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  1. One of my relatives left me an old violin without a label or a certificate. The only thing I know is that it´s made in Cremona, Italy in the 17 th century and it´s scroll is encarved to represent a head of a man. I haven´t found any mention about scrolls like this in the literature, so I wonder if it´s very valuable. My relative got an offer about 30 000 $ for it, but she thought it was too little. Has someone more information about this violin ?
  2. My seven year old daughter has just "decided" she wants to play the violin. I think this is wonderful, but where do I start? I have called the 2 local music schools and neither teaches the violin. They suggested I go through the local college music department to see if there may be a student willing to give lessons. What size violin should I purchase for her..&..what type? What price range should I be expecting. Will she "outgrow" the first one we buy and need another within a short period of time? I would appreciate any help you can provide me with. Thank you in advance! Jeanette and Daughter Macie
  3. : : Can anybody recommend a good violin teacher : (for beginner level student) in Los Angeles, and : more specifically in one of these areas: : Hollywood : Hancock Park / Fairfax : West Hollywood : Beverly Hills : West L.A. / Brentwood : Santa Monica : Thanks a lot ! Dear Orlando, I can recommend an excellent staff of teachers near the North Hollywood area. They are a the Kadima Conservatory of Music, located on Chandler Blvd. near Woodman. The staff are professional musicians who are highly qualified and are emotionally supportive. They have experience in teaching all levels. Not only does this school offer violin instruction, but they also have viola, cello and piano teachers. One last thing, ensemble playing is something that is hard to find in a private instructor. At Kadima, there are opportunities for performance as well as ensemble playing. It's truly a great school and I highly recommend them. If you feel like contacting them, you may call their director, Beth Elliot at (818) 780-9596. Also feel free to e-mail me if you'd like. Best wishes to you, Jeanette
  4. : I want to buy a concert grand piano. Any suggestions on the brand I should buy? Money is no object. I expect it to run between $60,000 and $150,000. : I'm looking at Steinway. Any comments or personal stories? Dear Qex, Yes, buy a Steinway. I was a pianist for many years and of the Baldwin/Steinway choice, I preferred the sound of the Steinway. As for price, you may be surprised! You have a good amount available. My grand(1921 M) cost $7,000. It was quite a bargain at the time however it was the voicing and soundboard of the piano that mattered the most to me. Find one prior to 1930 with a perfect sounding board, and I think you will be very happy with it. The sounding boards were aged with much care and attention during this period of time. As for the concert grand, many people have their own personal preferences on this matter, however I was advised that the tuning and maintainence aspect of pianos over 7' made personal usage impractical in the long run. Best luck and happy hunting!
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