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  1. He just said he would certify it as a 1975 Mario Gadda, but I assume Id have to get it to him too. Thanks
  2. Cause the other guy I think is more respected....
  3. The one who saw in person thinks its collaboration. He offered to make certificate. The other one didnt see in person, only saw detailed pictures and came to conclusion its Mario Gadda 1975... Also offered to make certificate... So Im left a bit baffled about it and thought Id see what consensus there might be here cause some of you seem to have quite the track record. Maybe its too difficult to know this one without in hand, but thought I’d share and see how it strikes you.
  4. Two big experts you all know have differing opinions. One thinks its a Gaetano and Mario collaboration c. 1950, another thinks its a Mario Gadda copy of the father from around 1975....
  5. Im curious if anyone here might be able to figure this one out. Its labeled Gaetano, some things look like Gaetano, but maybe his hand and also the son, or maybe the son tried to make a copy of the father. It looks very nice though. The LOB is 355. Thanks for any ideas about it!
  6. I was curious if anyone by chance has heard of or has any information on the Italian maker Alberto Cioffi, Napoli from the 1920s-30s... Thanks!
  7. Hi, not sure if we have any Hill bow experts here, but was curious id anyone can recognize who made this one. Thanks!
  8. I have a violin labeled Percy L Dirking made in Chicago in the early 1900s and was wondering if anyone has heard of him or knows his work. Thanks!
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