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  1. : Ruggiero Ricci has recorded the 24 Caprices of Paganini 4 times,I believe...On one CD he played the Caprices on Paganini's Guarnerius del Gesu known as Il Cannone (The Cannon).If this great violin went on the market today,will someone guess what the askng price would be..Just a guess!! Today the owner is the City of Genua (Genova) in Italy. I am not complete sure but the insurence of this violin is 4 million USD. Sometimes the violin is on travel for exhibition. It is a book include a CD and a full-size poster at "The Strad" available. It is a interesting question what is the asking price. Maybe a new record if this violin come to a auction sale. Michael http://www.fineinstruments.com
  2. Have anybody experience with the new violin strings by Larsen? Michael
  3. : I am interested in learning more about the level of contemporary violin making in Parma (i.e, people like Scrollavezza and his pupils). Does anybody have any opinion, suggestion, first-hand experience to share? Anybody has owned or played good instruments from that area? Any contribution would be welcome. : Thank you very much! : CEB One of the pupil of Renato Scrollavezza is Luca Sbernini. He is one of the best contemporary maker now. He won the trienale in Cremona 1991 with two violins and one Cello. Renato have his own small private making school. Michael http://www.fineinstruments.com
  4. As a maker, I like to start for the first time on the violinmaking competition in Salt-Lake City in November. (Violin Society of America). Did anybody know about the climate there at this time? I know, every differnt violin needs different strings. How are strings in "strong" for a competition? Michael http://www.fineinstruments.com
  5. It is a confused discussion below about the "ivory-nut" and the "red-blob" of the Paganini's Guarnerie del Gesu 1742 "Il Canone". The upper nut (up on the fingerboard) is ivory. I think it gives only a contrast for the eys, and did not disturb the player or the sound. Tradition is ebony. It was not made by Guarnerie. I belive it was put on by a later restorer. The "red blob" on the back side of the scroll is a sealling-wax, and shows the arms of the city of Genua. The City got the violin after Paganinis dead, wich is still present there. Michael http://www.fineinstruments.com
  6. : My hobby is studying Stradavari's lost reciepe. I have some pretty farout ideas on the subject but I won't go into detail here. Iam a slow typer and this server will kick me off. I would like to hear from interested parties. Email me at mrgetreal@aol.com thanks jay A interesting hobby! A men named "Nagivari" spend really millions of Dollars to find out.(expensice microskope a.s.o.) But he was not very successfull. My opinion is: When you find the lost cremonese receipt, you have only a new varnish on a new violin!!! The high age of the varnish is one point what you can never reach in a short time. Some people asked Albert Einstein for a help to find out. But he give the only right answer. "Why you are looking for a key, what is forever locked" But one book is very serious. "The secrets of Stradivari" by Simone F. Sacconi (Saconi restored around 300 Stradivari violins after the second world war in New York). Michael http://www.fineinstruments.com
  7. : The dealership I've been buying my varnish resins from has recently gone out of business. I am hoping someone knows where I could buy what I need. I usually keep a supply of colophony (rosin), sandarac, gamboge, dragons blood etc. on hand but I'm running low. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. : Thanks, : Daniel Dear Daniel Here is a good address Kremer Pigments 228 Elizabeth Street New York 10012 Tel: 212 219 2394 Fax: 212 219 2395 Ask for a catalog Michael
  8. : I need HELPS to know where can I get the information : about the violin dealers in Japan and Korea including : the dealer location, phone number and service? Thanks your helps!! Order the STRAD-Directory 1997. All violindealers and makers around the world init. Includ address,phone,fax and e-mail and the possible e-mail address Published by Orpheus Publications Limited, 7 St Johns Road Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 2EE Great Britain Tel: 44 + 181-863 2020 Fax: 44 + 181-424 9945 ISBN: 0-9518823-8-4 Best wishes Mike
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