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  1. Brevard NC also has the Brevard music festival, so for seven weeks during the summer they have from 5-10 concerts a week to attend. (Brevard college also appears to have a fairly impressive concert series for such a small school).
  2. Scales/Arpeggios don't seem to be on the list very often at the Mater's level, but I would assume the same as for violin (i.e. all 3 octave scales/arpeggios, etc..) Concertos: typically 1 to all 3 mvmts. of Hindemith Der Schwanendreher, Walton, or Bartok. Other concertos have probably been used and would be acceptable for some schools, but many actually require that it be one of these 3 and I would guess that other schools expect to hear one of these. Sonatas: probably most typically one of the Brahms Op.120 sonatas or Schubert "Arpeggione" but others could probably be acceptable as well. Etudes: If required, probably would come from Kreutzer, Rode, Campagnoli, or Fuchs. BACH: you didn't mention this in your list but almost any autition would require 2 contrasting mvmts. up to an entire Suite or Sonata/Partitia. Usually the Cello Suites are played, but the Sonatas/Partitas are usually an option also.
  3. Why don't you just try putting the new strings on and see if it makes a difference? that way you'll know for sure and violin dominants aren't so expensive that it would be a huge waste to change them before you need to. (I would be very surprised if the violin didn't sound better with new strings 3 years is a long time to go without changing strings I think a year is as long as I went when I was only playing 1-2 hrs. per day). I'm surprised that none have broken yet.
  4. I need some advice as to which music camp I should attend.I need to decide by the end of this weekend. I've been offered admission and scholarships to both Rocky Ridge Young Artist Seminar and Music House at Strings International Music Festival. The scholarships make both camps equal in cost. Does anyone have any advice and/or personal or second hand experience with these camps? The Pros and Cons of each (for me)are as follows. Rocky Ridge: Pros: 5-weeks long (I want as much of my summer to be music filled as possible) Chamber music seems to be a very important component of the camp and is my main reason for going to camp in the first place. Cons: sharing a cabin with 4-6 other girls (and I'm used to spending a lot of time alone) and the bath house is at the center of the girls cabins not in each cabin There is also no cell phone reception at the camp and just one phone for all of the campers (when I had a bad day at camp last summer I always had the comfort of being able to call home and talk to my mom for awhile). Music House: Pros intensive private instruction with a great faculty and lots of practice time. Private room on a college campus with typical dorm facilities. Cons: only 17 days long Chamber music doesn't seem to be as important or thorough. Some information about me: I'm a student at a state University majoring in viola performance. I live at home and have not spent that much time away from home. My ideal career in music would be to be a violist in a professional string quartet.
  5. My violin is labeled Piccagliani Armando fece en Modena 1931. I bought it for $3K about 4-5 years ago. Is mine possibly worth more than I thought or is there something that would account for it being less? I looked at the pictures of the other violins/violas/cellos and mine doesn't look like them at all it has a birds-eye maple back and has a lighter yellower varnish than any of the pictures(I guess it could be a fake label but this seems like a very obscure maker to want to fake a label of). thoughts?
  6. Poppiviola


    Nothing bad will happen to your bow hair or rosin, but I guess it might give you a different perception of how the rosin works. As for me since my luthier puts rosin on my bow when he rehairs it and I don't know what kind it is, I'm always using my rosin on already rosined hair and possibly mixing brands. If you're really curious and impatient you could just go ahead and use the new rosin and see what you think and later,if you still feel a need, clean your bow hair and try it with only the new rosin at least you'll know whether or not you like a combination of jade and Kaplan rosin and after awhile I would assume that the jade would be worn off and you would get an idea as to what you think of the Kaplan.
  7. "What will you ever use that for?" On these same lines, what about those who plan to become professional artists/musicians. I'm a performance major at a state university and in addition to the required music classes I have to take 42 hrs. of general education classes, among these scienceor math classes for a total of 12 credits now at the age of 20 having graduated from high-school I can balance a checkbook and do any necessary math that comes up in daily life and of course as a non-science major I really don't need knowledge of science. While the math/science/english etc. majors are required to take only something like 3 credits of "fine-arts" which can be art, dance, music etc.. College algebra is just as useless to me in becoming a professional musican as orchestra would be to a math major. Some people do make money in the arts.
