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  1. As a lifelong Michigan resident that lives near Ann Arbor, and has been to Interlochen, I think it's interesting. Wonder what it sounds like??;item=895535282
  2. Thanks for the info. I would not risk a large amount of money on someone else's description. I went on the basis that you can't expect much for $200.00, which is not a very large gamble. I would certainly never look for a primary instrument from any online source without a generous trial period.
  3. I did a lot of pit orchestra work the last several weeks and had several close calls with my good violin with flying objects and wild children. I wanted to get another violin for cheap to use in the pit that sounds decent, but I wouldn't be broken hearted if it got smashed. This is what I came up with, though I don't think these pics will help you much. The violin is more brown than the pics show, and the damage to the finish is not as severe as it looks.;item=871582506 I purchased this because of the description of the tone, and it is local for me. The seller had to look me in the face when I bought it from her. The looks of the instrument were unimportant. Verdict from an amateur luthier: Definately French, definately old, and definately has possibilities. He thought the $200 I paid for it was a good deal. Sounds pretty good and playable the way it is. (He cut down the bridge and adjusted the soundpost for me) So, what I would like to know from the luthiers on the pegbox is the cost I can expect to pay for the following things recommended down the line: New pegs Crack starting in the top, bass side, lower bout Reset the neck to bring the fingerboard higher to accomodate a higher bridge to possibly improve sound. Also, has anyone heard of Henri Farny, the maker's signature on the label? At the very least, I hope it serves it's purpose until I can afford something better. Thanks for everything, Lisa
  4. Hi Michael, thanks for the reply. Here is what prompted the question. When I think factory violin, I think of all those instruments I see that have copy of Stradivarius labels in them. I think assembly line and mass production, even if it was early 20th century. My violin is German, purchased new in the late 60's for me by my parents in a reputable shop in Detroit. We were told the label indicates that the violin was made in the workshop of the maker. This maker did do his own signature violins, but the violins labeled workshop were each and every one made to his specifications, under his watchful eye, and each one was individually approved by him before it was sent out. So, does mine fall under the defination of German factory violin? It is not as old as another poster indicated this type of violin should be. Just curious about it, I love my violin and wouldn't dream of parting with it. It just seems after months of reading posts that "German factory violin" has a stigma attached to it that's not necessarily desirable. Thanks, Lisa
  5. What exactly is the definition of a german factory violin?
  6. Hi, I am in the middle of performing in 3 pit orchestras. I have long rehearsals every day. I don't normally have a problem with playing for many hours in a single day, but it starts bothering my left shoulder when it is every day. I switched to a Kun Bravo this year, and it seems a little better than it was last year. The pain is localized in my left shoulder only, bow arm is fine. When I tried to play without a shoulder rest, the pain increased. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how was it solved? Quitting is not an option right now, I have no backup and it's a little late to try to find one. I'll be going to Shar's this afternoon to shop around. Would a play on air shoulder rest make it better? All opinions/suggestions welcome! Thanks, Lisa
  7. I purchased a Kun Bravo about a month ago. I really like it. It is a little flatter than the regular Kun, and the wood makes it a little more flexible. It fits me better than the regular Kun. I have no problems keeping it on my violin.
  8. I had the chance to see a violin that was quite different yesterday. Sorry I don't have pics, but will describe it. There was no label on the inside, it looked like it was signed directly on the wood. The year was around 1906, and I think it said Ontario for the location. The store was badly lit, and I couldn't decipher the name at all. There was no purfling on it at all. The wood didn't look like it was stained at all, just varnished. The back wasn't flamed in the traditional sense, the grain looked like it went up and down. No flaming on the neck. The tail piece was fairly ornate, with an inlaid pattern. The E string was missing, but I tried to tune up the rest of them and play it. The strings were bad, the bow was junk, so I really couldn't tell anything about it, but it looked to me like it would be ready to go with a set of new strings. Has anybody seen something like this before? Was there a maker in Ontario who put out violins like this, or was this some kind of a kit? It was pretty cheap, so I'm kind of inclined to buy it just because it looks so different. Jeffrey, if I buy it I'll be glad to bring it by to show you. Have you seen anything like this before? Thanks, Lisa
  9. quote: Originally posted by Aaron: oh gosh. I hate the screamings of minorities. How long can minorities complain? They already have pretty much more rights than the white men who took those rights away to begin with! It's my firm belief that the group most discriminated against are not black, not hispanic, not woman, but white males. [This message has been edited by Aaron (edited 02-26-2002).] This seems to be fast evolving into a discussion that belongs on the Soapbox, but you are right Aaron. For someone to ask you if you'd rather be black is beside the point. You are who you are. This country will be much better off when racial differences are overlooked and everyone can be judged on what's inside. Here is an example in our local news of someone wanting to have it both ways.
  10. quote: Originally posted by Strad500: If I were black, I'd be upset over the big fuss made at the Olympics--The black woman who won a gold medal, rather than an American Olympian. Maybe it's the media that are recists! I agree with you. Where's the hoopla when a white American athlete wins a track and field event at the summer olympics?
  11. quote: Originally posted by simon: A woman's index finger is longer than her ring finger, whereas the opposite is true of a man. That's a pretty important difference when it comes to left hand technique. I can't say I've ever actually heard the difference in people's playing though. Well, I'm female and my ring finger is longer. Am I abnormal? Better check out my coworkers.
  12. Wow, wow, wow. I only caught the second hour. Oistrach is my new favorite. What power. I can't wait to see the first hour and buy the video. I can't wait to get home from work and practice!
  13. I get that problem occasionally now, and I think it is because I am way overdue for a bow rehair. When the hairs on the bow get worn out, there is no amount of rosin that is going to compensate for it, and they will not grip the string as well.
  14. I was in Shar's showroom last week and they had some smaller busts on the clearance table for a really cheap price.
  15. Michael, I've been trying to figure out a way to ask this question, and I guess this is the best time, so I hope I can state it clearly. Take a line of fine violins that do not have a markup in price solely because of the name of the maker. Now, take a player like me. I'd say I was a pretty good intermediate player, I've done some solo Bach, but never Paganini caprices. A good player in the community is what I am, and while I hope to improve I don't think I'll jump to the next level. Here's the question. At what price level does it no longer become in my best interests to spend the money? I want the best violin for my ability now and potential ability, but I'll never be a soloist on a concert stage. It seems to me that the violin's potential could remain untapped because of the type of player I am. I don't want to spend extra money to get into that territory. I had heard for a person like me, it's better to invest in the bow. I hope to be in the market for something better than I have one day, and these are the questions I have. Thanks, Lisa