apply to the single octave of the one note or all of the octaves? Thinking about it, I used to always believe it was only the note in the one octave that was affected. Looking back, I realize that if a publisher marked a A4 as flat in one measure and a A5 showed up later, they would also mark it as flat. So when I got this piece with the A4 marked as flat and the A3 in the smae measure without any mark, I do not know. It doesn't sound right if it is played natural, but I am not sure if this is right. Thanks.
  17. How should one begin to teach oneself basic sofege?
  18. Wow! Thank you so much for your infromation Bill. "The Muzyka archives hold over 500,000 titles and are regarded as one of the world's most outstanding collections of sheet music." I hadn't even heard of them until now. By the way, you wouldn't know if I can buy actual copies in the States would you? The site you gave lets you print out the pages, but gah, it's been ages since my printer worked. Also, where would I be able to find more information on Auer's students? Not the ones everyone know, ie Heifetz, Elman, Milstein.... but the lesser known ones.
  19. Thanks so much for your help! I wonder if the Soviet Union Publishing House still printing? A quick search on google yeilded no results. Hmm.... but anyhow, here's the first page: Just out of curiosity since the first page is now posted, what does the part right after the word leggiero say? I never paid much attention to it until now.
  20. I don't know Russian, (assuming it is russian), so I'm wondering if anyone would be able to translate the front cover for me. I'm hoping that it gives the editor of the music. Also, does anyone know if I can still buy this edition anywhere?
  21. I know that the figure in the first box is a trill, meaning you alternate with the note above it repeatively. The second figure is a turn, right? How do you play it? And the third figure... what's it called? And what is it supposed to sound like?
  22. Sorry.... I mean record.
  23. I would love to hear this CD you're talking about!
  24. Oh wow. I didn't realize the Caprices were that difficult! Thanks to all of you for your great responses. Now I realize that unless I work myself to death for the next few years, I won't be of Caprice skill anytime soon. This doesn't bother me though. Like many of you said, there are a lot of fantastic pieces. I really wish I had started earlier. What is an early age to start at? 6 or 7? I love the way the violin sounds and I know thta someday I might have my dream come true. But that day (10,000 hours, years) is most likely years and years away, so I will content myself to learning what I can. =P Besides, even if I can't play the hard concertos, I can still enjoy them listening equally as much. I bought myself a ticket to Carnegie Hall where the NY string orchestra are playing with Hilary hahn.I have heard many good things about her and want to meat her in person, to get an autograph or something. Is it possible? How would I meat her? hang out afterwards? During intermission?
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