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  1. Yes, definitely my kind of thing. Concertos are all very well but straight unaccompanied Bach shows the performer and the instrument as they ought to be heard. Absolutely sublime.
  2. I'm inclined toward Desert Rat's opinion. Firstly, I much prefer Baroque or Classical period works to anything in the Romantic period and these pieces are definitely Romantic. Secondly I don't care much for music that is aimed at demonstrating virtuoso technique to the detriment of musicality. I think the caprices cross that line. They may be a challenge and give a sense of accomplishment to play but they aren't anything I want to hear very often. I definitely don't want to hear them played badly.
  3. Here's Ken's sketch at a smaller file size. I used Paint.NET, a freebie image editor to cut it down. We still have plenty of people on a dial up connection and large files are a pain.
  4. to fellow musician... Oh, well, you play Bach your way. I'll play him his. (Wanda Landowska)
  5. The original shows the bottom two notes as half notes but the violin can't sustain them as an organist could. Repeating the bottom two notes with the eighth note in lieu of the impossible sustain doesn't seem unreasonable. The Auer edited edition is written out as two chords, a dotted quarter plus the eighth. The Werner Icking edited edition shows the original half notes but indicates an edit in smaller type of repeating the bottom notes for the sustain.
  6. I'm with FiddleDoug. In ancient days when I was young and strings were gut, the knot went on the bottom of the slot just as you do with the ball end today. I understand that before my time strings came without knots so you had to tie them yourself. A simple overhand knot on a bight gives the needed bulk and the loop isn't used.
  7. E string whistle has been discussed a lot. A search should turn up a lot of threads. Some violins are more prone to the problem than others. Bridge and sound post set up can contribute to the problem. Gold plated E strings are notorious for making it worse. A wound E will cure it and the Kaplan Solutions E is especially designed to cure it. Bowing technique can overcome it somewhat but a real cure takes attention to the set up.
  8. I have a bad spinner in a cheap case. I've worked on it but it's not really repairable because the plastic is worn. It has 90 degree detents in the plastic which is a bad design. No detents and held in place by plain friction with a screw that can be tightened is a better design. The reasonable solution is to buy replacements from a web source. Of course you could make some cool looking ones from hardwood.
  9. OK, I use Hill peg dope, lots of it, every time I change strings. No problems. I'm ready to hear other suggestions but not the chalk or soap that some people used to use.
  10. Fraunhofer holds patents on MP3 software. To use an encoder based on their patents you have to pay a reasonably small license fee. MP3 use is full of patent disputes but it doesn't affect users. My link is to a front end for the free Lame encoder which supposedly doesn't infringe on the Fraunhofer patents. Audacity also uses the Lame encoder. Open source Ogg Vorbis and Microsoft's Windows Media Audio can produce better quality audio and/or smaller files. Apple uses it's own proprietary compression format. Sony gave up on their proprietary compression format. Real Player still has a presence for streaming audio. Despite the patent problems and better competing formats, MP3 is still the most popular format for compressed audio.
  11. You should compress those wav files to MP3 or Microsoft proprietary wma files. MP3 is more of a standard but wma files can produce smaller but still acceptable files at lower bit rates. For casual use I like wma encoded at "CD quality". You can only post MP3 files here on the forums as far as I know. A link to a good free MP3 encoder is here and the link to the free Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 9 Series is here.
  12. My profile is fairly descriptive. I've updated my personal photo and have a picture of my lair with the computer. With the private message capability on the Maestronet forums, the e-mail address seems unnecessary. I need to add a short sample MP3.
  13. One of the things Icking used is dashed line slurs when it's not in the urtext. His fingering uses second position quite a bit. There is also an unedited urtext version at the Icking site (not the manuscript) that makes it easy to see the edits.
  14. Here's the Werner Icking edited Version of the Sonatas and Partitas. He stays close to the urtext and his fingering is nice.
  15. Beauty of violin tone does not correlate with price. To repeat what the expert violin dealers keep telling us, tone is subjective and has no bearing on the price of violins. I believe the experts. I also believe a comment made by Andrew Victor referring primarily to factory violins that as the price goes up the number of violins you have to try to find an acceptable one goes down. No matter how nice a violin with no collector value may sound, it will remain inexpensive. Dud violins with collector value may very well increase in value, no matter how poor they may sound. Most violin buyers do not buy purely on the basis of utility as a musical instrument but rather on appearance and any perceived collector value with acceptable tone and playability. Click on the Library tab above and then on Maestronet Magazine for the informative articles " Inexpensive Doesn't Mean Cheap"
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