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  1. The top is out of shape at the bottom. Very poor repair at the bottom. Some of the old repairs need to be remade.
  2. The grain and flame is matched perfect at the scroll joint all the way around. It’s most likely the same. LOB - 354 mm UB - 161 mm CB - 105 mm LB - 197 mm
  3. I promise this one wont cause any dramas for anyone. A luthier who helps me with my instruments just received right before I came in yesterday to pick up my violin. Its an Interesting story. A composer from Venezuela was given it and they are trying to decide whether to go through with the complete fixing of it which will be expensive I imagine. It is quite lovely! They asked me for their help and I have their permission to share all this. I thought this would be something nice for everyone to examine here and get some feedback. It will probably have to be sent somewhere to be examined more closely.
  4. Does this look Italian to you and worth the expensive restoration?
  5. I posted this violin before, but the pictures were not very good so hoping better pictures will help. This violin belongs to a friend of mine who is a retired luthier. He has had it many years and has never been able to identify it. The scroll was originally with this violin and the neck was completely worn and later replaced he told me. It is labeled Galram, but accoording to many people, is not a Galram, so is it German, French, Italian, etc? Thanks!
  6. He said the violin is likely French made around 1810.
  7. I spoke with Jonathan Marolle, Rampal’s righthand man. He said the workmanship is too poor, the label and brand false, so very little chance its Lupot, but looks like its French made from around 1810.
  8. Thank you! Greatly appreciated!
  9. Hello, A friend of mine has a very very nice violin they are trying to figure out if it could be the real thing and it looks very similar to another Ive seen, but it needs to be looked at by one of the big shops. I was just curious what some of you might think and also might be fun for you to look at.
  10. At first I was thinking of leaving it, but someone brought the tailpiece issue to my attention and as Ive been playing it more, seems like there is more potential, but its probably 95 % there, so its just fine tuning it a bit more I think.
  11. Ill try that out Don, thanks! The Upper range could be just a little more improvement in terms of projection and thicker sound. Im being super picky as it is so nicely balanced. I originally had Larsen Cannone strings and they were amazing on this violin, so also thinking of switching back to them or possibly Larsen Virtuoso. Its a very good sounding French violin with a tone darker in nature and so trying to see the possibilities here.
  12. The tailpiece is actually 109mm according to Bogaro & Clemente specs. The violin sounds fantastic and just trying to make everything as perfect as I can and see if there’s any improvement. There are no wolfs and the violin sounds very rich, mature, with a big expansive sound. From the saddle to the end of the tailpiece there is about 16-17 mm distance, quite a bit. I am a believer in tuning the afterlength of the D string a fifth, so perhaps a custom 124 mm tailpiece might do the trick. A viola tailpiece might work, but I want to be careful with not having too much weight in the tailpiece either, so a custom one would probably be best. Im open to experimenting, but Ive had the best results tuning the afterlength D a fifth above.
  13. How close should it be to the saddle? 1mm? Maybe I can talk to Bogaro & Clemente and have them make a custom one.