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  1. Here’s some better pictures showing the natural color.
  2. Hello, Happy Holidays! I have an old violin labeled Tononi, but I think it’s probably of German origin. I was curious if this rings any bells for anyone. It needs a bit of work and hasn’t been played in many years. The LOB is right at 14”. Thanks!
  3. Finally got back, here’s more pictures of it. The daughter of soloist from the early 1900s sold it to me. He used it as his practice violin and it has an amazing tone, but I guess aside from the tone it’s not anything super special. Here’s some more pictures of it. Any guess which town it was made in and how old is this one?
  4. I’m out of town at the moment, will retake better pictures when I get back Thursday. I’m not sure what it is.
  5. I have a violin here with a very lovely tone and it might be impossible to say who made it. I was told it’s a Vogtland violin, but curious if this rings bell for anyone. Thanks for any input here!
  6. I was curious if anyone might be able to recognize this one.... It looks very old and nice, and has a good tone!
  7. I thought this was interesting.....
  8. An idea for what to do with all the cheap junk instruments in the world.
  9. Right now it sounds even with lots of warmth and sweetness, a bit closed. I’m sure with a better setup and strings, will be improvements.
  10. Well, I wasn’t expecting I have an old Italian... Will be interesting to discover more.... Yes, lots of repairs, but luckily no soundpost cracks to top or back. I don’t see any back patches at all, just on the top around both neck and end block areas. Maybe have it reworked in the future... The length of back looks like 358mm.
  11. Well here’s a look at the inside....