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  1. I was curious if anyone by chance has heard of or has any information on the Italian maker Alberto Cioffi, Napoli from the 1920s-30s... Thanks!
  2. Hi, not sure if we have any Hill bow experts here, but was curious id anyone can recognize who made this one. Thanks!
  3. I have a violin labeled Percy L Dirking made in Chicago in the early 1900s and was wondering if anyone has heard of him or knows his work. Thanks!
  4. It was an opinion from someone else. It’s labeled Gobetti...
  5. Have an interesting violin here, was curious what it might be....
  6. I have one other old violin I was curious if anyone recognizes it. It seems German/Hopf-like to me.....
  7. Early 18th century Austrian? So would be worth restoring now?
  8. Thanks for all the ideas. Here’s a few more pictures:
  9. Hello everyone, An old friend of mine has this old violin labeled Jacobs and sent me these pictures. It sure looks old, but have no idea what it might be and if it is worth restoring.... Thanks for any help with this one!