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  1. Hi guys, Thank you for your suggestions.
  2. Hi, The vibrato is coming along with my students pretty well. I can't remember how long it took me to learn vibrato. I just know I had a good student one time who learned the basic motion in a week (he was very dedicated). Anyway, when students ask me how long it will take to learn vibrato, I tell them that it depends on the person. Any guidelines I can give to my students as to how long it will take them to learn vibrato? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I will probably be due sometime soon for playing in church since I teach students there rent free. Anyway, normally when I have played for church services, the music is already picked out but now it is up to me to pick something to play. It needs to be 3-5 minutes in length. Is there a violin book with piano accompaniment that is available that would be good for this kind of thing? I need some good suggestions as to what pieces I should play. I would need a good collection of songs. I have asked the church pianist and pastor what I should play but they tell me, anything you would like so I'm not getting much help here. Thank you.
  4. Yeah, unfortunately you're right but on the other hand, Mr. L is rightly so going to get a lot of flack for what he said being it takes years to get to the level of where Anna Sophie Mutter is at.
  5. I have a student who is currently playing on a 1/2 size violin. He is very ready for a 3/4 size violin but his mother said they nearly were going to make the transition but my student just wasn't ready because he was so attached to this violin. I play my full size violin a lot for him so he can hear the richer sound a bigger violin makes. Anyway, it's not a big deal now that he is not playing on a 3/4 size violin but I'm concerned about possible physical problems later with playing on too small of an instrument. Any constructive advice would be appreciated.
  6. Hi, I have about 36 students but would like more. I tell my current students I'm looking for more students but I feel like I need to do more to get more. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. I disagree. I don't think 15 K tops is that much money when you think about it. Why pick on the soloist musicians who make that much tops when an athlete makes even more obscene amounts of money? Maybe we should lower the salaries of athletes as well?
  8. Perhaps I should have been more clearer. What is the best way to dump this student? I know what I want but am trying to dump the girl in a graceful way. Finally, I'm not sure what you mean by your public schools statement. Anyone with half a brain can see that they are going down the tubes. It's amazing we still have teachers in the schools.
  9. Hi Ben, Sorry to hear about the 2.5 year old. I've personally known a teacher that was picky and her students did great things musically but she was a picky teacher. Now the 2.5 year old, well, you can't be picky with little kids. I try to talk to the student but she never says anything. It's frustrating when people can't be open and honest. I think parents should teach their kids to become more assertive but not aggressive. The kid is taking 1/2 hour lessons now.
  10. Thank you but I don't have to be that flexible because I have plenty of students already. Most teachers say that it's a two way street meaning they need to want to take lessons from somebody and the teacher has to agree to take them on as a student. I know this sounds so obvious but the general public seems to forget this. BTW, are you a teacher, Richf? How would you like it if you had a kid that behaved badly and I told you to suck it up and wait until the kid matures? And to option 1: I wouldn't teach in a school but am teaching in a college as part of my work because the students that are there WANT to be there. I wouldn't ever teach in a public school because they are going down the tubes. Part of that I hold administrators fully responsible for. If they don't back up teachers when dealing with problem students, how do you expect the schools to run in an efficient manner? Most principals don't have any principles and are just there and kiss butt to the parents so as a result, kids don't learn discipline or responsibility.
  11. Well most teachers would think that sighing and looking at the clock, etc would be behaving badly. Why is it important to emphasize one's short comings? I really don't think that it's necessary to do that and I don't know of any teachers that do that.
  12. Stillnew, Thanks for the advice. I might just level with the student and get her take on it but how do I encourage honesty from the student? If the parent is in there, I'm afraid she won't be the most honest with me.
  13. So what are you saying? I should "suck it up" and let this kid's behavior continue? Gee, I'm sure you would hate for me to say that to you if you had kids that behaved badly and told you to "suck it up." And fyi, this teacher only taught violin for a violin but he is still teaching violin. He just wanted a UPS job with benefits and because of the economy being the way it has been for the past five years, many people like this guy needs to work more than one job to make ends meet.
  14. Hi, This student is 10 years old in fifth grade. Marie, what have you done to aid in the quitting process? Just curious as I'm not that creative.
  15. As I've been getting a lot more students, I've been giving it some thought on which ones I should cut. One student I have sighs during the lesson, looks at the clock and seems to hate to take violin lessons. When I talked to her Mom a couple of times about this, her Mom says she does and will "revisit the issue in a few weeks." What I've heard from some teachers and am inclined to agree is that you don't have to take on every students. Do I contact the director of the school of music and ask her what I should do? This student already has a track history with another teacher(the director is aware of this and the former teacher of this student says the kid "lacks motivation") at the school that doesn't teach as much because he is a postal carrier. Anyway, what should I do? Ask the director how to handle this student? It's hard not to let this not bother me for the rest of the day. Maybe I should develop thicker skin but it's hard to with a student who anybody would say in their right mind having a bad attitude. Thank you for letting me vent. Teaching is going well other than that.
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