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  1. There’s no major problem, just trying to get the violin sounding its very best and seeing if this would improve it. Originally the violin had a lighter tailpiece and it seemed more responsive, but it was too short for the violin because its a longer model, so I had a custom one made that was longer and fit the violin better. The custom one seems a little on the thick side like a viola tailpiece, the tone seems rich and strong, but maybe could be freer, curious if I had the tailpiece reduced in weight if would help the violin to be a little more responsive.
  2. How about a long-patterned Strad model violin with a deep rich tone?
  3. Hello, I know there are many factors affecting the tone with the tailpiece including length, shape, string spacing, resonance, material, afterlength, tailcord, etc., but I was curious if anyone has had success with a certain weight of the tailpiece to achieve the best resonance of the instrument. Thanks for any thoughts on this.
  4. Thanks you guys! Ill take it in. This is a nice violin I posted about last year trying to identify it that seems to be Hungarian for most people and made with very old wood. Ill take it in and see what the violin shop says and mention some of your recommendations. I dont know what Id do without you
  5. I have a set of Larsen Il Cannone strings on the violin. What is actually happening with the violin? Its only way up high on 3 notes, sounds almost like morse code and like another string sounding, but the other strings are not. Thanks!
  6. This is a violin I recently started playing on. One thing I noticed was that earlier in the day when it was warmer and more humid, the interference was more pronounced than in the evening. Does that point to something? Im going to have the violin checked out. It was recently worked on, seams closed and new setup made so everything should be good. The violin has an extraordinary voice too, so hope whatever this is can be remedied.
  7. Ive never had this happen before. When I play up high on the fingerboard on the E string, high B, C, D, its like there is another note sounding an octave lower. It gets kind of annoying because of the interference. The violin is an older one and Im wondering what is the most likely cause of this. No issues on any other string, usually you'd expect an issue on the G string. Anyone experience this? Suggestions?
  8. Thanks! I had opportunity to play on one of his violins and it was a very impressive sounding instrument so was curious if anyone else had any experiences or know anything about this guy.
  9. Hello, I am just wondering if anyone here has information on the maker H.R. Hanson. I know his instruments are valuable, but cant find any details about his life and work as a luthier other than he worked in New York in the early 1900s and was Norwegian. I would appreciate any feedback regarding this maker or experience with his instruments. Thank you!
  10. Hello, I have this very beautiful violin, but no idea who made it. There are some interesting markings that I wonder if they point to anything. The scroll is from another violin. Thanks for your thoughts on this one.
  11. Someone I know has it and they were told by shop it’s a nice French violin so trying to figure out what in the world it could be. I’ll try to get better pictures, but thanks for the input.
  12. Violin has no label but looks nice.
  13. Hello everyone! I have a few questions that I hope someone here can provide more insight about. I have a very interesting and beautiful violin made by Joseph Nicolas LeClerc. I found some information on him, but not very much and wondering if anyone has had any experience with his instruments or know more about this maker. I am not even sure of the value range for this maker either. My second question is that I have a Honore Derazey likely from his early period from what I’ve been told. I am finding myself gravitating towards the LeClerc for tone and playability. It’s very powerful with great character. The Derazey is also rich and powerful, both amazing instruments. Would you value a LeClerc above a Derazey? Both are in very good condition. I’m considering letting one go, but I know how hard it is to find good examples of these instruments so am a bit torn about what to do. Thanks! I attached pictures of the LeClerc.