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  1. I use Dominant strings and have noticed a peculiar occurance. After installing new strings, the tone and responsiveness of all the strings is great! After just a few weeks, the G string becomes less responsive and requires significantly more pressure to create a satisfactory tone. The feeling is as if the string were covered with some "slick" substance. None of the other strings respond in this manner, but continue to produce excellent tone for many months. I occasionally use Hill dark rosin, but keep the strings clean. I have even tried commercial cleaner, but nothing seems to help. Can anyone offer suggestions that may help me?
  2. : Take a look at Yitchak Perlman's hands. They don't come much bigger and blunter than that! There are lots of us who have begun our musical "careers" later rather than sooner. I was 51 when I started and now am having the time of my life learning. I do believe a teacher is essential though. Best of luck. Let all of us know how you are doing. Bob, I began at age 54 and am thoroughly enjoying the experience. I believe that you can "teach an old dog new tricks", it only takes a little longer. I too, recommend that you begin with an instructor so as not to pick up any bad habits which would have to be "unlearned". Most of all, don't get discouraged, it can be done!
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