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  1. UPDATE: After so much needless drama, police involvement, and a discovery that there was no invoice or sales agreement between the fraudster and shop, and the consignment contract before the supposed sale was violated: “consignor has title free and clear of all liens, claims, and encumbrances”, the violin shop’s lawyer contacted me and said the shop would allow me to compensate the shop the money they were out to get it back. I since then compensated the shop and the violin was shipped hastily back to me without its Bois d’Harmonie tailpiece and the fine case it was in…. They included some cheap boxwood fittings and an old used case… Thankfully the violin was not damaged and looks very good. Thanks for all the advice and feedback from before. It helped a lot!
  2. Bogaro & Clemente makes very beautiful pernambuco chin rests!
  3. An attorney is already looking into this for me. I appreciate all the insight and thoughts. I have been a private dealer for 15 years and never had such a situation before. I did not receive a fair auction level price. Unfortunately I sold the instrument at a loss actually. Im out a lot of money. I bought from a shop in Germany years ago. The violin is by rare maker and special, that’s all I can say. I am now dealing with a fraud situation on the payment I did receive. I have handled credit card payments before and am fine with them and can be accommodating, but this is the first time I have had to deal with this and will never allow for it again. I hope can be made right in the end.
  4. I spoke for hours with the sales manager who was handling the situation. He informed me they did not want the violin given the circumstances and just wanted to be compensated the money they were out. That they are a professional shop who have been around many years. They said they would even be open to receiving other instruments towards compensation and could be flexible with me to compensate them. They said they pulled the violin from sale and it would be safe. The guy who sold them the instrument who owed me money then claimed he had a buyer and wanted to compensate the shop, pay me for debt and damaged he caused, and resolve the situation. The owner of the shop claimed to have bought the old rare violin so cheap because he felt sorry for the guy. Apparently the shop owner was in communication with the guy who sold it to them, but would never call me and I always talked with the sales manager. i the. received an email from the shop owner who expressed remorse over the situation but was hoping I was willing to work with the guy who cheated me. I expressed I did not trust the guy I sued and wanted to compensate the shop instead to get the instrument back given the circumstances. After which I receive a cease & desist email letter from the lawyer asking me to never contact the shop and that the violin belongs to the shop. I have tried reaching out to the lawyer guy who doesnt seem to be aware of the entire scope of the situation, but they ignoring me. So that is where I am at now…
  5. Yes, the judgment was for the debt so that is why the shop probably think its within its right to keepmit all of a sudden. The violin was clearly mentioned in detail in the judgment. I probably should have gone to the police right away instead of listen the fraudster and all the excuses trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Now everything is much more clear what they did to me. I discovered they did the same thing to a watch shop out east involving a Rolex watch too.
  6. Half was paid, but its another issue as the payment was another person’s credit card.
  7. Wow, thanks! Can you be my attorney? Lol just kidding. I’ll look into all of this and Im talking to a attorney now about it. The violin is out West and Im in another State so it makes it a bit tricky. I am not out to badmouth or hurt anyone’s reputation or accuse anyone, its an unfortunate situation, but man I really got screwed in this situation now and I just hope this is made right in the end.
  8. The violin was purchased through fraudulent means. They used another person’s credit card to pay me. Later, one of the payments was frozen and I was out the money, but they had the violin at that point. I pursued a civil case to be recompensed the money and later found out it was credit card fraud.
  9. That’s a great story. It’s nice when people can work together and make it a win win situation for everyone, build relationships, and have good will.
  10. Violin has 20k market appraisal and 28k insurance appraisal. The shop only paid a few thousand for it. I can see it tempting for them to keep it. i am not wanting to point fingers, but Im just disappointed because the shop was really handling this so carefully, pulled it from sale, didnt want anything to do with it, told me that even in their contract it says they cant buy or sell instruments that were stolen or money was owed too, and then abruptly changing on me involving a lawyer saying it’s their instrument. As far as the original buyer, its a young adult who defrauded me and in reality has no money and I doubt that Ill ever see any money from it. Im not sure what to do at this point, but Im sure someone here has been through something similar and Im very confused about whats right, whats wrong, even if you have the right to do something, does that make it right?
  11. Im a private dealer in USA. A musician bought the violin from me, but after they received the violin, the payment was returned and turned out to be fraud. The violin was then only half paid. Violin cost more than 10k. I took person to court, won a judgment. In examination its uncovered they really have no money and so I just wanted the violin back. I then discover in court that they sold it to a shop for cheap. I contact shop and provide all information regarding situation. The shop is very understanding and feels bad and wants to work with me to make the situation right telling me they just want to be compensated the money they are out and get the instrument back to me and they didnt want anything to do with the violin in light of that knowledge. Then they change their mind and I hear from their lawyer who says they can keep it and bought it legally from guy who defrauded me and its not their problem. This is what Im dealing with unfortunately.
  12. I have a situation I cant go into detail about, but I am curious how you would the situation. If you sold a violin to someone where there was later found to be fraud regarding part of the payment for an instrument and you are out money on the instrument. The buyer disappears with the instrument and later you discover they sold the instrument to a shop and spent the money. The shop is now a victim in the matter, but are made aware that instrument was not fully paid for and should have never been sold to them. Do they have a right to keep the instrument sold to them and resell it or should the instrument be returned to you? You also offer to compensate for the money they are out as well as a solution. What would you do? What is the right thing for the shop to do?
  13. Hello, I have this nice old violin that I got restored. It has a gorgeous tone! Im hoping someone here can identify it! It’s labeled Tomaso Eberle, but it cant be that or Italian, but seems like it might be a fine old German instrument! A friend dealer told me he thinks its Glass or Hopf from around 1790. Thanks!
  14. Sorry about that. I’ll upload some much better pictures soon, Im out of town at the moment. The instrument belongs to me.
  15. This old violin needs some restoration work, but Im just wondering if anyone can identify who might have made it and how old it is. 18th century Markneukirchen? Thanks!
  16. i did find this with a mention of artist bows. I really appreciate your thoughts Blank Face. You are always so helpful
  17. That’s really nice! Thanks!
  18. That’s interesting! Are they any books where this is mentioned? I think this is what is throwing people off. Who would be considered the top expert nowadays on Nurnberger?
  19. Hello, I have this very nice bow branded “Nurnbergers Artist” and cant figure out if it comes from the Nurnberger family. Any ideas? I saw one that sold on Bromptons as a August Nurnberger-Suess, but that’s about it.
  20. It’s been a long process but it’s finally restored! Hope you enjoy seeing the results. We were thinking Meisel family from around 1800. It’s a very beautiful and charming violin! The tone is very full, warm, and balanced!
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