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  1. I have had some trouble which shoulder rests en chin rest myself. My neck aged, I had to hold the neck pretty tight etc. The amazing thing is that when I started playing more and more, the problems disappeared! Of course I don't know your situation, but, provided you're using alright material, don't doubt your equipment to soon. Good luck Ps. I like Wolf sholder rest a lot
  2. Now to make things still more complicated, if we derived that E harmonically but used some note other than A=440 as a root, even if that other root note was originally derived harmonically from A=440, the resulting E would probably be different yet again. mlbouquet, I don't see how you above comment can be right. Deriving a note harmonically starting from A=440Hz will always give a note like 440*(12th root of 2)^x. Taking this note as a new starting point, will render nothing but the same series since the only operation that can be done is multiplying of dividing the new note by (12th root
  3. Before Yehudi was born, his parents once where going to rent an apartment. The owner of the place, in an attempt to persuade them to rint it, reassured them she didn't allow Jews. After explaining to her they were Jews themselves, his mother decided she would name her son Yehudi (=Jew) so it would be clear to everybody that he was Jewish. Just read this yesterday in 'Unfinished Journey'. Nice book by the way quote: Originally posted by Carl-Victor: This post is not precisely about the Jewish/non-Jewish question. What I am wondering is why Menuhin was specifically named "Yehudi"
  4. The other day I had to replace my Dominant A-string with a Piastro Piranito (very cheap). I intended to change the string back to Dominant as soon as I could. For some reason (maybe the higher tension) my violin sounded much better with the Piastro! The sound of the A-string isn't as rich as it was with the dominant, but my violin sound much clearer overall. Has anybody the same experince?
  5. I think it's quite normal to avoid playing near the frog. It's not the right thing to do though. Once you get the hang of it you'll start to notice that the sound is much fuller/brighter near the frog. I can really advice you to try to master it. I'm sure everone agrees.
  6. Well, I guess I was completely off! I think I’ll need quite some practice to get rid if that movement. But, with a little help form from some ace bandage... I’m very grateful though. Thanks.
  7. How very Dutch of you. Actually you're right I should go there once, but it's 200 km from where I live. In Holland that's rather far away. And, by the way, if I drive for two more ours, I'm in Paris! Maybe that’s what really makes it difficult for me to go to Maastricht! Groeten Bas
  8. I find "My first 79 years" one of the best books I ever read! It reads like a novel. I recommend it strongly to everyone!
  9. Even though I am relatively new (which I won't be in 2002), I'll be there for sure.
  10. By the way, playing Quake whole day is what really makes my wrist hurt!
  11. To Ole Bull, Even though I am Dutch, I never was in Maastricht. About my right hand: Do you mean I should try to keep my thumb rather straight? I now hold it almost in a perpendicular angle. Could it be that a straight thumb is more appropriate with the Russian grip? It seems impossible to have both a nice curved pinky and an very straight thumb.
  12. Indeed I have a French bowgrip, but I hold my elbow relatively high. When simultaneously playing on the A and D sting, my upper-arm basically makes the same inclination as my bow. I think my upper-arm makes an angle of about 30 with the vertical. I hope you get an idea of what I mean.
  13. Thanks for your reply I play. I have a question thou. I use my wrist to make a smooth transition between up and down bowstrokes. So I deliberately move my knuckles from left to right to make the transition as smooth as possible. Isn't that how it's done?! Strange thing my teacher never mentioned it!
  14. I think you're right. But how can I prevent it from happening again?
  15. When I finally have had time to play a lot, I often experience a pain in my right wrist. Located around the protrusion on the right side. It hurts most when I change from a down bow to an up bow stroke, especially when playing at the tip. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this. Thanks.