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  1. Davidenko

    Do modern makes/restorers have "secrets"?

    Of course we do. For example there is only one place to put the bridge . But where is it? Similarly for the sound post. Similarly for the F holes. Who will tell us?
  2. Davidenko

    Strad violins and wolf tones

    Thankyou for the information. If an instrument of mine tends to "wolf" it is generally at B.
  3. Davidenko

    Strad violins and wolf tones

    For those of us who have not had the chance to get close enough to a Strad violin to play one... Do they posess wolf tones?
  4. Davidenko

    British luthiers

    Contact Jan Shelley in Liverpool. He has a website where you can get his phone number etc.You will be hard pressed to find new instruments as good as his!!
  5. Davidenko

    Bridge quality

    Chuck your bridges into Borax solution and leave them there for about 3 months. Dry naturally and then carve. Sharp tools needed but superb results Cheers
  6. Davidenko

    I have a weak G string

    try moving the tailpiece slightly to the G side. Sometimes they are not central to the instrument
  7. Davidenko

    Filler for repairs ?

    Use Brummers stopper mixed with pva glue.
  8. Davidenko

    G string bad sound in the upper positions.

    I had the same problem. The neck angle was too low, so check this first
  9. Davidenko

    Jacob Otto, 1929

    I have seen a pristine example of his work about 4 years ago. Pristine because it did not sound too good. He is a real person
  10. Davidenko

    Slicing rib wood...how?

    Thanks for the tips. Nobody has mentioned using a table circular saw. You can get blades with a 1.5mm kerf, so i wondered if this was OK , or is the use of a circular saw for experts and fools only? Dave
  11. Davidenko

    Slicing rib wood...how?

    When making a violin, I have previously bought rib wood ready sliced. I now have bought some maple and it came as a set....back, neck block and rib wood. The rib wood is 45cm. long 5cm. wide and 2 cm. thick. What would you do to slice this material into the usual rib thickmess pieces?
  12. Davidenko

    Failure to read an uploaded fle

    I cannot dowload it and read it. Help please!! Dave
  13. I tried to upload an article I wrote to the Pegbox and it is there in 2 sections but they can not be seen for some reason . So I am trying to upload one here to see if it workscello_spost_part1.doc Dave
  14. Davidenko

    Patch repair of sound post crack

    And here is part 2. Got there in the end. Apologies for the mess up Davecello_spost_part2.doc
  15. Davidenko

    Patch repair of sound post crack

    cello_spost_part1.doc Here ??? is part 1. If this fails please e mail me for the full article Dave