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  1. Just perfect! Congratulations!
  2. I bought some transparent calfskin parchment from Pergamena, 0.1 - 0.2 mm thick or so.
  3. I have the same problems. Received the February issue yesterday. Always a long long delay.
  4. Wonderful Luis! Fundo maravilhoso!
  5. Great job Martina! Congratulations! Thank you for share it with us.
  6. Melvin, that is a perfect job! Amazing! Congratulations!
  7. Luis, thank you for receiving me. After a closer look I saw how wonderful is your varnish, specially that dark golden ground. Amazing! Excellent ristretto coffee, as always.
  8. Very nice Luis! Your ground and varnish are always astonishing. Have you worked on vacations?
  9. Wonderful job! Very nice varnish!
  10. Melvin, I am astounded with that amazing violin!
  11. Yes Manfio. I met him this week. He came to my workshop and we spent a couple of hour talking. He is a very nice person and I am impressed with his superb job.
  12. Wonderful job! It happened to me too. Maybe spruce from the same tree!
  13. Amazing views! All of them! I am looking here for a Brazilian soundpost/pole dancer, but I am afraid it could be censured...