  8. try http://www.quinnviolins.com/qv...lincases_concord.shtml they appear to have an oblong case that is adjustable for 3/4-4/4 violins at a about the middle of the page.
  9. I have already tried first string, I bought my current viola from him so his shop was the first place I tried. I have not yet been to Seitz but will check them out, thanks for your reccomendation, as I haven't heard much about Seitz from other players and was a bit put off by the location of their shop, but I'll get my dad to go with me and give them a shot.
  10. Thanks for your thoughts everyone. As you say I probably shouldn't put too much stock in some of the negative opinions people have, my expereices with the clemens' have been positive, they are both great people and not pushy like I've encountered in some shops. Speaking of comissioning an instrument, What Clemens does when you ask him to make you an instrument you give him an inital deposit and he makes two instruments for you of the same size and model and you get to choose the one you like better. Within this is, I'm sure, some discussion about your personal preferences with sound, appearance, etc. I don't know what his policy is if you end up not liking either instrument. What does concern me is that I am not very articulate when it comes to describing what I want in an instrumet, I know it when I hear it, but I don't know how to describe it, however I have been generally very impressed by most of his violas, so I probably can't go too far wrong. I also really like the way his violas are designed to be easy to play (thinner than usual neck, etc..) which is great for me since I have hands on the small side. What I think I'll do is to play as many violas as I can find in the St. Louis area (and maybe have a couple sent to me on trial from other places) and if I don't find anything that grabs me I'll go ahead with Clemens. One of the inherent problems I've encountered when trying to find a viola is simply a lack of violas to try. I've pretty much decided to limit myself to violas 16" and smaller and within a given price range that leaves me with very few to try I've so far visited/called three shops besides clemens and have come up with about 3-4 violas to try none of which have been what I've been looking for.
  11. I was wondering if anyone has seen/heard/played one of his instruments (particularily his violas) and your thoughts on them. I have been considering comissioning a viola from him when I can manage to get the money together (student loans etc..) and I'm looking for any opinions that people might have about them. Here in St.Louis (where clemens is located) I've heard mixed reviews of the instruments with some being very positive an a few being negative. The main negative comment I've recieved is that they are overpriced for what they are. I really liked the sound of the viola I played but I only played it for a few minutes and of course it would not be the exact viola I would get if I comissioned it and the viola I tried has been played for several years. I dont' have too much experience with instruments in this price range $14,000 so I don't know if they are overpriced or not but since I am on a budget I don't want to spend more than I need to to get a great sounding viola. Anyway any thoughts would be appreciated.
  12. Is there any model of viola by Eastman Strings that could legitimatly sell for $5,500, after being set up professionally?
  13. One of the violinists at my university uses a fine tuner on the A string, he's from Bulgaria, so I would tend to think along with FINPROOF that this is more common in Eastern Europe.
  14. Thanks for the info Martina, I have decided not to buy the viola mainly because of the size and a somewhat harsh tone higher up on the a string. I will continue my search for a better and smaller instrument.
  15. As part of my preliminary searching for a viola, I went to the local shop where I bought my current viola and now have out on trial a beautiful sounding 16 1/2" viola by Leo Aschauer. The price on it is $8,000 I have been told that this is a very good deal for this istrument and that it would normally be worth more (the instrument is in the shop on consignment), does anyone know anything more about this maker/ approximate prices. The Label says "Made especially for William Moennig & Son by Leo Aschauer Mittenwald, 1959." I love the sound of the instrument (exactly the viola voice that is my ideal) but I'm not sure yet if I can handle the size (I'm only 5'4" with small hands), so far it hasn't been a problem, but I'm still working on learning to get rid of tension in my playing and have ocassionally had pain in my left shoulder from playing (although nothing serious, and it's usually gone away with a short time). Anyway any info that anyone has would be appreciated as this is a significant investment for me and my family.
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