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  1. Thanks everyone! My friend cancelled the transaction. The ebay seller was very nice and refunded asap, uneducated buyers mistake but good thing they have a return policy. My friend is also local and seems like she got all wound up in the bidding and did it last minute without asking around first and did not consider the repair costs. Costs of services here are indeed steeper than most states. My last violin repair years ago I actually sent it to another forum member out of state because it would be 3x if I had it done here. She's very thankful for all your insights.
  2. Thanks Martin, just spoke with my friend. Looks like she paid for the instrument already but it hasnt shipped. So the question is, is it at least something that can be justified after the repairs? Unless other experts would agree with Martin to just return it?
  3. Would the repair cost be justifiable? Also is that $$$ figure standard these days?
  4. Hello everyone! A friend of mine just got this violin and looks like it may need some work. I am bombarded with questions but have not much much knowledge on this one since I have been out of the loop, I am hoping somebody here would have more info on this one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/110892270456 Also if anybody can suggest somebody in Los Angeles that could check it out without breaking the bank, let me know. Thanks!
  5. All the humor aside, would anybody have time work on my violin? Willing to ship the violin out of state. Thanks!
  6. Wait wait. No there isnt any opn gap. What you see is filled by a transparent bond. It looks like a gap but it isnt.
  7. Wonder what kind of transparent bond that is? I hope its not contact cement. Yes the back is prefectly bonded, it just annoys me that i see that gap.
  8. It is mighty similiar because it is my violin.
  9. Always been curious about this, was wondering if anybody knows about this violin and the manufacturer? Strad Label but has a logo that says Bruno NY.
  10. Dont really know its stransparent. Theres a tiny gap between the back and the saddle(button) thats why i know its a glue of some sort.
  11. How are 50s juzeks compared to the 1920s ones?
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT Is this is legitimate John Juzek?
  13. I live in Los Angeles, CA. It can be quite pricey here. I am willing to ship out of state.
  14. UPDATE: Looking to get repaired, willing to ship out of state. I am located in Los Angeles, CA. Hello there. I was wondering how much it would usually cost to reglue a seam on the back and the top which was temporarily sealed with superglue or something, put new sound post and bridge on a vintage violin? I had a german mass produced instrument but the back looks like it was glued poorly and the bridge and posts are not very good. Just want to get it at a very good playing condition.
  15. I honestly would'nt touch it hehehe. Never was good with woodwork and 0 knowledge with repairs. I dont really have any insurance. I never intend to sell it so the resale value I don't really care about. It was the best I could afford at that time and being an amateur, all I care about is to have a good working bow with peace of mind that it won't mysteriously break again. So am I looking at an average of $300 to have it fixed? Ouch almost half! Or would that money be better spent say on a decent bow? Carbon fiber? and sell the frog on ebay for parts? Aghh I dunno... Appreciate all the comments and Advice I could get here...
  16. I paid about $700 4 years ago. How much does this usually cost? Finances are really tight so a new bow is kinda hard and painful...
  17. I opened my case and the hair is all over. I have no idea what would have caused this. As I looked, the Head split. I called the luthier in my area and heard it's going to cost a lot. Dunno what to do... Any suggestions? Recommendations? Kindly Pm me. I will post photos later, but here's an idea of what happened.
  18. Took me a while to post images. Here you go: http://www.ten2ten.com/biwa_img/
  19. Oops Sorry my bad. It actually is a BIWA. I was searching online, and I realized it's not a Pipa. Ill post photos later. Basically missing 1 peg. No strings and the ivory designs are unglued.
  20. Hello Everyone. Don't know where to ask but i just received a Chinese PIPA that i believe needs some repair done. Anybody know somebody? Thanks a lot!
  21. Yeah! You were right. I guess i got too stuck on the "instrument" and didnt realize that a good player can produce a wide range of tone color on any decent instrument. Let me know if you can get a hold of the back sonatas, i would love to know about them...
  22. I just switched from EVAHS to Dominant again. Been playing EPs for 2 years before i switched. I noticed i was playing too rough on it to bring out more power like my violin used to when i was using EPs... and realized i have to step back and re-condition my bow arm and my playing. Did'nt like it as much as the EP but it feels the violin sings more freely... Evahs sound really powerful but i switched because i feel it's choking the fiddle.
  23. I checked online. The recording seems to be a rare out of print now... If anybody wants to participate i am posting a very short clip of some tracks... Check out this MySpace MP3 Player!
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