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  1. : So, this evening I'm taking my violin to the Philippines, (which is very humid) from San Francisco. Will there be any transition problems to watch for? Also, will there be any problems on going back? (three weeks later) I need a quick response; I don't think I'll have access to the internet over there. : Thanks in advance, : Joey : P.S. I have asked the remedy to this problem for many postings so I'll just say it straight: If the A string is shriller than the G and D, no matter how bright the G and D are, and how dark the A is, what factors may be involved? Is there any way to fix this? : (I have Dominant G and D with a Eudoxa Aricore A, and still the A is shriller) This is the most annoying thing. It sounded great over the summer...
  2. If anyone knows where to find stuff like that I'd really love to know. Or if someone knows of a nice book I could get somewhere that'd be great too.
  3. Ben: Thanks, I was wondering who was crazy! As far as I know, she's teaching now. She's working on her own- she had a falling-out with her last teacher over her playing level and her teacher's "perfectionism". Between posters and word of mouth she has 2 or 3 students. I know it's not many but *I* wasn't many either when I started. I've told her what happened to me, and hinted gently that she shouldn't try to teach right now, but she's a little dense when it comes to advice. I hate to tell her right out that she isn't good enough to teach. I dunno... thanks anyway. I thought maybe it was just me. : Hi. : Over paranoid, no! Is she teaching now, or just wanting to? If what you say is true then I'd worry about her students. It's true that you don't have to be the greatest violinist in the world to teach, we're not all Heifetz (wouldn't it been cool to have had him as teacher though ). If she's teaching just for the money, tell her that there are things much more important than money, music for one thing. Who is letting her teach? Is she working with another teacher, or did she place ads for students? If she's determined to teach no matter what, there's probably not much you can do to stop her insanity, just endure it. Or... you could superglue the door of her room shut so she can't get out to teach, then you tell her students to run and be one with the wind hehehe : Good Luck (for you and her students) : Ben
  4. I have a friend who has decided to start teaching violin lessons to some young students. I've hinted that she shouldn't try it for several reasons. 1. She has quit taking lessons herself and doesn't practice regularly 2. She is only 17 and has no experience teaching. 3. She doesn't play very well and has poor technique (she played Meditation from Thais last year and I must say did a bad job of it - bad rythm, terrible tone.) 4. The things she does do right, she has no idea how she does them- it just 'works'. She's doing it because she needs the money (and I can understand that!) but I'm worried for her students. My first teachers were very bad, and were it not for an excellent teacher I stumbled upon, I probably wouldn't be playing. As it was, it took me years to fix all my bad habits. Is the same thing going to happen with my friend's students, or am I overparanoid?
  5. : We bought a blue Korg Metronome which retails for between $45 and $50 because my mother says I don't listen very well to the beat of my old Seiko metronome. The Korg was about the loudest one we could find although the Dr. Beat is pretty good, too.
  6. : Come on! At least put me in the right direction! I don't know... that solo has intrigued me too. Theatres must order orchestral music for musicals somewhere... maybe your local drama company would know? Another option would be to phone Shar or some place like that- they may know where that sort of thing is produced even if they don't carry it. Good luck!
  7. Check if your thumb is locked in a straight position (or even bent backward if you're a little bit double jointed like me.) I found it harder to reach if my thumb is straight. Try to curve it so it looks more like your r.h. thumb. I wouldn't advise taking your thumb off the fingerboard- it's okay going up, but reallyreally hard to shift back down smoothly. Good luck! : When I play in high positions near the end of the fingerboard, it's sometimes hard to reach the notes and my hand gets a little stiff- even though my fingers are not short. So what I wanted to know was if it's okay to take the LH thumb off the neck and just rest it near the fingerboard, or if it's better just to keep it at the base and stretch the hand really far. It doesn't really make much difference to me, I was just sort of curious about it. Thanks.
  8. Does anyone have some tips for a beginning teenage teacher? I'm thinking about teaching a few violin and piano lessons this fall. I live in a rural area with a few kids. Nobody around here knows much about music, and I'm not going to do concerts in the broken down hall to try to raise interest! How do I let people know that I'd like to teach? How do I get them to respect me (after all, I'm just the neighbor kid). And how do I convince them that 2/3 of what they'd pay in the city from a "professianal" more experienced teacher is reasonable? I definately have enough credentials and experience to teach well. But my (qualified) mother used to teach piano for $5 a lesson! So I guess... I need to know how to deal with the public relations! Any and all advice appreciated! Thanks.
  9. By all means, get a teacher!!! As for bow tightness... it should be about a pencil thickness between the bow and hair in the middle of the bow. To get a good sound (or at least a SOUND for a start!) draw your bow steadily across the strings, about 1/2 of the way between the fingerboard and bridge. (fingerboard= the black thing you press your fingers on, bridge = the thin light brown thing the strings go over.) Draw it smoothly, like pulling a fish in on a fishing line. And.. get a teacher!
  10. I have to play a very loud... rather obnoxious... violin this summer and beyond. What kind of strings would help soften and mellow it? I have abunch of spare Tonicas, but was told that they aren't so good for that. Any advice?? Thanks
  11. : : I've been trying to figure out how to enlarge the staff size on the Finale music writing program. I can't find any control to alter the size. (I want the staves to end up about 3 in. high, for flashcards.) The Finale tech support (both BB and email) is NO help at all. Does anyone here know how to do this? : ------------------------------------------------------ : Try altering the size of the music sheet with the percent (%) tool. You can shrink or expand as needed. Use, perhaps, a 300% or 400% setting. : Good luck. : Tony
  12. I've been trying to figure out how to enlarge the staff size on the Finale music writing program. I can't find any control to alter the size. (I want the staves to end up about 3 in. high, for flashcards.) The Finale tech support (both BB and email) is NO help at all. Does anyone here know how to do this?
  13. What exactly is this mysterious thing called "stage presence"? Is it something you do, or how you look? Is it something obvious while you play, or mostly before and after? I havn't had the chance to watch many professianals perform. Please could someone give me some tips??
  14. I wouldn't worry about prominant violinists using a lotion- the question is 1. Does it work? 2. Does it damage the varnish or strings? Ask your luthier or local violin dealer about 2. Then try it and see if it helps. I've heard that some pianists use spray on antipersperant on their fingers to reduce sweating- I have no idea whether that would be safe for violin varnish. : This was one solution I was given: use a special lotion to stop palm sweating. However, I do not know much about such a product. First of all, is it reccommedable for musicians? Has any prominent violinist use it?
  15. I'm preparing for an audition in which I have to play the first 6 lines or so of the finale from Beethoven 5. Should I play all four notes on the big chords at the very begining, or play the top two, or the top one? There's one chord- CGCE - where I would have to use the open E to play all the notes- this sounds pretty raw. Should I just play CGE there? My teacher is out of town- any and all advice will be very welcome!!
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