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  1. I don't know...I tried it and I liked it. What happened was, my shop did not have the pirastro e string that i used to buy, so the luthier recommend the kaplan e...it is also way cheaper. it also settles in quickly =) just my opinion
  2. Try Real Player..? and err...the video does not really play either the sibelius or the carmen...
  3. I think I once asked Michael Darnton this question. He told me it is under the cds section. The title of the cd package is "Paganini's 'Cannon' violin by Guarneri 'del Gesù', 1742 $39.95" It comes with a cd, book and poster. I wonder if anyone has ordered stuff from them to overseas destinations besides the US? How is it?
  4. Can anyone who is an expert help in using words to describe the differences? Regards Jeffie
  5. Quote: Wasn't Antonio Stradivari the Cremonese Stainer? Hahahahahhaha!!!
  6. Is there anyway where us poor folks from other countries can see it? i love gil shaham's playing hehe
  7. It would be really an experience if you can manage to contact him. He would be most willing to give you a lot of advice as he has a lot of experience He plays the most wonderful pieces I ever requested of him
  8. Dear all, I was just wondering how or what can I do to find more about the history of a particular piece. For example, the mendelssohn concerto is a famous piece, but I want to find out why was it written, who was it written for, and so on. My enquiry is not just for the mendelssohn piece, but rather, there are many more other pieces on which I am interested to know more about their background Is there a website for this?
  9. Jeffie

    Negri Cases

    I love their Virtuoso Model Cases. I hope it will last me a lifetime and if it doesn't, I hope that SHAR will continue to sell that model. I have got one but it seems that the leather pull tab is coming off. I have the case with me for 8 months i believe
  10. i really hope this will not turn out into a flaming post...
  11. yo violist pau yu...which country are you from? *always look on the bright side of life* phoo phooo phooo phooo phooo phooo phooo phooo...
  12. I saw this ridiculously looking person on a street with a ridiculously looking brown case on his back, wearing drabby clothes, looking silly and as if waiting for his spaceship to arrive from the skies. At that time I need help with something and I approached him for his help. I was worried he won't help me and instead, turn into a monster. I walked towards him carefully and warily, knowing in my mind that he might bark at me any time.....
  13. hahahaha, I couldn't stop laughing when I see Gray Violiner's picture...
  14. I don't think the stars will reflect much on me. Because I am just a beginner in violin and I do not know much about it. I guess people will rate you if you somehow help them with their problems or questions! thanks anyway simon, ! let me rate you then heehee
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