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  1. I am a professional violin maker and repairer in Maryland. I graduated from the Chicago school of Violin Making in 1980. I have made appr. 150 instruments. My shop is open to the public and I do repais , rentals, sales of instruments and accesories. I have a web page at www.lashofviolins.com. I will tend to only respond to items on this site that I have true and meaningful knowledge on. In my spare time I enjoy musical theater and restoring my house.
  2. I had an expierience w/ UPS- they broke a $1000.00 bow that was packed in a bow case and then in a box w/ 4" packing on all sides. It took 1 year and many phone calls. The inspector first said it was packed fine but after not hearing and no money for two months a phone call to UPS resulted in a comment of "it was packed improperly. To make a long story short I finnaly wrote the UPS headquarters and told them the story and also brought up the fact that they are their own insurance investigators and that I saw that as a conflict of interest and that I would ne reporting this case to the appropri
  3. It is too bad that you put yourself on such a high pedistall. Lewis quality instruments are the mainstay of 99% of beginning violinists. We would all be out of work without them to be in the hands of future professional violinists. It is true that there are trully junk violins being made, infact just a decade ago you could say that about chinese instruments, today it seems that more chinese and other asian makers are winning the highest honors in violin making. Everyone cannot afford to buy handmade instruments, even the lower end ones. Please do our young musicians a favor and keep your misg
  4. Actually Lewis instruments are imported from many countries-Germany , Romania, Korea and Asia. Lets not spread malitious rumors.dave
  5. Hi This is a great idea I am Dave Lashof of Lashof Violins, a full service shop in Maryland, I graduated from the Chicago School in 1980 and spent a number of years as the senior repaimen for Weaver's Violins in MD, specializing(because they needed it) in cello's and bass's. I have played briefly professionaly and tought violin for a few years. I love to give advise on violins but will only do so if I know what I am speaking of. I am seriously interested in Musical Theater in the technical side and have been a part of over 60 local and other shows. I have too kids(both teens-ugh)
  6. One of the best advances in bow making that I have seen is a new eliptical design. Mostly used in Bass bows this design alows for a stiffness without the weight. It is extremly attractive but is not traditional. Lets here it for inovation. dave
  7. In regards to picking a violin in your price range..Try some instruments at a violin shop-next borrow two for a week to take to your teacher( if they won't let you borrow them-leave and shop elsewhere-this is a standard practice)Now-teachers won't for the most part be able to tell you about authenticity but they can tell a 500$ violin from a 2500$ one. If you pick an instrument be sure you can trade it back in later otherwise shop elsewhere. hope this can be of some help. By the way in this price range be sure to get a hand-made violin.dave
  8. Jessica Most Kay cello's that I have seen would have a value of 250.00 to 500.00 depending on condition, age and area of the country. As far as the bridge goes, if you are referring to the feet and they are the self adjusting kind-most violin shops would say to replace it. However if the height is ok and it isn't warped, with this quality of cello you are probably better served if you are going to spend more money on it, put on good strings. dave
  9. Most likily the problem exists because two somewhat incompatible materials were used in the varnishing of the instrument. If one layer is harder or softer than the other a form of alligatoring or cracaleer will accurr. Some older instruments that have been french polshed a lot this will happen especially in the center bouts of the top and back were with time this polish builds up. Hope this has been some help.dave
  10. mike-I have to agree with you. These books are rather crude. When I went to make my first Bass after having made over 100 other instruments it was like I was reading an alien language. There were steps left out that only a violin maker could piece together and many other problems. I had a similar situation when a customer had me make them a Gamba from a kit that they bought. It was horrible-I tossed the book as well as some of the pieces and started from scratch. Maybe we should write a book together. dave
  11. Mike -I can assure you it is the truth. It is a beautifull example of Mr. Weaver's work. It is definetly by his hand. As you know most color photography does not do credit to violins. As I have probably seen more of these than anypne else-excluding Mr Weaver and Mr. Potter-I think I can claim to be an authority on them, just like many dealers are on vintage instruments. And unlike them I have seen thousands of these instruments over the past 18 years, seven of which were in the Weaver shop. I have no beef with these violins, only with how they are sometimes portrayed. In this listing there wa
  12. : Frank, : You are mistaken. The Fischer workshop instruments have, and never have had, anything to do with Bill Weaver or his shop. All models of Fischer instruments are constructd and varnished entirely in Germany. We set them up and adjust them in Ann Arbor. These instruments are not antiqued like the "Doetch" instruments, but are finished with more of the traditional Bavarian shading (full varnish, lightened in some areas). : By the way, how are you? Still in the same location? : Best, : Jeffrey actually the Shar Doetsch violin is the Karl Joseph Schneider. It absolutly has
  13. I don't know a lot about pickups other than there are a number of them on the market. You can have some feed back problems but not if you are careful to stand away from your speaker. there are permanent types and clip on types, I personnaly recommend the later.
  14. anything would be less bright and edgy than spirocores.The NSO cello section under Rastapovich got the nickname snare cellos and they all used spirocore. A great combo of strings is Larsen A and D and Helicore G and C. dave
  15. anything would be less bright and edgy than spirocores.The NSO cello section under Rastapovich got the nickname snare cellos and they all used spirocore. A great combo of strings is Larsen A and D and Helicore G and C. dave