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Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Marcos Schmitz grew up in a musical environment. Still as a child he had piano lessons with his mother, a teacher formed at a famous conservatory in São Paulo. During school vacation, he savored the time spent at his Grandfather´s business, the famous Licastro Lumber Company, in a traditional Italian district in the city. Being in his element working with wood, he got his first job as a cabinet maker apprentice, where he learned to work with manual tools. He quit the job to conclude his college studies. For several years he worked in the building of model railroad layouts and miniatures for the local railroad industries, and later in the agricultural sector. He then restarted his musical studies, now playing the violin. He initiated his works in the world of Violin Making in 2003, when looking for a good quality instrument for his studies. In his search he decided to broaden his knowledge about the subject and started to make violins for some friends, always trying to reach a better sonorous quality. With the support of his friend Emmanuele Baldini, soloist and concertmaster of the São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra, and also under the orientation of the very respected violin maker Rafael Sando, he has improved. Than with the support of the very celebrated luthier Ivan Guimarães, he decided to open his own workshop and dedicate himself full time to the violin making process. In 2008, he won the second prize at Brazilian First National Violin Making Competition. In 2009 he entered the 12th International Triennial Competition of Stringed Instrument Making – Fondazione Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, Italy. Now a days he works part time at Atelier Musikantiga doing repairs and restorations, and part time at his own workshop where he makes his instruments. Member of the Violin Society of America.