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  1. Right now it sounds even with lots of warmth and sweetness, a bit closed. I’m sure with a better setup and strings, will be improvements.
  2. Well, I wasn’t expecting I have an old Italian... Will be interesting to discover more.... Yes, lots of repairs, but luckily no soundpost cracks to top or back. I don’t see any back patches at all, just on the top around both neck and end block areas. Maybe have it reworked in the future... The length of back looks like 358mm.
  3. Well here’s a look at the inside....
  4. Hi Peter, Here’s some more pictures that might reveal more clues. The purfling on the top and back look the same.
  5. Didn’t the French start antiquing back in the 1700s?
  6. Thanks for all the feedback! Here are some more pictures that I hope provide more clues.
  7. I was wondering what this old violin could be. It looks interesting and maybe someone here can recognize it. The linings go over the blocks too, never seen that, so wondering if that points to anything.
  8. Hello everyone! I have a question about labels and old instruments. I know it is common to see old violins relabeled as something else intentionally, but I am wondering is it at all common to see old restored instruments relabeled with copied labels of the original or similar maker? Does this ever happen? Thanks for feedback on this!
  9. Here’s some more pictures of the violin.
  10. Here are some more pictures of the violin. Hope this helps.
  11. Thanks. Body length is around 355-356mm
  12. I’ll post some more pictures soon. Thanks!
  13. I have this old Lupot labeled violin and was wondering if it is even French and made by a good maker. It needs lot of restoration work and trying to decide if it’s worth restoring Thanks!
  14. Is that why the spruce grain is a bit wavy?