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  1. on the picture of the back...is it the camera angle, or my screen, or my eyes that the left/right side is grossly asymmetrical?
  2. i did not stay in holiday express last night, but here is my opinion: i would not think about an operation to fix your problem. not worth it considering risk and benefit. once they open it up and decides that there is not much they can do, they cannot simply zip it up and return your finger in its current state. just learn to play violin with the impairment. improvise. it may comes in handy when excuses are needed on intonation.
  3. agree with the above posts. some classical pieces are so bad that they should be used by the CIA for torture. (okok, i will tell you, but stop that music first) there is a whole big world outside classical music. there are some greatl pops out there, simple but fun and elegant. there are also pieces written by thugs for thugs. if you do not have bullet holes on you, you simply don't get it. if i were a businessman and profit is the bottom line, i need to consider playing music or its distant equivalent with my target population in mind. Yes Madam, or Yo MAMA! it is not about music appreciation when music is exploited to get people emotional to open their wallets.
  4. using classical music to drive away the youth, so true so sad.
  5. imperfect practice accomplishes a little.... actually, imo, that is the misconception. the damage done with imperfect practice, teaching or learning parts, is huge.
  6. excellent post. perlman has very rich vibratos and with his violin and the overtunes, one hears many things and some hear what some want to or are capable of hearing. this intonation program is a gadget. it has some value. of course it is not a cure-all. as i said before, it can be particularly helpful if the whole household is cluelessly tonally challenged. dad is a computer geek, mom is loving, but neither knows anything about music, just like the kid who is being sucked into playing violin because all the other kids are either learning violin or piano. each week, for 6 days and half the violin is out of tune. IN THE BEGINNING, they may have to tune the open strings ONE BY ONE to something. may be they don't have 4 tuning forks. this program can come in handy. now, if you have played violin for years and now find a need to double check your intonation with this program, of all things out there, eh, you have a problem. you may need to quit violin and pick up piano.
  7. finally got to listening it...always a treat. as i said, i think your c2 will always have this beautiful melancholic flavor to it. not just the way you play or the pieces you chose, but there is that intrinsic quality to it. if you are looking for that high energy, bright, brilliant tone, you have other violins for that, lol. whatever you did in terms of another top, maybe you opened up more space, still to me not great ringing resonance, but very penetrating to the core. it has its own style and merit. i do not think it is fair to think less of it. agree with m that your choice of 2nd and 3rd pieces are really well suited for this instrument. your playing is so very original, sounds better than many pros to me. at times, you made it sound like a group play or another instrument. wild. i also like the antique look. on another computer screen, l liked the bottom more than the top because the top looked so dramatic that it looked a little blunt in contrast. but, this screen i am using, it is easier on my eyes and i see the transition zones better. how do you or do you try to make the varnish look less shiny with this antique look? regards
  8. george, since you are still young, i would think you should take it easy for a while until you sort things out...BUT, if things do not quiet down with rest, you owe yourself an Xray at least, just to check it is what you think it is. often, there is a phenom called impingement syndrome where a rotator cuff tendon gets pinched under a bony spur (acromian) of your shoulder blade. or, depending on the mechanism of injury, could also be the tendon of the biceps got inflammed,( less likely from your story). in any case, both are very common. i am curious on your bowing style... G vs D, and A vs E. often, you may need a qualified third party to take a look and give you some feedback. sounds like you are aware of "raising" the shoulder but end up doing it anyway. that raises the question whether there are other neighboring issues, such as the neck region, that lead you to raise the shoulder as a compensation. it is really tough to sort it out clearly on this board. you are taking a chance. regards
  9. p, my bad. you caught me. tobasco sauce with popcorn...now that will set up for some fiery violin playing!
  10. sweet. j, you will make an excellent facial plastic surgeon. even the purfling looks never interrupted. the violin looks quite new. is it?
  11. thanks again. the video playing is intermittent as usual. i wonder if anyone here guessed the strad correctly before the answer was given. actually i have not seen that part yet myself.
  12. my violin playing can be described as reckless. vengerov, unconscious awareness. big difference.
  13. on unconsciousness awareness... may be others can testify with other examples, but it is scary how i manage to drive to work for close to an hour, thinking about everything, cases to deal with, cases of yesterday, weekend, the piece on the CD, a sip of tea of coffee here and there.... and i manage to get my car from point A to point B like a pro, without even trying or any awareness. and the entire highway is full of nuts like me, some busy putting on make-up, eating breakfast with 2 hands, reading newspaper, and of course, gabbing away on the phone.
  14. there you go, now we are talking, the evolution of a pencil. how about putting a bowl of jello (sugar free) or popcorn (light butter of course) and tell the kid to use the bowspoon for some indulgence while watching TV? what is any meaningful event without food!
  15. yes, it is one of those freak things that happens out of anyone's control. i knew of a patient who finished the cardiac stress test with flying color and then died in the parking lot with a massive heart attack.
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