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  1. Can you make a fiddle sound mellow??

    There is a thread on Fingerboard about how to make a sweet singing tone with the bow. That thread might be of some interest to the OP.
  2. Top $$$ makers of all time

    Re Dwight's comment, there was an interview of Perlman on Youtube(?) in which he was talking about his school on Long Island and he had an instrument in his hands. At one point he played something on it, said it sounds pretty good and this was his summer instrument. It, therefore, wasn't his Soil Strad. He didn't say what maker it was but since it was his "summer" instrument, I assumed it was likely a more modern instrument that would hold up in the humidity, etc., of playing outdoors or in non-climate controlled places in the summer. I agree that many/most concert performers have back-up instruments, maybe not contemporary bench copies, but not the big names of their primary concert instruments.
  3. Bonmusica Shoulder Rest?

    The SAS chinrest can be adjusted in different ways and three different heights are available. This link is just one dealer selling on line; the SAS is available from many sources. https://www.johnsonstring.com/cgi-bin/music/scripts/violin-viola-cello-music.cgi?xyUw3xafe=CHVVSAS&select1=SAS Violin Chinrests
  4. Elements of construction and responsiveness

    I have heard violin makers refer to "resistance" when discussing the way an instrument can be played. And I've heard players say a certain instrument "fights" them. I assume the resistance means it takes more energy from the player to produce the sound but I have also heard violins described as resistant having wonderful tone, though it might have more sizzle or air to the tone. Any comments anyone?
  5. Recording of Einstein playing Mozart

    Comments on the Youtube posting of this do claim that it is actually some professional violinist playing, i.e. this is a hoax. Certainly the picture doesn't go with the recording since K.378 and the caption are of a violin and piano sonata but the photo is of a trio. The recording is of the slow movement of the sonata K.378. It is well known that Einstein was an amateur violinist who enjoyed playing chamber music but it is not clear whether there are any recordings of him playing. Here's an article with more information on Einstein's relationship with the violin: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/02/einstein-genius-violin-music-physics-science/
  6. Corduroy shoulder rest

    I had shoulder rest problems for years but recently I found and use the Viva la Musica Diamond rest: https://www.sharmusic.com/Accessories/Shoulder-Rests/Viva-La-Musica-Diamond-Viola-Shoulder-Rest-Dark.axd This is the only rest I've tried that doesn't change position, falls off while I'm playing, or is otherwise uncomfortable.
  7. Here's another idea. Perhaps your son's teacher has a more student more advanced than your son and who is also upgrading and you could make a deal to buy that student's instrument. Many people buy instruments from shops that offer a trade-in equal to the price when a violin bought there is traded in. You might be able to buy a better violin for the trade-in value plus a hundred or so and thus get a well known and well treated better instrument for less than you would pay in a shop.
  8. According to an earlier post by pbelin the ban only applies to larger amounts of rosewood. There is no problem carrying up to 10 kg of rosewood parts as long as you aren't intending to sell it. So there should be no problem with an instrument with fittings made from rosewood, nor for most wood wind instruments. 10 kg = about 22 pounds.
  9. The ban on rosewood has been expected for some time. I think ebony is soon to be banned, too. For instrument pegs, boxwood has been traditional and works well and look pretty. There are more contemporary woods like mountain mahogany that work. If you have rosewood pegs or other banned fittings or bow frogs, there is supposed to be possible to get them through customs if you can prove they were provably purchased before the ban was passed, if I've got that right. You can also get an instrument passport.
  10. Favorite small viola model?

    Don't a lot of makers base models on Brescian violas (Da Salo, Maggini, etc.)? I know of a maker who makes makes violas based on violas of Storioni and Ceruti. All rather different from the usual Guarneri or Amati models.
  11. Strad Posters

    At the Tarisio T2 auction about to start item 1, a collection of 34 Strad posters, might interest people looking for such posters: https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2198781952&cpid=3492298752&filter_key=80f98cc83f572785246237d6e52d7846 At the estimated prices it would be worth bidding even if you just looking for one or two scarce posters assuming what you want is in the collection. There is no list of what the instruments are.
  12. CD Audio Qualities

    I think that the hiss occurs whenever the recording is made by an analog process, such as magnetic tape, even direct recording onto a master disk from which vinyl LP records can be pressed. In the case of tape hiss, the hiss comes from the random magnetic state of the magnetizable coating on the tape, creating white noise or hiss. There is also noise on vinyl LP records when played due to the dragging of the stylus in the cartridge when the record is played. If you have a very expensive reproduction set-up and good ears you might also hear noise when playing CDs due to distortion induced by translation from digital to analog to play the music. There is also noise from the sampling process used in creating the digital file from which the CD is created.
  13. Humidifying an instrument in a closed case

    In my experience, even a closed hard case is not air tight, so if you have an appropriate relative humidity in the room it will have that level in a case stored in the room. Use a good RH meter (might seem expensive). Even in an humidified room the RH will vary in different places in the room. Using a room humidifier might have unexpected effects. We have a good Steinway grand in the room where I keep my violin and viola. A room humidifier is used in the room in the winter to bring the RH up to around 40% but there can be condensation on the windows or walls when the outside air temperature is very low.
  14. handmade violin

    I suppose that back in old Cremona, Strad (and other violin shops) had apprentices or other helpers doing the roughing out for more skillful workers to finish. Certainly that must have been the production model in Mirecourt or other European violin factories, and probably is currently in China. I'll be interested to see when the computer-controlled manufacturing has machinery that can choose the wood and can adjust for inconsistencies in wood as the work goes along.