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  1. : HELP! I'm going crazy trying to memorize Praeludium and Allegro by Kreisler. It's at the point where I make a different mistake every time I play it. I know some mistakes are mental- I start wondering if I can remember this section, or I try to tell my fingers where to go and they won't listen. Sometimes my fingers keep going but I have no idea where I am, other times I know exactly what I should be doing but it's like the connection between my my head and my fingers got cut... Sometimes when I play it, it's fine, and I think "Oh, good, I've finally got this nailed," and then the next time I play it I get totally mixed up. The "cadenza" where the piano just sits and rumbles underneath is the worst. It's written in fours but likes to go into triplets when it goes fast. My teacher says this is okay, but the rythem change gets me mixed up. I've practiced it in double stops, triplets, EVERYTHING, and I may go nuts if it I can't consistently play it for memory. I know it's possible to memorize this because I've : heard other people play it! I usually find memorizing pretty easy. Is it normal to have trouble memorizing this piece? I have to play this in a competition in two weeks, and yes, the memory is compulsery. Does anybody have some tips or at least some sympathy? : Caren : Yana Wells said listen to a recording of it at least once a day....hell, i say put it on REPEAT!! I ALWAYS think of the Cadenza in triplets....there's no co-ordination needed with the piano, so there's no problem. Afterall, as u said, all the piano is doing is rumbling underneath. And for the cadenza...there's a fingering pattern...if u didn't already know that, check it out => G'lucK!!! => Brandon Chui
  2. : A court case is going on in Germany of a 60 : year old reknown violin teacher,Prof.Maria Grevesmuhl been murdered by her : star pupil in order to take away her teacher precious 1694 'ex-Muir-Mackenzie stradivari violin. : What a world we are in? : Good topic for the next Jerry Springer, eh??
  3. : Joan - : I use the same kind of wire sliding mute. I've used it for over ten years and never had a problem with it taking the aluminium winding off of the strings. However, it HAS gone a little way towards stripping off the thread wrapping between the tailpiece and bridge. : If you want to change, you might try a "Tourte" mute. They have two styles. One slides on one string; the other, on two strings. Personally, I prefer the wire one because you can adjust the amount of muting you actually have. : D I personally prefer the Tourte ONE string mute. The wire slide thingy makes my instruments go a bit more nasal. The Tourte TWO string mute rattlesa lot when u lift the instrument. Anyone else wanna comment?
  4. : Does anyone know where I can find a recording of the Kreisler Concerto in C in the Style of Vivaldi? Thanks for your help. : Bobby Yo Bob.... Ok...I have a recording of Kreisler's Concerto in the style of Vivaldi...... Its comes on the same CD as Vivaldi' Four Seasons... Its played by Gil Shaham and the Orpheus Chamber Orch. on the Deutsche Grammophon label......really good recording. Hope this helped! =) Brandon Chui
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