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  1. The 2nd one looks hand-made, I think. Which is no guarantee you'd like it, but at least it would be unique.
  2. For a student instrument, what is a good way to determine how much money to spend repairing damage? For example say it's a student violin running $2500 new, it's a few years old and was purchased for $1200, damage was not apparent to the buyer. To get it properly repaired and able to play the estimate is $1000, so nearly as much as new violin with no damage at all. And is there some kind percentage where if it exceeds a certain amount of replacement value it's financially unwise to repair? Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have on this! -Kathy
  3. Well that was interesting. What was that scrubsy thing they ran the bow over at the end? Some kind of rosinator?
  4. Just out of curiousity I looked for this violin at our (big ol') Wal-mart last night, but I didn't see any. There were some guitars and drum sticks up at the front of the store, is that the general area where you found the violin at your WalMart?
  5. Hopefully it will not get too hungry while you are sleeping.. muhahahaha. But seriously, it's a cool looking instrument! If it's playable and sounds good that's a plus.
  6. Maybe one of the "Master" series? I know the celli are easily in that range. I found this table from a google search, it looks like the list price might be around $5K for one of the master series viola, but not everyone sells for full list price.
  7. Beautiful instruments, both sites Here's a violin that is also quite artistic you might like looking at. http://www.alangoldblatt.com/g.../ArtNouveauViolin.html
  8. "The url contained a malformed video id."
  9. Nothing jumps out at me, uses 'private' auctions often, but I suppose with the more expensive instruments that is somehwhat common. Good but still not a lot of feedback.
  10. kathyk


    quote: If you are in the States, JOHN PEARSE "Artiste" are very nice strings for the price. Yes, I agree. Not the easiest string to find though, I think juststrings was the only online store I found.
  11. The BAM HighTech viola is about $500 (slightly over I think) and is a very light and strong case. I have the cello version.
  12. http://members.aol.com/bowedst...iolin-bow-review.html I've found this a helpful review of various CF bows.
  13. OK I see the trick for seeing the .jpgs, don't worry if you can't see them by default just click on the little "attachment" links and they will come up. Thanks for posting!
  14. I don't see the photos either, but the video came through sucessfully of Manfio playing that beautiful cello! Oh I mean viola, but it's a *big* viola!
  15. Well I would think it would be safe enough to move your bridge just a little bit to see if that improves the A, but for the soundpost I wouldn't try it.
  16. quote: Originally posted by: alittlebettereveryday The thread "kathyk" referenced if anyone's interested: http://www.maestronet.com/foru...ey=y&keyword1=muncher Yes, that's the one. Now with the old auction links expired though I'm not sure how it was I'd thought malibu fit into the puzzle? Or maybe they didn't at all and my memory is faulty.
  17. I think it just looks like it's from ebay UK, because SR probably plugged the item number into the UK version. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISA...Item&item=280010351998 BTW there was a thread on here, I think several months ago, that outlined a series of sales from ebay that went something like: "A" sold a 'genuine' XXXXXX violin (label included no extra charge) to "B" "B" listed same violin, but with no pedigree since it had been appriased/evaluated and the claim to be a genuine XXXXXX could no longer be maintained. It was sold to buyer "C". It went for substantially less than "B" had paid for it, of course. "C" then peddled it on ebay, disregarding any insinuation that it was not a genuine XXXXXX and just honed in on the label, claiming they had no other information to make them think it was not genuine. Of course the price took off again without any hint of false label mentioned. As I recall, the person who started that thead was buyer/seller "B", and Malibu-musical was also part of the alphabet story. I'd love to find that thread but I can't seem to get search to work for me.
  18. Well just for grins forward the email to spoof@ebay.com and see if they confirm it was from them. Did they use your real name in the email, or just your ebay user name?
  19. Varnish isn't so bad compared to the 'professionally repaired' cracks. I assume it's a profession other than luthier who did the repairs.
  20. The styling is so different and rounded, also the f-holes are distinctive. Good find, why aren't there flea markets/yard sales like that here?
  21. I haven't cleaned the inside of my violins yet, though I did snag a couple of big puffy dust balls once with a damp q-tip, but I wonder if instead of food products it might work out to use little plastic pellets? They are usually in the sewing/craft section, they are used to fill little stuffed animals (like Beanie Babies) or pillows.
  22. The white + black string sounds like it might be Kaplan Solutions non-whistling E string from D'Addario.
  23. Good suggestions. If you have enough time, it's not a bad idea to do both, browse through various heading and also do a search, because you never know when a real gem of a fiddle will be tucked away under mandolin or antique shavers.
  24. It is a biscuit all right, but I kind of like the look of the violin.
  25. As far as the potential shill bidder, you can do a search on their bidding history and see if they are only bidding on the one seller's auctions or not. Some people do like to 'sport bid', not caring if they win or maybe even preferring not to, they just like to run the bidding up. Of course if you are noticing they run the bids up but are also withdrawing their bid at the last moment that would certainly be a strong indication it is shilling. If you are fairly certain it is a shill then I'd recommend reporting it to ebay, they can and do give warnings as well as eventually remove the seller, if they persist in the practice.
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