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  1. I'm trying to find some music for clarinet, anything, I just need something so I can play some NEW music for a change! It would be GREATLY appreciated, -Samantha
  2. : : I play the Alto Saxaphone and i would like some free alto saxophone music if you find it e-mail me at Saapy3@aol.com thanx
  3. Hi i also play the violin in church, and ive been playing for 5 years now, and i have a brand new one full size SKYLARK is the brand name, it's a very good violin i started with the same brand and made it to all county with it. It's a orchestra where you try out for well i made it in 11th, 1st chair, with this type violin. So it's a very good beginner violin, i can sell a brand new one i have for 140.00 ((negotiable)) it comes with a pathfinder case, all finetuners, strings, resin, and the bow for one price. So please concider this, i would be more then happy, thanx for your time...
  4. Hello, I have been trying to play 6th on a scale with two notes sounding togather. But I just could not drop two fingers at the same time. I am always afraid to lift the lower finger too early. Should I drop my fingers lightly or strongly? Any advice would be appreciated. Samantha
  5. : I have purchased 20 violins of differing quality from sellers on Ebay. All of them required repairs, setup and adjustment, but that is why I bought them. I can get a decent German violin for $125.00 bucks or so, repair and set it up, and sell it for $500.00 at one of several shops that do my consignment work. : 15 of them were good quality student violins, 3 were very good French violins, 2 were actual master-pieces that the seller had not taken the time to research. - Can you tell us the 2 actual master-pieces? What were your diamonds-in-the-rough?
  6. I sometimes have problems in coordination. When you guys play spiccato or staccato, do you think the bow or left fingers? Should I think finger-bow finger-bow... or bow-finger bow-finger...? Thanks in advance Samantha
  7. I have just had my violin adjusted by a maker. The tailpiece has been shortened, and the soundpost was corrected. It sounds brighter, but now I have to use either more left finger pressure or bow pressure for some reason. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there any thing wrong with the violin? Thanks in advance Samantha
  8. I send a $8000 dollar violin to a maker for check up. He said that the distance from the tail piece to bridge is not right. And the tail piece will have to be shorten. Is it a big deal to cut the tailpiece? Is it going to change the style or the sound of the violin? One more question: Why does the sound post have to be behind the bridge? Thank you in advance Samantha
  9. Does any one's kickey have a little lump beneath the skin? Previously, someone had mentioned something about violin hickey turning to tumour. I suspect my hickey has turned into a tumour. Or is it just a hardened skin? Any response would be appreciated!! Samantha
  10. Thank you guys for the advices. I glued a parchment piece to the bridge notch for E-string, and the screechy sound disappeared!! Samantha
  11. I don't know why my E string often has screeching sound when I string cross to E string. Is the problem related to the quality of the string? Thank you in advance! Samantha
  12. I have started violin one and a half years ago. I started playing double stop with Sevcik's preparatory studies in double stoppinf, op.9. I am having trouble playing Third at high position. At certain position, I have to play on the the very tip of my finger, very close to finger nail. And I have hard time stretching my fourth finger at some places. Besides, I can't shift with ease. I feel tired after playing double stop for 20 minutes. I don't know how to solve the problem. How long is it going to take me before I can play double stops well? I really need advice on this!!!!! Samantha
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