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  1. I know how to crop in the computer after downloading. So am I supposed to include more than I want in the picture, then crop it to exactly what I want to show? I've been zooming in to get exactly what I want to show, then put that on line. Will this solve the problem?.....ie, zoom out, take pic, crop to what I really want, then post. It seems like my upload would be exactly the same size as before. ?? A simpler solution for me = don' t post any more pix.
  2. Have you looked at any of Andre Rieu's DVD's? They show that playing classical can be quite fun.
  3. I only recently learned how to add photos! cropping??! how??
  4. I need help again! What do you think of this violin? age? maker? region? value? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks, you guys! I told him I knew who could help us and you didn't let me down.
  6. This is a bow a friend of mine bought and wanted to know what I thought of it. Does anyone have any idea who the maker could have been and if it's worth much?
  7. Aside from any 'potential damage', I don't think there would be any benefit to using anti-freeze. The point is to humidify your instrument and that mixture hardly evaporates, hence, no humidification.
  8. You definitely get a 10 , woops!!, I mean a 5 from me, too!! Easy to navigate, all the info is there, your musical passion is evident and very tastefully done!
  9. I don't think you should judge a person's intellect by their use or non-use of a word in any situation. The young woman who burst in, seemingly full of enthusiasm, should be applauded for that very enthusiasm. It's the responsibility of teachers to fan those flames, and teach the students not only how to perform on their instrument, but proper terminology. If that professor was disdainful of his student, where should the blame fall? Is her intellect lacking or does his teaching fall short? If she had learned a Mozart concerto then surely she had some degree of talent and hopefully with encouragement she would attain even greater success and perhaps proper terms would begin to manifest. Just thoughts..........
  10. Has anyone seen this on youtube? It's slow downloading, on my computer anyway, but it was well worth it. Youtube auditioned 3000 amateur and professional musicians (on tape) and chose 96 to perform in Carnegie Hall. Different sections of the orchestra were highlighted and guest soloists performed as well. Gil Shaham was one of the soloists, and the way a young Asian woman played the piano was beyond description. There was piece written by a Chinese composer specifically for this gathering and conducted by him that was extraordinary. Standard literature was also performed. It's an endeavor worth checking out!
  11. I suggest playing the old traditional hymns but ad lib and improvise, up or down 8va, use ornaments and embellishments. Play from your heart and play skillfully as unto the Lord, give Him the glory and praise and worship!
  12. I wonder where ProfessorV got his chinrest. It's very high and eliminates the need for a shoulder rest.
  13. This kind is usually desirable when playing 'rock' music!
  14. IMHO, what's worse than that (and I don't consider binocs in poor taste), is the ultra-casual dress that some wear to a performance. I saw Itzhak Perlman perform with the Nashville, Tn. orchestra and the attire ranged from tuxes to t-shirts and shorts with tennis shoes.
  15. It was good background music for the video. I played it again with my eyes shut and it reminded me of music from the movie Titanic.
  16. How in the world do you forget your violin?! Especially a 4 million dollar one!
  17. That makes sense to me since we're talking about Eva Pirazzi's. When they're new, at least on my violin they were very harsh and strident. The longer they're played, the mellower they become. That said, I only left them on until the pocketbook could stand another hit!
  18. Difference between violin and fiddle......... violin uses strings, fiddle uses strangs......also playing violin you can't stop in the middle of the piece and spit. Epitaph on J. S. Bach's grave........ I'll be Bach!
  19. MUSIC IS FOOD--------I like it too!!!!!!! I don't know who said it but this is good too....... "God gave us music that we might pray without words."
  20. I was also told that a rule-of-thumb was to spend roughly a third of the cost of your violin on a bow. Personally, I don't think it's a bad idea to spend more on the bow than the violin, when you're shopping for a bow. Later, you can step up the quality of the violin and have a bow to match! Given Olivia's age and the fact that she sounds to be a bit impetuous at times, a composite bow probably should be a serious consideration. There will be time later when she matures to buy a good wood bow. In regard to her shoulder pain, I wonder if a Flesch model chin rest (mounted center of violin) would help. It helped a teen-age friend of mine, but then his pain was mostly in his back I think. He couldn't play very long without having lots of pain, but the Flesch chin rest alleviated it almost instantly. Finally, I think your girls are very fortunate to have a mother like you! They may not realize it yet, but eventually they will and love you even more! Regards, Randy
  21. Sooyeon, I'm no expert by any means, but this case doesn't look to me to provide much protection. There are no suspensions on the bottom! The best looking feature to me is that the bow spinners are over the storage compartment instead of over the violin. I think you can find a better case, IMHO.
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