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  1. I have an ongoing issue. When I play on the C string of my viola with my 4th finger (G) in first position, I always hit the open D string with my pinky. I also do this slightly but not as much when I use my third finder (F). No amount of supination or raising of the fingers will help, they are just too short to hit the C string without also touching the D. It's because my pinky is too short! Is there some kind of bridge or other adjustment that will help this. These two notes always sound muffled or dead because of the D string being touched at the same time. It's pretty darn frustrating. Until now I have always just lived with this problem... Any ideas? Thanks, Lark
  2. Hi, Thank you for the John Greenwood recommendation, I've never heard of him. Do you have any contact info for him? I looked on the web, but couldn't find anything. Thanks Again, Lark
  3. Hi, I must be crazy, ignorant, or both - I hope someone can help! I have tried to search through the listings for various items - violas, bows, etc. but I always get the same response "No Listing Found." I have included broad search terms but have been unable to view one listing. Are there REALLY no listings??? Or, what am I missing something here? Thanks, Cindi
  4. Hi, I have a fairly nice german viola bow - (worth about $1,000 or so) and recently I noticed that the head has a fine hairline crack in it. I was planning on trading in this bow in the future, and was wondering if the price to fix it would be worthwhile. Once it's fixed, will it's value be the same or less, generally? Thank, Lark
  5. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! My top price is actually $4K if I find the bow of my dreams! I am lucky enough to live near some world class violin shops which include Roland Feller, and Ifshin Violins. I was hoping you all would give me the names of some contemporary bow makers which you did thanks. Oh, and I am not opposed to the dead german dudes. ♥ Best, Lark
  6. Hi, I would like to upgrade to a better quality viola bow, and would appreciate any suggestions on recommended makers. My price range is $2-3K. Any suggestions from players in love with their bows or from any of you bow makers out there would be greatly appreciated. I play primarily orchestral music, and am not interested in a carbon fiber bow as I already own one. Thanks! - Lark
  7. Hi, I currently use an Evah Pirazzi set with a Larsen A. I love them on my Geoffrey Ovington viola. They are brighter than Obligatos, but much warmer than Dominants. A good word to describe them is brilliant. However, they sound different on different instruments - but I would definitely recommend them for a trial! Best, Cindi
  8. Are your strings old? Sometimes old strings will give false or less vibrant harmonics.
  9. Hmm, come to think of it, I tried out an instrument form the maker before, and noticed the same thing. Just some teeny imprints - nothing major, but noticeable to the trained eye. This was a newer instrument but wasn't brand new like the one I have now. Can this occur from using a certain kind of varnish or polish? If it's softer than others will it more likely occur? Thanks, Lark
  10. Dear Oded, Thanks - unfortunately he lives on the east coast, and I am in SF, but I have a fantastic luthier here ( Roland Feller) who can help me with it. Thanks for responding. lark
  11. Hello, I just received a viola today which I had commissioned by a very well known American maker. It is exquisite. However, the varnish is a bit smudged on the upper and lower back as a result of being in it's case. I guess it was put in the case before fully dry. (?) It isn't really "smudged" so much as - well, under certain lights there is a slight imprint from the cloth of the case. Should I be worried, or do anything about it? Thank in advance for your esteemed advice!!
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