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  1. : Some years ago I recall seeing (on T.V.) a concert commemorating : the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Israel Philamonic. : Towards the end there was a glorious duet played by : Perlman and Zukerman (viola). Does anyone know what : that piece of music was .... a set of variations I seem to recall? : Admirer
  2. I can testify that Yo-Yo Ma's 'greatness' is largely because of the media. This is what I have to day: Every Chinese around the world would definitely heard about him. Why? Magazine features, TV papers. But if you asked them, chances are that for non-musicians (that is!), they have not heard YYM play as to judge his ability (although they have no qualification to do so!) Being Chinese myself, I understand this well. While I will not state my judgement of YYM, let's face it that he is really very famous. : Just thought that we should continue our discussions about Starker, Yo-Yo Ma and the likes. : Personally, I don't like Yo-Yo Ma at all. I almost hate him. He doesn't have a gorgeous sound, his intonation can be awful at times, and above all I don't like his style. His Bach Suites are the one of the worst. He makes the Bach Suites sound like heavy rock or something(all right, I'm exaggerating).
  3. Its recording is issued on the last volume of the Heifetz Collection. At that recital in '72, he played Franck, Strauss, Bach, Ravel, etc Now, a friend heard it told me that old Heifetz was frequently out of tune, inconsistent bowing. In short, a bad performance, now made a bad recording. The friend of mine also mentioned slips and so on. He couldn't find any good with that concert. But, he told I should listen to that recording if I had the chance. On first look, I thought he was exagerrating. But when I discovered Heifetz did have serious arm problems late in his life, I realised how true my friend's comment may be. May anyone like to further comment on this?
  4. This is the usage of autosuggestion. I would briefly summarise what Flesch stated in his "Art of Violin Playing Bk 2". 1) Use evident self-happening pyschology: say to yourself: "Surely I would do well in this audition." Not "I MUST do well" - this only stresses yourself, and in the end, you'll be more nervous. 2) Say to yourself aloud: "I feel well," and then "This audition isn't important at all" abt 20 times, relaxingly. 3) Just 5to10 min before, half-sing of hum the music you will be playing. Then when you start your audition, you will have the natural joy of regaining your art again, enjoying playing, and hence "When you feel good, you'll sound good" (Galamian?) This is a very short summary. I hope this presents a solution. All the best for the audition. : This is a subject that has worried me for a while now. Whenever I have an audition, I get so nervous that my wrists an fingers lock up, my palms sweat, and it sounds like I was three again. I have an audition coming up next week, and I am already nervous. Usually, I can play better than the people in front of me, but I get a lower chair because I get so nervous, even if I am well prepared for the audition. What can someone do to overcome this, or will this be a problem that wil follow me throughout life. This never used to happen, it started about a year ago. If any one has any advice, it would really be appreicated. : Thanks
  5. Henry Roth had much good to say about Szeryng's edition, saying it was good for studying. Alternatively, there is also the Flesch, which many praise for excellent fingering. Or if you are interested, Joachim-Moser (which might be outdated). Others I can think of is Hubay, Capet, Busch, Schneiderhan (new, 1987, Henle Verlag). : Hi there, : I've been using my father's score for Bach s&p for the past 25 years, : and as it was purchased in 1950, it tends to fall appart. : It is Rene Benedetti's editting, which is not always accurate, : but the score is very pleasant to read. : Would anyone have comments on Galamian's, Auer's or : Szeryng's versions? : Thanks, Pascal.
  6. He first had the "General Kyd" Guarneri del Gesu, which he sold in mid-1980s and acquired the "Soil" Strad from Menuhin. : I would like some information on Perlman's violin. : I am working on a page about him and find I know little about his violin.
  7. Using this this logic, many renowned violinists in history 1)are stupid 2) should change profession. : And... the great Leopold Auer said: Practise 3 hours a day if you are any good, 4 if you are a little stupid, and if you need to do any more than that, find a different profession. Wise words indeed.
  8. Gilbert, is that fellow mad or what? Why doesn't he use the good part of the day to practise, or is he making some wild claim? : I forgot about Vengerov. I remember that he himself said, in the liner notes of one of his CDs, that he practiced 8 hours a day when he was just 5! And it was not like 9am to 5pm. It was, unbelievably, 7pm to 3am!!! And what does he do at 3am, after the 8 hours? He rides his tricycle in the garden. So bizarre.
  9. By reading comments from teachers, playonair is not much favoured by them, which like padding, has large surface contact area with the violin back and therefore, "one-third of the violin's tone is lost" (L. Auer). However, Oistrakh found the amount of tone lost was negligible (and yet he had such a big tone!). This I don't understand. A particular teacher who directly discouraged the use of playonair is Yfrah Neaman. : I have been using playonair or playing without one for years. But just recently, I find that by using Kun shoulder rest my violin sounds much brighter, but my chin starts aching. : I just can't switch to Kun although I have a long neck. I see most professional violinist using Kun or the similar shoulder rest instead of playonair. Is there a specific reason for that? And should I switch to Kun from playonair? : Thanks : Christine
  10. This is is a question which, despite research, still cannot be properly answered: how many HOURS do the great violinists practice daily? It may be what colleagues observed or what they themselves admit. I expect Heifetz to have the one of the longest hours and Kreisler the Shortest (at one time he didn't play for 3 months and during the war didn't touch instrument). So I would thank anyone who could give me the practice hours of: 1)Heifetz 2)Milstein 3)Oistrakh 4)Perlman 5)Previous century of violinist eg. Joachim,Sarasate,Ysaye Any help very much appreciated!
  11. As we all know, practice of violinists having mottos is quite out-of-date. Only the previous century violinists had mottos,esp. Joachim - Frei aber einsam, Wieniawski - il faut risquer. For curiousity's sake, are there any other interesting mottos other violinists may have?
  12. What's all this hear that she has peformed with the Berlin Philharmonic????
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