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  1. Looks like wood for violas...... I have some similar from Elston sawmill, in England, bought green 12 years ago. Cheers.
  2. How old is not that old ? How do you make varnish that has a patina like a 200 year old violin, cracks in the belly that have been repaired, and other signs. Better still, got any photos of the work of John Dilworth ?
  3. Look back to yesterday's threads and Oded gives methods for testing organic pigments.
  4. Chris, Yes that's very similar the one that Bob sold me, it works quite well although the base could be wider for less wobble. Also, the one I have has a narrower point to get right into the centre bouts. That one by StewMac has a rather blunt looking guide, by comparison. The main probelm with the design, is trying to get the tool in and out of the wood exactly vercially, otherwise you end up with problems. The tool adapter by Darnton is used with a Foredom router. The Foredom router is a great tool, but the adapter looks to be freehand, without any vertical / horizontal stabilizer. So, not my cup of T. Cheers.
  5. Kremmer Pigmente give details and sell products of interest to makers and painters.
  6. Oil is three times as expensive in Ireland as in America.
  7. Thanks for your reply Magnus. I didn't make it, & if I did it would be sold. The varnish and the violin are old, but not Gabrielli. Label is a good fake but the Gabrielli bit is spelled wrong ! So, it's a good fake and it sounds good too. Any idea of the value ?
  8. Hi John, Never used big leaf maple, but if it's dry and strong without many defects, then I'd say go for it. Perhaps it would make a good dark viola sound too. Cheers.
  9. Dear Magnus, Omo, and others. A violin belonging to a friend came in for repair, I took some photos. The owner would like to know how much it's worth, and who made it. Any ideas ? See photos for details : http://www.flickr.com/photos/60307911@N00/...247998523/show/ Many thanks indeed, Ben.
  10. I have used the dremel router and the aluminium attatchment as made by Sir Bob of Newark. It works very well IF you are CAREFUL, it's easy to make slips. For better work I prefer to use a knife and purfling pick.
  11. Excellent photo of Jimmy Hill, John.
  12. Scratch moulding devices are good for rough work on cabinets. I made a scratch moulding blade for a maple corner cupboard I made, 12 years ago. For finishing violins, use proper scrapers.
  13. Great to read and see the photos, I'm amazed at how you all identify the work so quickly.
  14. Ok, thanks Manfio. I thought you were using plastic bags to keep them dry when outside sun tanning, in the rain. How did it go with the Amonia ? On topic, the old time maker Wilfred Saunders used to swear by linseed oil. He used it straight onto the raw wood, he said it made the wood stronger. I liked seeing his instruments although they were not classic designs, they were well made. Cheers.
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